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2024-06-12 jwst_1241.pmap operational Affected data - NIRCam, WFSS and Grism Time Series modes, photom reference files. NIRISS, imaging modes, pars-tweakregstep reference files. Activating two NIRCam photom reference files that were previously delivered, jwst_nircam_photom_0162.fits and jwst_nircam_photom_0163.fits, which are designed to only be used with jwst pipeline version 1.14.0 and later. Earlier versions of the pipeline assumed the flux calibration values in the reference file contained values of MJy per steradian per pixel. In that case, the dispersion factor of roughly 10 Angstroms per pixel had to be included in the photmjsr values in the photom reference file. Starting with version 1.14.0, the pipeline assumes the values in the photom reference file are in units of MJy per steradian per Angstrom. Therefore, we have removed the dispersion factor from the flux cal values in these reference files. When working with older versions of the pipeline, the older reference files jwst_nircam_photom_0129.fits and jwst_nircam_photom_0130.fits should be used. Anyone using these reference files with a pipeline version prior to 1.14.0, or using the previous reference files with pipeline version 1.14.0 or later will have a flux calibration that is wrong by a factor of roughly 10. New NIRISS pars-tweakregstep reference files are being delivered. As of JWST pipeline version 1.14.0, equivalent to DMS build 10.2, IRAFStarFinder is now an option for the starfind parameter in tweakreg. IRAFStarFinder has been shown to provide significantly better centering for NIRISS data than the default option, which is DAOStarFinder, so we wish to make IRAFStarFinder the default for NIRISS data. These parameter reference files accomplish that. New system_calver file for JWST DMS Build 10.2
2024-06-11 jwst_1238.pmap archived This delivery updates MIRI MRS flatfield and photometric calibration reference files. Flatfield updates make changes to the Channel 1A flatfield incorporating recovered flux information from standard stars dithered around the field of view, and broadly change the error arrays for all flatfields to more accurately reflect the true flatfield uncertainty. Photometric calibration updates include a revised model of the time-dependent count rate loss taking into account the latest six months of monitoring observations, corresponding updates to the Channel 4 photometric calibration vectors, and an adjustment to the Channel 1A photometric calibration vector given the updated flatfield. The effective net flux change at the most-affected wavelengths and dates is typically about 1 percent.
2024-06-06 jwst_1237.pmap archived During an investigation of a pipeline bug, it was discovered that the header value in MIRI AREA and PHOTOM files for PIXAR_SR is wrong by about 0.6 percent. Updates to the header keywords for PIXAR_SR and PIXAR_A2 needed to be made for resampling to give correct results in the stage 3 imaging pipeline. No other updates were made to these files. Users who had noticed large percentages of their image3 output files being rejected in outlier_rejection may wish to reprocess their data through calwebb_image2 and calwebb_image3 with these updated reference files. This data will also be reprocessed in MAST once the next build is installed.
2024-05-30 jwst_1236.pmap archived This NIRSpec msaoper delivery to CRDS is to ensure that the pipeline accurately accounts for the contamination resulting from failed open shutters. This delivery is concurrent with the delivery to the PRD. It contains the new to the PRD not CRDS failed open shutter at Q4, Col 303, Row 86, the transient failed open shutter removed from Q1, Col 117, Row 29, plus many other shutter status changes between failed closed to normal and vice versa. Users with MOS or IFU mode data taken after February, 7, 2024 are encouraged to reprocess their own data.
2024-05-24 jwst_1235.pmap archived This is a delivery of an updated IPC reference file for MIRI. This reference file addresses the issue in CRDS-790. The previous file contained the IPC model which works with a deconvolution algorithm. The pipeline IPC step actually performs a convolution algorithm using a deconvolution kernel. The new file contains the converted kernel and has been tested against the pipeline for correctness. There is no need to reprocess any data, as the IPC step is turned off by default. This reference file is being made available to those who would like to test the IPC step.
2024-05-22 jwst_1234.pmap archived NIRSpec files jwst_nirspec_dark_0431.fits and jwst_nirspec_superbias_0455.fits are being deleted from the active rmaps because they do not have the snowball correction applied. NIRSpec mask files 0065, 0066, 0068, 0069, and 0070 are also being deleted from the active rmap because of either the incorrect detector keyword value of NRS1 instead of NRS2 was used, see JWNRS-189, or the incorrect useafter date was used. New NIRSpec mask files have since been delivered to replace these files. The bad pixel mask reference files for NIRSpec detectors NRS1 and NRS2, covering all data taken after March 1st, 2023 for Traditional Detector Readout Mode and after April 1st, 2023 for IRS2 Detector Readout Mode were incorrectly generated. The snowball correction was not applied to the dark data from which the hot pixel population is determined, leading to many pixels affected by snowball events being inadvertently flagged as hot. These updated and corrected files fix those problems and use the latest version of the hot pixel masks. Users are encouraged to manually reprocess any affected data starting with stage 1 of the JWST pipeline in order to make use of the updated files.
2024-05-16 jwst_1231.pmap archived Delivering a new NIRISS pars-tweakregstep rmap to reactivate the reference files that were prematurely replaced during the last pars-tweakregstep delivery. The previous new files that were incompatible with the current version of the pipeline software were deleted from the rmap, but the old files were never replaced. Once DMS build 10.2 is installed next week into operations, the new reference files will again be delivered for users to utilize.
2024-05-07 jwst_1230.pmap archived These pars-tweakregstep files were delivered to OPS before the build and software version necessary for these files was available, i.e. build 10.2 and software v1.14.0.
2024-05-03 jwst_1229.pmap archived NIRISS, imaging mode, pars-tweakregstep files. As of JWST pipeline version 1.14.0, equivalent to DMS build 10.2, IRAFStarFinder is now an option for the starfind parameter in tweakreg. IRAFStarFinder has been shown to provide significantly better centering for NIRISS data than the default option, which is DAOStarFinder, so we wish to make IRAFStarFinder the default for NIRISS data. These parameter reference files accomplish that.
2024-04-30 jwst_1228.pmap archived This delivery includes new NIRISS WFSS F200W specwcs files with improved trace characterization. The extent and curvature of a grism spectrum, or trace, is dependent upon the position of the source on the detector. This spatial dependence has now been incorporated into these specwcs files. These updates provide more accurate predictions of the locations of WFSS spectra, which is required for robust 2D and 1D extraction. For GR150R, the residuals of all 1st order trace locations- for sources spanning the detector- improve from 1.6 plus/minus 0.9 pixels to -0.2 p/m 0.5. The GR150R trace shape is a strong function of source X location, and for the most affected sources on the edges of the detector, residuals improve from 2.6 p/m 0.7 to -0.6 p/m 0.4. For GR150C, the residuals of all 1st order trace locations- for sources spanning the detector- improve from 1.7 p/m 0.7 pixels to 0.3 p/m 0.3. The GR150C trace shape is a function of both source X and Y location, and for the most affected sources on the edges of the detector, residuals improve from 2.4 p/m 0.5 to 0.1 p/m 0.1. Quoted errors are 1 sigma of the residuals.
2024-04-26 jwst_1227.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, IFU and MSA observing modes, as well as modes with subarray SUBS200A1 and grating G395M or subarray SUBS400A1 and any grating but G395M, msaoper, dark, and superbias reference files. New NIRSpec MSAOPER reference files are being delivered. In May 2023, a new failed open shutter appeared in the NIRSpec Micro Shutter Assembly quadrant Q4 located at column 303, row 86. This was missed in previous CRDS deliveries. To mend this issue, the NIRSpec team is delivering two new MSA Shutter Operability Files which include the missing failed open shutter for different USEAFTER dates. These files are being delivered to CRDS to ensure that the pipeline accurately accounts for the contamination resulting from the missed failed open shutter during processing. New NIRSpec darks and superbiases were delivered for the affected data and were created from on orbit data taken during cycle 2. Time dependent changes in the instrument require new epochs of dark and superbias reference files be delivered to better calibrate all NIRSpec science data taken at these dates. Users with data taken after the useafter dates are encouraged to reprocess their data.
2024-04-05 jwst_1225.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, full frame modes, dark and superbias reference files. Updated NIRSpec dark and superbias reference files were delivered for NRS1 and NRS2 full frame traditional readout modes with useafter March 1, 2023, and NRS1 and NRS2 IRS2 readout modes with useafter April 1, 2023. These new files were created from on orbit data taken during Cycle 1 under PID 1484 using snowball removal.
2024-03-29 jwst_1223.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, all modes, pars-emicorrstep reference files. NIRISS, AMI modes, NRM and throughput reference files. These emicorr parameter reference files are the first parameter reference files for the emicorr step, and will control which data uses the emicorr step and which data skips the step, based on the readout pattern. The code for the emicorr step will be part of the build 10.1 install, but this file will control the usage as of build 10.2 installation. This is the first delivery of the new NRM reference file. It is being delivered to avoid introducing a WebbPSF data file dependency with the AMI processing changes to be made in pipeline build 10.2. This file contains a numerical model of the seven hole pupil mask that enables AMI mode. More details of its creation and validation are in JWST-STScI-007417. These NIRISS throughput files contain throughput data for the four NIRISS AMI filters at a more finely sampled wavelength interval than the previous throughput files. The throughput values were derived from the ETC/Pandeia throughput files provided by Kevin Volk. The throughput combines the telescope and internal optics throughputs, filter response, the detector quantum efficiency, and the photon yield. The throughput is then normalized to unity.
2024-03-25 jwst_1217.pmap archived This delivery corrects an erroneous FFLAT file for MOS G235H that caused up to 300 percent flux errors for wavelengths longer than 2.25 microns.
2024-03-22 jwst_1216.pmap archived A mistake was found in the previous MIRI emicorr reference file for the BRIGHTSKY subarray. The values for frame and row clocks were incorrect for the BRIGHTSKY subarray, and have been corrected in the updated file. This reference file will be needed for a proper correction to the BRIGHTSKY data, and the data for that subarray should be reprocessed.
2024-03-14 jwst_1215.pmap archived The NIRSpec Multi Object Spectroscopy MOS PATHLOSS file has been updated. This new version 3.0.0 is an updated modeled version of the MOS PATHLOSS reference file using the updated Webb PSF with data obtained during commissioning under proposal PID 01133. The comparison of the pathloss values between version 1.0.0 and version 3.0.0 shows an improvement and they seem to be closer to the data derived pathloss values.
2024-03-13 jwst_1214.pmap archived Affected data is NIRSpec full frame data taken between 15 Feb 2023 and 1 Apr 2023 for the NRS1 detector and after 15 Feb 2023 for the NRS2 detector. An error was found in the previous delivery of 2 nirspec full frame masks covering all readout patterns, where the detector keyword had been set to NRS1 instead of NRS2. This caused both NRS1 and NRS2 to not have the correct masks applied for certain time frames. This delivery corrects that error.
2024-03-12 jwst_1213.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, MOS observing modes, sflat, fflat, and extract1d reference files. The NIRSpec Multi Object Spectroscopy MOS SFLAT detector NRS2 reference files FASTVARIATION extensions have been updated to correct for DFLAT errors in the relative NRS2 to NRS1 throughput. This change was achieved using MOS PRISM data of an external target, which revealed systematic errors in the relative sensitivity as a function of wavelength between the two detectors of up to 10 percent. NIRSpec MOS FFLAT reference files have been updated to account for the mis centering of the target used for the grating calibrations in observation 19 of PID 01128. This should ameliorate the reported 10 percent discrepancy between NIRSpec MOS grating and PRISM flux calibrations. All MOS FFLAT values for the NIRSpec gratings and PRISM have now also been updated to assume a 6 pixel extraction box size, rather than the 8 pixel size previously adopted. This calibration has also been defined for data reduced without pixel to pixel nod subtraction of the background, and instead is optimized for the use of a master background or for a bright source where no background subtraction is needed. The NIRSpec MOS EXTRACT1D table has been updated to change the default extractwidth parameter for NIRSpec MOS from the old value of 8 pixels to a new value of 6 pixels. The larger 8 pixel extraction width led to too much overlap of the point source PSF when doing a standard 3 point nod subtraction and often resulted in less net signal and lower signal to noise than is found for a 6 pixel extraction width. The revised FFLAT reference files have been derived for the new smaller width. Users are advised to recalibrate all of their MOS data with these new reference files. Reprocessing info: NIRSpec data with EXP_TYPE = NRS_MSASPEC, taken after January 01 2022 should be reprocessed.
2024-02-28 jwst_1210.pmap archived Affected modes - MIRI, all modes, emicorr, pars-detector1pipeline, and photom reference files. This is the initial delivery of the MIRI emicorr reference file, which implements a pipeline correction for the 390Hz or any other specified periodic EMI noise, such as 10Hz, in MIRI data. The calibration curves in this initial reference file use the correction algorithm itself working on a few in-flight example dark and science datasets. The code can return a self-phased wave which can be processed to produce high SN model waveforms for the reference file. Examples of how to create these waveforms are provided at the top of the original IDL routine, with further descriptions and examples provided in this ticket, JP-3248. The MIRI detector1 parameter reference files in this delivery will enable the emicorr step to be run on all FASTR1 and SLOWR1 data. These reference files are to ensure the step runs for the appropriate readout patterns, and not for those for which the code is not properly set to run. A time-dependent throughput issue was found for the MIRI Imager, as had previously been found for the MIRI MRS. As with the fix for the MIRI MRS, the MIRI team now has updated code that can go into the pipeline to use updated photom files with a correction based on MJD of the observation taken from the header and will not rely on a set of USEAFTER date specified photom files like we currently have in place for the workaround. This MIRI Imager photom file contains an extra extension with the table of coefficients for the time dependent correction. New system calver file for JWST Build 10.1.
2024-02-22 jwst_1202.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, all MIRI imager data, jump step parameter reference files. NIRSpec, all NIRSpec data, jump step parameter reference files. These two jump step parameter files are being delivered to better control the use and parameters of the shower code in the jump step for MIRI Imaging data. The files will turn on the shower code for MIRI imaging data for filters F560W, F770W, F1000W, F1130W, F1280W and F1500W. The shower code will remain off for longer wavelength filters, as well as all coronagraphic and LRS data. This NIRSpec jump step pars file is being delivered to turn on snowball correction for build 10.1.
2024-02-21 jwst_1200.pmap archived Affected data - All MIRI/MRS data, all NIRCam data, and the following NIRSpec subarray data - subs200a1/g395m, sub2048/g235h, and sub2048/g395h. For MIRI/MRS, this delivery provides a new parameter reference file for the JUMP step setting 3-group threshold to 100 in the case of all non-TSO MRS data. The MIRI/MRS non-linearity correction is not perfect for sources that reach saturation. As a result, the centers of bright emission lines in 5-group data, from which groups 1 and 5 are always discarded, are frequently masked unnecessarily. Experimentation with data from PID 1523, MRS External Flat, targeting an extended nebula with very bright emission lines in all 12 MRS bands, indicates that setting the 3-group JUMP threshold to 100 suffices to fix this problem without introducing artifacts in the rest of the frame. For NIRCam, This parameter reference file for the jump step sets parameters to turn on snowball flagging for all modes. This will result in more complete flagging of snowball-affected pixels and better ramp-fitting results. For NIRSpec, these new files replace the previous delivered files that were found to have incorrect SUBSTRT2 keyword values. This affects the reference file selection in the pipeline. Users are encouraged to reprocess their data.
2024-02-15 jwst_1197.pmap archived This update replaces several NIRCam distortion and area reference files, based on the recently updated distortion models for NIRCam imaging data. There is a one-to-one correspondence between these new area files and the distortion files jwst_nircam_distortion_0181.asdf through jwst_nircam_distortion_0316.asdf. These distortion reference files contain improved distortion models for NIRCam imaging data. The distortion models were derived from Cycle 1 data using a more accurate method over the previous models. The photom step of the stage 2 pipeline copies the pixel area map from the relevant area reference file into a separate extension of the science file, but that area map is not used during pipeline calibrations. Several context updates are included here - please click on the ALL CONTEXTS link in the Context History for information on what was delivered.
2024-02-06 jwst_1193.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, NRS MSASPEC, NRS1 full frame traditional, and IRS2 readout modes, barshadow, dark, superbias, and mask reference files. MIRI, all imager modes, area reference file. The NIRSpec BARSHADOW files for the MSA observing mode are the first inflight delivery for this mode. Analysis of calibration data has shown that there is a dependency on grating in the barshadow correction. Users with data obtained during JWST/Cycle 1 of observations are encouraged to reprocess their data. New NIRSpec darks, biases and masks were delivered for the affected data and were created from on orbit data taken during cycle 1. Changes in the instrument require new epochs of dark, bias and mask reference files be delivered to better calibrate all nirspec science data taken at these dates. The previous, ground based version of the MIRI Imager area file is being updated with commissioning data to be the first delivered area file based on flight data. The previous file also was flipped around the y-axis from what it should have been, so this update corrects that issue. No data needs to be reprocessed due to this update.
2024-01-25 jwst_1188.pmap archived Affected modes - All NIRCam observations. These readnoise and superbias reference files contain updated readnoise and superbias maps derived from cycle 1 and 2 data. In addition to updating the readnoise and superbias maps associated with all apertures, this delivery provides a separate reference file based on the number of amplifiers used to read out the data, for each aperture. This is not a significant change for most apertures, since FULL aperture data are always read out with 4 amplifiers, and almost all subarray apertures are read out with 1 amplifier. However, the SUBGRISM apertures can be read out using either 1 or 4 amplifiers. With this delivery, there are now separate reference files for those two cases. Previously a single reference file, derived from 4 amplifier data, was used for both the 1 and 4 amplifier cases.
2024-01-23 jwst_1185.pmap archived This delivery updates the MIRI MRS bad pixel reference files. New files are delivered corresponding to updates in the mask roughly every six months since commissioning, in addition to introducing new masks as a function of the depth of a given observation. Shallow observations defined as FASTR1 data with NGROUPS less than 50, use the least aggressive bad-warm pixel masking, medium-depth observations defined as FASTR1 data with NGROUPS greater than or equal to 50 use a slightly more aggressive flagging, and deep observations defined as all SLOWR1 data, use the most aggressive flagging thresholds. This hybrid scheme is designed to help flag known bad pixels at the level actually required by different science cases. Each of the new bad pixel masks is based upon a thresholding analysis of multiple deep MRS background sky observations. All MIRI MRS data should be reprocessed with these files, as this is a major update.
2024-01-10 jwst_1183.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, all MIRIMAGE modes, pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files. NIRCam, several subarray modes and full frame modes using the ALONG and BLONG detectors, dark reference files. New MIRI pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files are being delivered. The previous MIRI outlier detection parameter reference files set the grow parameter, so that it cannot be removed from the code until the parameter reference files were updated and no longer referenced that parameter. These updated outlier detection parameter reference files no longer list the unused grow parameter. No values have changed from the previous version, so no data will be changed and there is no need to reprocess any data. A MIRI slitlessprism outlier detection step file was delivered by mistake during the previous delivery of pars-outlierdetectionstep files. This file has since been removed from the rmap. These updated NIRCam dark current reference files were created from cycle 1 and 2 data and improve the signal-to-noise of the dark current measurement over the previous versions of the reference files.
2024-01-05 jwst_1180.pmap archived Affected data - The source catalogs for all NIRCam imaging data. This new ABVEGAOFFSET file provides updated values for the AB mag - Vega mag differences, based on filter. This information is used to populate the source catalog file output at the end of the stage 3 pipeline. These updates are based on the flux calibration values derived from cycle 1 and 2 data, and that are present in the current photom reference files delivered in the 1126 pmap. The changes to the offset values relative to the old reference file are small, approximately 0.02 mag or less.
2023-12-22 jwst_1179.pmap archived This delivery updates the MIRI MRS specwcs reference files for channels 3C, 4A, 4B, and 4C. This updates applies small wavelength corrections of up to a few tens of km/s based on a template cross-correlation analysis of observations of protoplanetary disk FZ Tau. The MIRI MRS cubepar reference file are also being updated to fix an inconsistency in the long-wavelength cutoff for the Channel 4C waveband. A previous modification had extended the red cutoff of Channel 4C from 27.9 to 28.7 microns for BAND and CHANNEL type data cubes, this update similarly expands the red cutoff to 28.7 microns for the the multichannel data cubes as well.
2023-12-19 jwst_1177.pmap archived Affected data- All NIRISS data. 1175- Updated the NIRISS filteroffset rmap to include the exposure type NIS_WFSS for the existing reference file entry, to avoid the equal weight special case error when the NIRISS team tries to replace the existing 0002 reference file. 1176- A new NIRISS Wide Field Slitless filteroffset reference file was delivered to rectify an offset seen in the assigned pixel values for a given RA/Dec in the WFSS data across different filters. The filteroffset values for WFSS are identical to the corresponding filters for imaging data. This update now better centers the spectral cutouts of WFSS data for a given source, and shifts the wavelength zero point, with the largest effect seen in the F200W filter. 1177- NIRISS, all modes, distortion reference files, The reason for this delivery is to apply small adjustments to the NIRISS SIAF alignment parameters V2Ref and V3Ref. These adjustments were calculated from analysis of NIRISS target acquisition data obtained during July 2022 - September 2023, by taking the median offsets between the commanded and observed TA source locations in V2 and V3. The new reference files will have alignment parameters consistent with the upcoming SOC 6.2 version of SIAF, and will provide improvements in the WCS solutions for calibrated NIRISS data.
2023-12-14 jwst_1174.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, ALLSLITS, SUBS400A1, and SUB2048 subarray modes, dark and superbias reference files. MIRI, all LRS modes, apcorr, photom, and specwcs reference files. New NIRSpec darks and biases were delivered for the affected data and were created from on orbit data during cycle 1. Changes in the data require new epochs of dark and bias reference files be created to better calibrate all nirspec science data taken at these dates. This delivery includes a new MIRI SpecWCS file for the LRS slit. A new MIRI LRS specwcs file that includes the wavelength calibration for the LRS slit, two separate photom files for the photometric calibration of slit and slitless, and one apcorr file with an aperture correction for both slit and slitless are being delivered. The wavelength calibration for the LRS slit is updated and is now shifted 50 nm to the blue at short wavelengths, based on calibration data of wavelength standards obtained in Cycle 1. Changing the wavelength solution for the detector requires an update to the photometric calibration and the aperture correction for the LRS slit. The photometric correction for LRS slit and slitless is derived from the calibration standard BD 60 1753, now including data from Cycle 1 with better signal to noise. The aperture correction for slit and slitless is derived from Cycle 1 PSF observations. The photometric calibrations and aperture corrections are smoothed at longer wavelengths to avoid introducing additional noise in the pipeline. This file differs from the file in the last submission because we have changed the wavelengths below 5 microns where data are not scientifically valid. This change prevents a bug in the pipeline in pixel_replace from being triggered.
2023-12-11 jwst_1170.pmap archived Affected data - NIRISS, SOSS, imaging, and WFSS modes, superbias reference files. These superbiases were created because rows of elevated signal in the input dark exposures resulted in flagged superbias pixels, which caused usable SOSS science data to be flagged DO_NOT_USE. Investigation revealed similar stripes in other subarray darks, so the effected commissioning superbias reference files were remade without integrations containing outlier stripes. The discarded data did not significantly change the superbias statistics.
2023-12-08 jwst_1169.pmap archived jwst_1169.pmap- N/A jwst_1168.pmap- nirspec exptype nrs fixedslit or nrs brightobj and subarray full jwst_1167.pmap- nirspec exptype nrs fixedslit or nrs brightobj and subarray full jwst_1169.pmap- Delivering a new NIRISS superbias rmap that condenses existing entries with NIS and NISRAPID READPATT values to use ANY, to avoid the equal weight special case errors that were surfacing when trying to deliver new superbias files. jwst_1168.pmap- Deleting NIRSpec fflat reference files that were mistakenly delivered with a USEAFTER date of 20 June 2016. The files with the correct USEAFTER date 01 January 2022 have since been delivered. jwst_1167.pmap- Affected Data are nirspec full frame data with mode fixed slit or bright object. These NIRSpec files were delivered to replace previous files that were delivered with the wrong useafter date 20 June 2016. This delivery fixes that with files with the correct useafter date 01 January 2022.
2023-12-05 jwst_1166.pmap archived Affected modes - NIRISS, all modes, pars-chargemigrationstep, pars-jumpstep, and pars-tweakregstep reference files. MIRI, all future MIRI modes and current MRS TSO modes, IPC and pars-spec2pipeline reference files. NIRSpec, Fixed Slit, IFU, and MOS modes, pars-outlierdetectionstep and F flat reference files. New NIRISS jump step parameter reference files were delivered with some revisions to the jump thresholds and to turn on the snowball halo jump expansion function in the pipeline, for all modes except SOSS. New NIRISS tweakreg step parameter reference files were delivered to turn on alignment to Gaia DR3 as the default, which will improve the level 3 imaging products. The MIRI IPC, NIRISS pars-chargemigrationstep, and NIRSpec pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files were delivered for the very first time. More information on these initial reference files can be found under individual delivery contexts, accessible on the CRDS homepage by selecting - all contexts - next to - Context History -. A new MIRI pars-spec2pipeline rmap was delivered that replaces file 0008 with file 0002, which turns the MIRI time dependent corrections back on for MRS TSO data. NIRSpec Fixed Slit, IFU, and MOS F Flats were delivered for all grating and filter combinations. These files have a useafter date of January 1, 2022 and include errors on the flux data. Finally, a new system calver file for JWST Build 10.0 was delivered.
2023-12-04 jwst_1154.pmap archived A new pmap is being delivered that includes updated imaps for FGS, NIRCam, NIRISS, and NIRSpec that set the entry for mrsptcorr to NA, and mrsxartcorr to NA in FGS only. While the MIRI team was testing the most recent mrsptcorr reference file, it was revealed that other instruments did not have entries for this reference type and this was causing errors in the calspec3 step for other instruments. A new MIRI mrsptcorr rmap is being delivered with an entry for EXP_TYPE=NA to cover all exposure types that are not MRS. Since this reference file only applies to MIRI MRS observations, all other exposure types will point to NA, which will avoid an error in the pipeline. Reprocessing info - No repro needed for these mapping deliveries.
2023-12-01 jwst_1152.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, NIRSpec data with subarray=FULL, dark, mask and superbias reference files. NIRISS, all NIRISS modes, linearity and saturation reference files. New NIRSpec darks, biases and masks were delivered for the affected data and were created from on orbit data taken between July 2022 and December 2022. These data are for an epoch prior to the last dark, mask and bias deliveries. New epochs for different readpatterns require that new dark, mask, and bias reference files be created to better calibrate all nirspec data taken between these dates. NIRISS, all observing modes, linearity and saturation reference files. These new reference files no longer erroneously flag pixels as DO_NOT_USE after the linearity step and saturation step of the pipeline. Updated metrics based on statistical analysis are used to flag pixels where the linearity fitting is uncertain and to assign nominal values for these pixels in both the linearity and saturation reference files. Reprocessing Info - Reprocessing for NIRSpec can wait until after the build 10.0 in early December 2023. NIRISS data should be reprocessed as part of the 12/5 batch reprocessing for the next pipeline build release.
2023-11-29 jwst_1150.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, future MRS modes, mrsptcorr reference file. Delivering a new MIRI mrsptcorr rmap that includes a new reference file which contains a variety of correction factors relevant for point-source specific MIRI MRS observations. These correction factors include the fractional photometric response of the 12 micron spectral leak, and across-slice throughput and wavelength correction tables. This file is not used by versions 1.12.5 and earlier of the JWST pipeline, so this delivery is in support of ongoing development for future pipeline versions.
2023-11-17 jwst_1149.pmap archived New NIRSpec biases were delivered for all data taken after January, 1, 2023. These files were created from on orbit data taken between October 2022 and March 2023. The affected data are the NIRSpec FULL frame data taken with traditional readout or IRS2 readout.
2023-11-15 jwst_1148.pmap archived This nirspec barshadow file was delivered for use with Nirspec MOS data. A pipeline fix to increase the MOS y slit limits to add 2 pixels to the upper and lower edges of the slit, to include missing flux, resulted in the barshadow reffile introducing more noise because the file overcorrected the extended edges. This file corrects the problem but is still based on a model. Cycle 1 data is currently being analyzed and tested.
2023-11-07 jwst_1147.pmap archived The new NIRISS SOSS mode photom reference file has been created based on analysis of all commissioning and cycle 1 observations of photometric standard stars in SOSS mode. The immediate issue that requires a revision is that it was found that the current reference file imprints noise on the spectra that are extracted. This was traced to using the pixel by pixel values rather than the smoothed fit when the file was produced in commissioning. As well as fixing that issue, re-analysis of the commissioning and cycle 1 data for the standard star BD60 1753 showed that the calibration needed to be adjusted down by 1 percent. This is thought to be due to the change of the extraction method from a simple box extraction to the use of the ATOCA algorithm, which happened after the file was submitted to CRDS in commissioning.
2023-11-01 jwst_1146.pmap archived Affected data - NIRISS, NIRISS data with EXPTYPE=NIS_IMAGE, NIS_AMI, NIS_EXTCAL, NIS_TACQ, NIS_TACONFIRM, or NIS_FOCUS, pars-sourcecatalogstep and photom reference files. MIRI, all MIRI MRS data, flat and photom reference files. NIRCam, NIRCam data with PUPIL=MASKBAR or MASKRND, photom refefrence file. The NIRISS imaging photom and pars-sourcecatalogstep reference files are being updated. The photom file has been created based on analysis of all commissioning and cycle 1 observations of photometric standard stars. The results differ at the plus 4 to minus 8 percent level as a function of wavelength compared to the values derived from observations of a single standard in commissioning. The pars-sourcecatalogstep files that serve as the initial delivery of parameters for the source_catalog step that affects NIRISS imaging observations. The main changes are the encircled energy fractions used for the catalogue photometry which have been changed to 50/70/80 from the defaults of 30/50/70. New MIRI MRS flatfield and photometric calibration reference files are being delivered. Flatfield updates are minor, increasing in SNR with the inclusion of additional data from Cycle 2 flatfield calibration observations. No significant changes are observed between Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 flatfields. Photom updates are significant, particularly in Channel 4. These new photom files update the MRS time-dependent throughput model based on many additional months of monitoring observations, with large changes for recently-obtained data longward of 24 microns. These photom updates also adjust the approach to spectrophotometric calibration in Channel 4 to rely upon bright red targets rather than standard stars, for which sky subtraction uncertainties can be appreciable. These new NIRCam photom reference files contain updated flux calibration values for coronagraphic observations, based on cycle 1 data. Values for observations using all other pupil wheel elements are unchanged.
2023-10-19 jwst_1141.pmap archived It was discovered that a MIRI dark file for the MASK1550 was previously delivered with the wrong USEAFTER date, thus resulting in the replacement of the wrong file. We are updating the MIRI dark rmap to use the correct files - jwst_miri_dark_0064.fits and jwst_miri_dark_0098.fits with USEAFTERs 2022-04-01 and 2022-05-01, respectfully.
2023-10-10 jwst_1140.pmap archived jwst_1139.pmap - Delivering a new MIRI pars-jumpstep rmap that has FILTER and SUBARRAY as new selection parameters. This update prepares for the future deliveries of MIRI pars-jumpstep reference files that will be FILTER and SUBARRAY dependent. jwst_1140.pmap - New NIRSpec darks and masks were delivered for all data with a useafter of January, 1, 2023. These files were created from on orbit data taken between October 2022 and March 2023.
2023-10-09 jwst_1138.pmap archived NIRCam, Affected modes - All NIRCam imaging data is affected. Reference file - source catalog parameter file. Previously, the source catalog step was using the same default kernel FWHM for all filters and pupils. These NIRCam source catalog parameter files provide filter- and pupil-dependent source catalog parameters for the Gaussian kernel FWHM in pixels based on ground test data. Eventually, the source catalog parameters will be optimized further based on analysis of in-flight data.
2023-10-06 jwst_1137.pmap archived The MIRI photom file, jwst_miri_photom_0042.fits, is now obsolete and is being removed from the rmap. This file was a combined Imager/LRS file and after delivering it, the decision was made to break those out into separate files again. There is now no need to have this file in the system.
2023-10-04 jwst_1136.pmap archived Affected Data are nirspec data with subarray=FULL and readpatt=NRS NRSRAPID NRSRAPIDD1 NRSRAPIDD2 NRSRAPIDD6 New NIRSpec darks and masks were delivered for all data with a useafter of January, 1, 2023. These files were created from on orbit data taken between October 2022 and March 2023.
2023-09-29 jwst_1135.pmap archived This delivery of MIRI MRS apcorr reference files updates the MIRI MRS aperture correction based on observations of multiple standard stars observed throughout Cycle 1. By construction, there will be no impact on standard pipeline spectra extracted using the default conical extraction radius as the photometric calibration vectors are derived using these apertures. Spectral extractions using non-standard radii will be affected at the few-percent level as there are observed differences between the in-flight PSF and the theoretical model used to construct previous versions of this file. Aperture correction files have also been split into files appropriate to each spectral channel as the correction factors can change discontinuously between channels due to the change in detector pixel and slice width. There is a catch-all correction file containing the average of each channel correction in the spectral overlap regions that should be used for multi-channel data cubes.
2023-09-21 jwst_1132.pmap archived Affected data MIRI, MRS modes, gain ref files. These updated MIRI MRS gain files were generated at the conclusion of a study of the gain in the MIRI detectors, demonstrating that the values were lower than the value of 5.5 measured on the ground. The gain values also exhibit a wavelength dependence that is not reflected by the constant number currently in use. These files contain the proper gain value for each combination of MRS Detector and Sub-band. These files also include a new ERROR slice, which while currently not used in the pipeline, may be in the future.
2023-09-15 jwst_1130.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, imaging, coronagraphic, and LRS modes, apcorr, photom, and gain reference files. There is a new MIRI aperture correction file for the Imager and the new set of photom files for the Imaging and Coronagraphic modes that cover a range of USEAFTER dates in order to include the time dependent sensitivity loss in the MIRI Imager detector. These files have been updated based on observations of multiple stars with well predicted total fluxes. These updated flux calibration factors reflect basing the flux calibration of many calibration stars, improved aperture corrections, and many other post-Commissioning improvements. These files cover all the imaging filters and coronagraph filters. These updated MIRI gain files were generated at the conclusion of a study of the gain in the MIRI detectors, demonstrating that the values were lower than the value of 5.5 measured on the ground. The gain values also exhibit a wavelength dependence that is not reflected by the constant number currently in use. The previous files delivered cover only the MIRI Imager Filters. These files contain the proper gain value for each coronagraphic filter, the LRS P750L filter, and the F2550WR, OPAQUE, and FND filters. These files also include a new ERROR slice, which while currently not used in the pipeline, may be in the future. Reprocessing info - All MIRI imaging, coronagraphic, and LRS data should be reprocessed.
2023-09-14 jwst_1126.pmap archived Modes affected - NIRCam imaging These NIRCam photom reference files contain an improved flux calibration for all imaging mode filter combinations compared to the previous reference files. Calibrations were calculated using data spanning 8 months of cycle 1. Uncertainties in the flux calibration are now less than 1 percent for most filter/detector combinations. All other uncertainties are less than 2 percent with the exception of F430M and F460M in the A module, at 3.5 and 2.1 percent, and F460M in the B module, at 4.6 percent.
2023-09-13 jwst_1125.pmap archived jwst_1124.pmap - This delivery makes a minor update to a variety of MIRI MRS flat, photom and distortion reference files. The Channel 4B distortion solution has been updated to fix an 8 percent vertical scale error revealed by observations of Uranus. This scale issue is relevant to all MRS observations, but would be most noticeable for observations of extended sources with well-defined limbs. This delivery also updates the pixel flats for all twelve MRS bands. In channels 1A-3C the update only affects the estimated uncertainty array of the flatfield, while channels 4A-4C make minor adjustments to the flatfield values based on a revised analysis, and the new 4B distortion solution. New photometric calibration vectors are also provided for channels 4A-4C based on these updated flatfields. While these new reference files are recommended for all users, the overall calibration difference is minor and for many users will be insignificant. jwst_1125.pmap - NIRCam, Affected modes - All NIRCam shortwave imaging data are affected. Reference file - flat. These new NIRCam flat fields correct residual filter-dependent gradients in shortwave imaging data. The corrections are larger-scale and impact pixel values by about one percent.
2023-09-08 jwst_1123.pmap archived Affected modes - NIRCam WFSS and TSGRISM modes These NIRCam specwcs reference files contain improved trace and wavelength calibration information for NIRCam, derived from cycle 1 data. Residuals of the trace calibration are within 0.1-0.2 pixels, and flux calibration is estimated to be within 2 percent.
2023-09-06 jwst_1122.pmap archived This delivery updates the MIRI MRS spec2 and outlier detection parameter reference files. The outlier detection update brings the default parameters for this step in line with automated parameters already used via the existing spec3 parameter reference file, and will only affect users who run steps individually outside the regular pipeline framework. The spec2 update temporarily disables the MRS time-dependent photometric correction for TSO mode data only, pending a future bugfix to allow this routine to run on TSO data.
2023-09-01 jwst_1121.pmap archived Affected data - FGS, full-frame imaging modes, distortion reference files. NIRISS, all modes, distortion reference files. The reason for this delivery of FGS and NIRISS distortion reference files is to bring the SIAF alignment parameters in the distortion reference files in line with the PRD SIAF. Reference files from the last delivery did not have the latest version of SIAF alignment parameters resulting in using outdated parameters when creating WCS. The new reference files will yield WCS calculated based on the most up-to-date SIAF parameters.
2023-08-30 jwst_1119.pmap archived Affected data - Future MIRI FULL frame coronagraph modes. These FULL frame MIRI coronagraph PSFMASKs are used for running the PSF alignment stage 3 pipeline step, when the full imager detector is read out instead of just a coronagraph-specific subarray. They were constructed by taking the PSFMASK reference file for each coronagraph subarray, and injecting it at the correct position into an array with the shape of the full detector. They are required for enabling coronagraphy in FULL array mode, scheduled for Cycle 3.
2023-08-25 jwst_1118.pmap archived Affected data are the NIRSpec observations with exptype equal to NRSIFU, lamp mode equal to NA and lamp state equal to NA. This NIRSpec EXTRACT1D file for the IFU observing mode is the first inflight delivery for this mode. Its parameters have been modified so that the spectrum extraction matches the instrument model and decreases the discrepancies. Users with this type of data are encouraged to reprocess their data.
2023-08-24 jwst_1117.pmap archived MIRI, all MRS data and LRS slitless and fixed slit data, pars-spec2pipeline and pars-spec3pipeline reference files. NIRCam, WFSS and TSGRISM modes, specwcs reference files. NIRSpec, Fixed Slit and Bright Object data using both GRATING G140M and FILTER F100LP, fflat reference file. These new NIRCam specwcs files contain updated WCS, spectral trace and wavelength calibration information, and an improved wavelength calibration solution. This calibration was calculated using a new fiducial reference spectrum from NIRSpec observations. These files have a modified format from previous versions, in order to more accurately capture the WCS information.This delivery of updated pars-spec2pipeline reference files for MIRI LRS in the calwebb_spec2 pipeline turns on the new pixel replacement algorithm in two-dimensional spectral images for both LRS slit and slitless observations. This update will improve the quality of the extracted products and is recommended to be used on all LRS data. This new MIRI MRS pars-spec3pipeline reference file enables some of the key software updates provided in Build 9.3, like correctly setting the parameters to be used by the outlier detection algorithm. This new parameter reference file turns on the auto-centroiding feature for MRS point source spectral extraction to deal with multiple outstanding issues with WCS in standard data products. This NIRSpec FFALT for Fixed Slit and Bright Object data using G140M F100LP is the first inflight delivery for this mode. It decreases the discrepancies with the other settings from the current 20 percent level down to 2 percent.
2023-08-21 jwst_1112.pmap archived Affected data - NIRSpec, all MSA data taken after June 06, 2023, MSAOPER reference file. This NIRSpec MSAOPER file replaces the previous file to include the updated failed shutters information along with the new short in Q4 found in the monitor data. The file jwst_nirspec_msaoper_0008.json was also deleted from the mapping because the NIRSpec Team found that when updating a short the NRS_MSOP_CHK was not updated, so this file is not correct and should not be used.
2023-08-16 jwst_1110.pmap archived Affected data - MIRI, photom and gain reference files, MIRI MRS and imaging modes. This delivery of MIRI MRS photom files updates the MRS photometric calibration reference files to fix an issue with the data quality flags. Additionally, it revises the photometric calibration in channel 4 in a few key ways. These changes significantly improve a pair of known artifacts observed around 23.1 and 24.3 microns visible in the previous calibrations. The photometric calibration at the longest wavelengths, lambda greater than 26.5 microns, is additionally scaled to ensure reasonable performance for the bright targets NGC 7027 and 515 Athalia. These MIRI Imaging mode Gain files were generated at the conclusion of a study of the gain in the MIRI detectors, demonstrating that the values were lower than the value of 5.5 measured on the ground. The gain values also exhibit a wavelength dependence that is not reflected by the constant number currently in use. These files contain the proper gain value for each filter, and include a new ERROR slice, which while currently not used in the pipeline, may be in the future. A new MIRI Gain rmap was also delivered with FILTER added as a selection criteria to accommodate the new set of gain reference files that have a wavelength, or filter, dependence.
2023-08-14 jwst_1107.pmap archived This MIRI LRS fixed slit pathloss reference file applies the correction for the center of the slit to all possible positions in the slit, effectively defaulting the pathloss correction to the center of the slit for all possible pointings. No other changes were made to the file. Affected data will be reprocessed when Build 9.3 is installed into the operational pipeline.
2023-08-09 jwst_1106.pmap archived This MIRI Linearity file for the MASKLYOT coronagraphic data is the first file created from flight data, and is an improvement on the pre-flight file which was previously in use. The data in MAST will be updated only after an updated photom file is delivered, so any user wishing to use this file for improvements in their Lyot coronagraphic data should reprocess their data with this new file.
2023-08-03 jwst_1105.pmap archived NIRISS WFSS SPECWCS files were updated to include position-dependent calculations for the NIRISS WFSS wavelength solution. This is an update from the previous file which used a CLOUDY model of the planetary nebula in air wavelengths, corrected for a radial velocity of 294.9 km/s. This reference file provides a 50 percent improvement in the 1 sigma scatter of wavelengths assigned in different cutouts across the detector. A new version 7.3.1 of the NIRSpec instrument model was delivered and includes camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, msa, ote, ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer, and wavelengthrange reference files. This model was implemented in OSS on July 24 2023, and is now being used in APT. It adjusts the IFU reference point by approximately 0.2 arcsec, an offset that prevented centering of point sources when doing TA. These new NIRSPec subarray darks have the same SCI extension as the previous delivery but new DQ extensions. DQ extension pixels with an RC or Bad Reference Pixel flag have been flagged as DO NOT USE, while Unreliable Slope, Bad Fit and Telegraph pixels are still considered GOOD for further processing. Hot Pixel flagging has been moved to the mask reference file and is also considered DO NOT USE. Users with these types of data should consider reprocessing to reduce the number of science pixels marked NAN in rate files and further down the pipeline.
2023-07-14 jwst_1100.pmap archived Affected data - NIRCam, NIRCam imaging, coronagraphy and time-series imaging modes, area and photom reference files. These NIRCam area reference files were derived from the latest versions of the distortion reference files. With these new files in place, the area and distortion files will be consistent with one another. Note that during pipeline processing, the map of the pixel areas is copied into science data as a new extension. These NIRCam photom files contain only a minimal update from the previous versions. The values the pixel area keywords, PIXAR_A2 and PIXAR_SR, have been updated to match those in the newly delivered AREA reference files. The flux calibration information is unchanged.
2023-06-23 jwst_1097.pmap archived Affected data - NIRISS, NIRISS imaging mode, apcorr reference file. This file is being delivered to improve the aperture correction for point sources in level 3 pipeline products of NIRISS imaging datasets, including direct images of WFSS datasets. The new aperture corrections have been determined from level 3 pipeline products of Cycle 1 datasets with 4 dithers per filter, while the previous aperture corrections, from a reference file implemented during JWST commissioning, were determined from single images, i.e., cal.fits files. The new aperture corrections have been determined to improve the source fluxes in the level 3 source catalog by approx 10 percent for filters with pivot wavelength greater than 2 micron and approx 5 percent for the longer wavelength filters.
2023-06-22 jwst_1095.pmap archived This NIRSpec MSAOPER file has a useafter of June 9, 2023. This update contains the 1 new short in Q4, found in the monitor data. Data affected is all NIRSpec MSA data taken after June 9, 2023.
2023-06-20 jwst_1094.pmap archived This delivery updates many different MIRI MRS reference files to reflect updated photometric calibration based on the results of the Cycle 1 calibration program. These updates significantly improve photometric calibration accuracy, particularly in bands 2C, 4A, 4B, and 4C, and are recommended for all scientific users. The file types that are included in this update are Flat, Fringe, Photom, apercorrpar, cubepar, extract1d, specwcs for IFUSHORT with SHORT and MEDIUM bands, and a spec3 parameter reference file. There are no updates to any dichroic modes in this delivery. i.e. LONG-MEDIUM. There will be no automatic reprocessing of any data in MAST at this point, as the files will be most useful with code updates in build 9.3.
2023-06-09 jwst_1093.pmap archived Affected data - NIRCam, coronagraphic modes, psfmask reference file. These NIRCam psfmask reference files were created using recent versions of WebbPSF and SIAF that include the new apertures for the simultaneous shortwave and longwave coronagraphic observation mode. The new files include initial versions of the psfmask files for the new apertures, as well as updated versions of the psfmasks for all existing coronagraphic apertures to replace the dummy versions previously in use. The positions of the masks in the updated files are now filter-dependent, and informed by analyses on commissioning and cycle 1 data.
2023-06-01 jwst_1090.pmap archived Affected modes - All NIRCam WFSS and grism time series data are affected. These NIRCam WFSS and grism time series photom reference files correct a problem with all previous versions of these files. The flux calibration values are derived from sensitivity curves produced from commissioning and cycle 1 analyses. However, the sensitivity curves provide the sensitivity per Angstrom, while the calibration pipeline assumes that the flux calibration reference file gives the flux calibration per pixel. In previous reference files, the flux calibration values were not updated to be per pixel. When applied to science data, this resulted in flux values that were too large by a factor equal to the dispersion, which is roughly 10 Angstroms per pixel. In these new files, the flux calibration values have been updated to be per pixel, removing this incorrect factor of 10.
2023-05-23 jwst_1089.pmap archived New system_calver file for Build 9.2/9.2.1
2023-05-16 jwst_1088.pmap archived Affected data- NIRSpec, NRS_IFU modes, cupebar reference file. MIRI, LRS fixed slit and slitless modes, extract1d reference file. NIRSpec deliveries- These NIRSpec reference files have been updated to include new extensions with the default wavelength ranges used by the cubebuild algorithm with the DRIZZLE method. This update will make it easier to compare NIRSpec data cubes to one another as well as with data cubes from other instruments. Affected data are NIRSpec, NRSIFU, IFU Cube defaults. MIRI Delivery- This MIRI LRS extract1d file is being delivered in order to define default apertures for spectral extraction for the MIRI LRS in Spec3 for both fixed slit and slitless modes. This reference file will work around the issue of improper spectral extraction apertures based on WCS information. This update to the default extraction aperture is meant to improve the spectra delivered at the Spec3 stage of the pipeline. However, it actually will produce worse results for spectra extracted in the Spec2 stage. Users should focus on the Spec3 output. Better extractions from the Spec2 products can be obtained by rerunning the extract_1d step offline using a custom extract1d reference file modified to specify the desired extraction limits within the image.
2023-05-04 jwst_1084.pmap archived Affected data - NIRCam, future coronagraphic and LW imaging modes, dark and flat reference files. MIRI, MRS modes, distortion, specwcs, regions, and wavelengthrange reference files. NIRSpec, subarray-FULL modes, dark and mask reference files. These NIRCam dark current reference files comprise an initial set of references to cover the newly-defined coronagraphic apertures that support longwave and shortwave coronographic observations. These include the SUB320A335R, SUB320A430R, and SUB400X256ALWB apertures in the SW channel, as well as the SUB400X256ALWB, SUB640A210R, and SUB640ASWB in the LW channel. No data yet exist for these apertures. All pixels in these reference files are set to zero. New NIRCam longwave imaging flats were also delivered to provide the first inflight flat field correction at the pixel and filter-level to all NIRCam LW imaging data. This delivery updates the MIRI MRS DISTORTION, SPECWCS, REGIONS, and WAVELENGTHRANGE reference files for all 12 MRS bands. These files are now updated to the FLT-5 wavelength and spatial distortion solution and are recommended for all scientific users. In the spatial dimension, this FLT-5 update incorporates some minor rotational adjustments to the mapping between the IFU alpha-beta plane and the spacecraft V-frame, in addition to boresight updates between the twelve individual MRS bands. New NIRSpec full frame traditional readout and IRS2 readout darks and masks were delivered to the CRDS pipeline for use with all data taken since January 1, 2022. The new darks have the same sci extension as the previous delivery but new DQ extensions. In the darks, pixels with an RC or Bad Reference Pixel flag are also flagged as Do Not Use, while Unreliable Slope, Bad Fit and Telegraph pixels are still considered good for further processing. Hot Pixel flagging has been moved to the mask reference file and is also considered Do Not Use. See Context History - All Contexts on JWST OPS CRDS for full details of each delivery.
2023-04-27 jwst_1080.pmap archived Affected data - Future NIRCam coronagraphic observations These NIRCam superbias reference files comprise an initial set of references to cover the newly-defined coronagraphic apertures that support simultaneous longwave and shortwave corongraphic observations. These include the SUB320A335R, SUB320A430R, and SUB400X256ALWB apertures in the SW channel, as well as the SUB400X256ALWB, SUB640A210R, and SUB640ASWB in the LW channel. No data yet exist for these apertures. Therefore the data in these reference files were calculated using the bias values in similar, neighboring apertures on the same detectors.
2023-04-24 jwst_1078.pmap archived This is a delivery of the dark reference files for subarray modes MASK1550, SUB64, and SUB128. These reference files were created using data in PID 1517 and 1519. These darks include the reset anomaly. The existing reset reference files in CRDS for these subarrays are all dummy reference files containing zeros for all the groups. These files are replacing dark dummy files with all zeros, and are the first darks for these subarray modes created from flight data. The data in MAST for these imaging subarrays should be reprocessed.
2023-04-07 jwst_1077.pmap archived Delivering the first NIRISS pars-undersamplecorrectionstep rmap to initialize this new reference type and prepare for subsequent pars-undersamplecorrectionstep reference file deliveries. The imaps for all instruments and the previous pmap were also updated to accommodate this new reference type.
2023-03-29 jwst_1075.pmap archived Affected data- MIRI, all modes, pars-jumpstep files. NIRCam, all modes, pars-jumpstep and photom files. NIRISS, all modes, pars-jumpstep files. NIRSpec, all modes, pars-jumpstep files. Due to issues found in processing some JWST data with the new cosmic ray snowball and shower code, the decision was made to temporarily turn off this code. These updated jump step parameter reference files for MIRI, NIRCam, and NIRSpec will turn off this step. The data in MAST will be reprocessed with this file, and if users want to turn off the snowball and shower code, they can use this parameter reference file to re-run their own data. Delivering a previous version of the NIRISS pars-jumpstep rmap that does not include the most recent pars-jumpstep files delivered after build 9.1.1. Issues were found with the snowball correction algorithm implemented in build 9.1.1, so a new pars-jumpstep rmap is being delivered to temporarily back out the affected files while developers work on a fix. Update to the MIRI pars-jumpstep rmap to add DETECTOR and TSOVISIT as selection criteria. These NIRCam photom files contain updated flux calibration values and curves for WFSS and Grism Time Series observations. These are updated flux calibration curves derived from flight data for these modes. The calibration curves in these files have a higher resolution than those in the previous version. In addition, updated F250M and F277W curves have been included. In previous files, the calibration curves for these filters were derived from ground based data. These have useafter dates set to 2014, and are intended to be used with all NIRCam WFSS and Grism Time Series data. These files will replace the previous reference files, which had lower resolution calibration curves.
2023-03-17 jwst_1069.pmap archived Modes Affected NIRSpec data with exptypes nrs fixedslit or nrs brightobj and subarray s400a1 or allslits. A new NIRSpec pathloss reference file was delivered for all fixed slit and bright object data using the S400A1 or allslits subarrays. This is the first time pathloss information for S400A1 is being delivered to CRDS and is model based. Inflight pathloss information for all modes based on commissioning data will be delivered to CRDS soon.
2023-03-15 jwst_1068.pmap archived Delivering new MIRI, NIRCam, NIRISS, NIRSpec pars-jumpstep rmaps that include the pars-jumpstep reference files that were previously causing issues with the snowball algorithm incorporated in JWST build 9.1.1. The patch 9.1.2 is being installed to fix these issues, so the previously delivered pars-jumpstep files can now be activated.
2023-03-14 jwst_1064.pmap archived Affected data - NIRCam, WFSS and Grism Time Series, photom These NIRCam photom files contain updated flux calibration values and curves for WFSS and Grism Time Series observations. These are the first flux calibration curves derived from flight data for these modes, and represent a significant improvement over the previous, ground based files. They have useafter dates set to 2014, and are intended to be used with all NIRCam WFSS and Grism Time Series data. These files will replace the previous, ground based photom reference files.
2023-03-09 jwst_1063.pmap archived New Nirspec OTE files were delivered to CRDS, these files affect all data taken with NIRSpec since launch, one has a useafter date of 1 January 2023 and the other 22 September 2023. An error was found in the creation of the previous files which these will replace that caused transforms in the WCS step to be applied incorrectly. This delivery corrects that error.
2023-03-02 jwst_1062.pmap archived An updated pmap which incorporates changes to the MIRI, NIRCam, NIRISS, and NIRSpec imaps is being delivered. Issues were found with the snowball algorithm incorporated in the pars-jumpstep files during the JWST build 9.1.1 testing. The pars-jumpstep rmap versions in the imaps were rolled back to a previous version to temporarily bypass this issue as we work towards a fix.
2023-02-28 jwst_1061.pmap archived Data affected with this context= NIRISS, bad pixel mask, all data. MIRI imager bad pixel mask, S/N change will be minimal, no reprocessing needed. NIRSpec MSAOPER file affects data taken after 2023-01-26. For more information on a delivery or update, click on the ALL CONTEXTS link below and find the pmap version listed here. The NIRISS bad pixel mask has been updated based on the NIRSRAPID darks taken in cycle 1 program 1497. jwst_1047.pmap A new MIRI imager bad pixel mask was delivered. jwst_1048.pmap A new NIRSpec MSAOPER file was delivered. jwst_1049.pmap The initial delivery of the NIRCam pars-jumpstep rmap and reference file. jwst_1050.pmap and jwst_1051.pmap The initial delivery of the NIRSpec pars-jumpstep rmap and reference file. jwst_1052.pmap and jwst_1053.pmap The initial delivery of the MIRI pars-jumpstep rmap and reference file. jwst_1054.pmap and jwst_1055.pmap Update to the MIRI pars-jumpstep rmap to add DETECTOR and TSOVISIT as selection criteria. jwst_1056.pmap Update to the MIRI filteroffset reference file rmap to add SUBARRAY as a new selector. jwst_1057.pmap The delivery of a new set of MIRI filteroffset files. jwst_1058.pmap A delivery of new NIRISS pars-jumpstep reference files. jwst_1059.pmap Update to the FGS, MIRI, NIRCam, NIRISS, and NIRSpec rmaps. jwst_1060 Update to the editing context to include the new imap updates. jwst_1061 For or more information on a delivery or update, click on the ALL CONTEXTS link below and find the pmap version listed here.
2023-02-20 jwst_1046.pmap archived Outlier detection for MIRI MRS is known to be problematic due to the undersampling of the IFUs. In brief, the significant undersampling means that data taken in different dither positions can have wildly different values near unresolved point sources due simply to the locations of the sample boundaries. The current parameter configuration for outlier detection is designed to be as tolerant as possible, i.e., to not reject much, but it nonetheless still sometimes flags point sources as outliers. In many cases, better performance for Cycle 1 programs has been observed with outlier detection turned OFF. At the same time, the memory requirements of this step are prohibitive for MAST processing of some data sets. This spec3 parameter reference file therefore turns off outlier detection by default for the MAST pipeline, pending future revisions to this routine. Outlier detection can still be run in an offline manner by end users who wish to explore whether it can produce better quality reductions for their observations. There will be no reprocessing of data already in MAST at this point.
2023-02-14 jwst_1045.pmap archived Updated FGS apcorr rmap to remove DETECTOR as a selector as it is no longer needed. New dark and reset files for the MIRI SLITLESSPRISM subarray mode. The dark is being updated with better flight data going into the correction, and the reset file is being reset to 0s as the reset correction is now being folded into the dark file. MIRI SLITLESSPRISM data should be reprocessed with these new reference files. Updated NIRCam saturation reference files have had a small update which applies to all NIRCam observations, but only to pixels flagged as DEAD or RC in the mask reference file. For these pixels, the saturation levels have been set to 65535. This was done so that dead and RC pixels are never flagged as saturated. Previously, when a dead pixel was flagged as saturated, the adaptive saturation flagging algorithm in the pipeline was also flagging all 8 neighboring pixels as saturated, leading to many 3x3 pixel boxes of NaN pixels in the slope images. However, dead and RC pixels have been seen not to bleed charge when they reach their defined saturation levels, and therefore there is no need to flag neighboring pixels. With these reference files, there can be up to several tens of thousands fewer pixels per detector that are flagged as saturated and set to NaN in the slope images.
2023-01-26 jwst_1041.pmap archived The pixel area value for slits S1600A1 and S200B1 were inadvertently swapped in the original delivery. These new calibration files correct the issue. Only observations of extended sources using these fixed slits are affected by the change.
2023-01-23 jwst_1040.pmap archived These two updated NIRCam grism flat field reference files are being delivered to resolve an error in the JWST pipeline tests due to an old embedded ASDF extension. Nothing in the science data or headers was changed. Only the unnecessary ASDF extension was stripped.
2023-01-12 jwst_1039.pmap archived Updated MIRI pars-whitelightstep rmap to add MIR_IMAGE as a an EXP_TYPE selector, and set the value to N/A A new NIRSpec readnoise reference file was delivered for nirspec NRS2 subarray data New NIRCam readnoise files Updated the NIRCam superbias rmap to change READPATT values from ANY to N/A New NIRCam superbias reference files New NIRCam full frame, longwave channel dark current files
2023-01-06 jwst_1030.pmap archived Delivery of a new MIRI sub256 dark, using in-flight data, and replaces the previous file that used dummy values. jwst_1028.pmap A new NIRSpec superbias was delivered for NRS1 G395H/F290LP SUB2048 data. jwst_1029.pmap Note that, in the description, the detector should be NRS1, and not NRS2 A new NIRSpec superbias was delivered for NRS2 G395H/F290LP SUB2048 data. jwst_1030.pmap
2022-12-23 jwst_1027.pmap archived NIRSpec readnoise files were delivered for all NIRSpec modes. These files were made with inflight data and are for all data taken after launch. Pre launch readnoise reference files were also delivered to correct a bad keyword value that was found during regression testing. Delivery of F2550W, F2100W and F1500W linearity corrections for MIRI. The new F2550W file should replace the existing linearity correction for this filter. We got better data, it saturated in APT 1521, for this filter. The F2100W filter linearity correction should be used for both F2100W and F1800W filters. The F1800W file submitted is a duplicate of the F2100W file. The F1500W filter data should only be used for F1500W. Before we did not specify a linearity correction for F1500W we just used the generic one, F770W, but now we want to have this one used for F1500W data. Previous data taken in these filters should be reprocessed.
2022-12-16 jwst_1023.pmap archived Click on the ALL CONTEXTS link in the Contest History section, then find the corresponding pmap number to get more information on the following deliveries. New NIRSpec S flats and F flats created from in flight data were delivered for all IFU data taken after launch. See jwst_1023.pmap New NIRSpec S flat files created from in-flight data were delivered for all MOS data taken after launch. See jwst_1022.pmap New NIRSpec S flat files created from in-flight data were delivered for all Fixed Slit and Bright Object data taken after launch. See jwst_1021
2022-12-15 jwst_1020.pmap archived New NIRSpec F flats created from in-flight data were delivered for all MOS data taken after launch. The F flats comprise the field-dependent throughput of the OTE and instrument FORE optics. These flats are for all grating/filter combinations and replace the hybrid flats delivered in September.
2022-12-02 jwst_1019.pmap archived A new NIRSpec MSA operability file was delivered that includes the 3 shorts discovered in October 2022. This MSA operability file matches that now used in the PRD.
2022-11-29 jwst_1018.pmap archived New NIRSpec F flats and S flats created from in-flight data were delivered for all Fixed Slit and Bright Object data taken after launch. The F flats comprise the field-dependent throughput of the OTE and instrument FORE optics and the Sflats include the light path from the micro-shutter array up to but not including the FPA. These flats are for all grating/filter combinations except G140M/F100LP, because of time constraints during commissioning data was not taken for this grating/filter combination. Also, a new extract 1d reference file was delivered for Fixed Slits to include the correct aperture sizes for the flats to be applied in the pipeline.
2022-11-17 jwst_1017.pmap archived A new NIRISS persistence saturation reference file is being delivered. We discovered that the NIRISS persat reference file currently in CRDS jwst_niriss_persat_0003.fits is not properly scaled. The image values apparently were divided by the mean gain to convert from electrons to ADU when the reference file was created some years ago, but in fact the input image being used was already converted to ADU. As a result the image in extension 1 has been scaled back up by a factor of 1.612 in this delivery of the revised file. The other extensions have not been changed.
2022-11-15 jwst_1015.pmap archived Updated NIRCam distortion rmap to add the read pattern, NRC_CORON to the following files jwst_nircam_distortion_0171.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0172.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0173.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0174.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0175.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0176.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0177.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0178.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0179.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0180.asdf The NIRCam Team recently found that the distortion files currently in CRDS for observations where one of the coronagraphic masks is used contain lists of exp_types that do not include NRC_CORON. The rmap was updated to fix that issue. Additionally, the following files were removed from the rmap - jwst_nircam_distortion_0087.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0088.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0091.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0097.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0111.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0112.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0113.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0114.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0115.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0116.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0117.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0118.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0119.asdf jwst_nircam_distortion_0120.asdf These files had been replaced with updated versions containing NRC_IMAGE in their list of read patterns.
2022-11-10 jwst_1014.pmap archived New Nirspec pixel area maps were delivered for nirspec scinde modes nrs_ifu, nrs_msaspec, nrs_fixedslit, nrs_brightobj. These files were made with ground data but are in the new format the pipeline expects.
2022-11-07 jwst_1013.pmap archived Updated MIRI reset rmap, where the entries for all FULL frame reset files were changed to be applicable to both FAST and FASTR1 read patterns - jwst_1013.pmap. An updated set of MIRI dark and reset reference files were delivered - jwst_1012.pmap. In the Context History area, click on ALL CONTEXTS, then view the delivery of your choice for more information.
2022-11-04 jwst_1011.pmap archived Ongoing analysis of MRS cube building performance and the spatial/spectral resolution of MRS data has indicated that the wavelength sampling of MRS data cubes was not optimal. This update of the MIRI MRS cubepar reference file therefore slightly improves the spectral sampling of rectified data cubes in MRS Channels 1, 2, and 3. Likewise, it changes the multi-channel wavelength solution so that it better samples the spectral LSF as derived from in-flight data during commissioning. Additionally, the channel 4C maximum wavelength is set to 27.9 micron since the photometric response of the detectors is too low to derive a reliable set of calibrations at longer wavelengths. Users reprocessing data with this new cubepar reference file will therefore see a different number of spectral elements in their cubes than they have seen in the past, with a correspondingly different wavelength solution.
2022-11-03 jwst_1010.pmap archived New NIRSpec saturation reference files for all modes were delivered. These files were created from ground data and fix an issue with the DQ definition table that was causing dead pixels to be flagged as saturated.
2022-10-26 jwst_1009.pmap archived A new NIRSpec MSA operability file was delivered after two shorts were discovered on October 7, 2022, one short in quadrant 2 and one in quadrant 3. This MSA operability file matches that now used in the PRD.
2022-10-24 jwst_1008.pmap archived Update to the NIRISS readnoise rmap where the READPATTERN, NIS was added as a valid value for files jwst_niriss_readnoise_0002.fits, jwst_niriss_readnoise_0004.fits, and jwst_niriss_readnoise_0005.fits.This is being done because data with READPATT=NIS were being calibrated with an obsolete reference file, this update prevents this from happening.
2022-10-20 jwst_1007.pmap archived The NIRSpec dark file rmap was updated to remove dummy-valued files which had been replaced with files generated from on-orbit data. jwst_1007.pmap Updated NIRSpec subarray darks were delivered for NRS1 and 2 with subarrays ALLSLITS, SUB32, SUB512, SUB512S, SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB2048. jwst_1006.pmap A new NIRSpec NRS2 mask file for read patterns NRSIRS2 and NRSIRS2RAPID was delivered. jwst_1005.pmap
2022-10-18 jwst_1004.pmap archived The NIRSpec superbias rmap was updated to remove the following jwst_nirspec_superbias_0217.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0218.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0219.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0220.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0221.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0222.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0223.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0224.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0226.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0227.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0228.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0230.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0231.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0233.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0234.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0235.fits The files were removed because they contained dummy/placeholder values and had been subsequently replaced by files with in flight data.
2022-10-13 jwst_1001.pmap archived Update to the NIRSpec gain update to remove jwst_nirspec_gain_0026.fits due to a bad USEAFTER date and YSTART value. It has been replaced with jwst_nirspec_gain_0027.fits
2022-10-13 jwst_1000.pmap archived Update of the NIRSpec camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, msa, and ote reference file rmaps. jwst_0996.pmap Delivery of new NIRSpec camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer, msa, and ote reference files. jwst_0997.pmap Delivery of a new NIRSpec gain reference file. jwst_0998.pmap Delivery of new MIRI BRIGHTSKY subarray dark. jwst_0999.pmap Delivery of a new NIRSpec gain reference file, replacing the file from jwst_0998.pmap. jwst_1000.pmap For more information, please click on the ALL CONTEXTS link in the Context History section, then go to one of the pmaps listed here.
2022-10-06 jwst_0995.pmap archived The MIRI specwcs file, jwst_miri_specwcs_0004.fits was removed from the rmap - jwst_0995.pmap New NIRSpec NRS1 and NRS2 darks were delivered - jwst_0994.pmap The NIRSpec sflat rmap was updated - jwst_0993.pmap New NIRSpec NRS1 and NRS2 darks were delivered for readout patterns NRSIRS2 and NRSIRS2RAPID - jwst_0992.pmap The NIRSpec dark rmap was updated - jwst_0991.pmap A new MIRI LRS SLIT mode photom reference file was delivered - jwst_0990.pmap New NIRCam photom reference files were delivered - jwst-0989.pmap For more information on these deliveries, click on ALL CONTEXTS in the Context History section on this page.
2022-09-29 jwst_0988.pmap archived New MIRI specwcs and NIRISS ipc reference files were delivered. Please click on the ALL CONTEXTS link in the Context History area for descriptions of the the deliveries. The MIRI delivery can be found under jwst_0987.pmap, and the NIRISS delivery can be found under jwst_0988.pmap.
2022-09-26 jwst_0986.pmap archived Update to the NIRSpec superbias rmap to add READPATTs NRSRAPIDD1, NRSRAPIDD2, and NRSRAPIDD6 to all match rules with NRS and NRSRAPID for the readpatt. This is for future deliveries of superbiases where one file will be the match for all 5 readpatts. NIRSpec superbiases created from in flight data for NRS2 and subarrays SUB2048, SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB200A1, SUB200A2, SUB400A1, SUB32, SUB512, SUB512S, ALLSLITS were delivered with corrected subarray corners. Recent pipeline testing revealed that some NRS2 superbiases had been delivered with the wrong corner locations causing the superbias to not be properly selected, this delivery corrects that issue.
2022-09-21 jwst_0984.pmap archived Updates to the NIRSpec superbias rmap where the following files had NRSRAPIDD1, NRSRAPIDD2, and NRSRAPIDD6 added to their list of valid READPATTs. jwst_nirspec_superbias_0343.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0337.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0344.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0338.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0333.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0347.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0345.fits jwst_nirspec_superbias_0340.fits This was done in order to prevent possible file selection problems. A new system_calver file was delivered for Build 8.1.2
2022-09-20 jwst_0982.pmap archived New NIRISS specwcs reference files were delivered which contain updated information for the NIRISS WFSS mode in all filter/grism combinations. NIRSpec superbiases for the SUB2048 subarray, affecting data taken in the NRS1 and NRS2 detectors were delivered. Updated MIRI dark and flat field rmaps, where dark files 0045, 0051, 0053, and 0055 had their entries for READPATT=FASTGRPAVG combined with those for READPATT=FAST and FASTR1. Dark file 0055 also had a separate entry for READPATT=FASTR100. For the flats, READPATT=FASTR100 was added to the entries for flat field files 0783, 0784, and 0785. New NIRSpec gain reference files for subarrays were delivered. While the reference files still include ground data, the gainfact keywords in their headers have been updated to correct the higher than expected countrates seen in some MAST products. Updated NIRCam dark, readnoise, and superbias rmaps, where dark files 0369, 0373, 0375, and 0376, readnoise files 0065-0074, and superbias files 0030-0039 had their USAFTERs changed from 2022-06-23 to 2022-06-14. Readnoise file 0143 and superbias file 0018 had their USEAFTERs changed from 2022-04-15 to 2022-05-28. The updates were needed in order to remedy problems encountered during pipeline processing. For more information, please click on the ALL CONTEXTS link in the Context History area.
2022-09-15 jwst_0977.pmap archived New NIRSpec F flat and S flat rmaps were delivered to fix the selection rules for MOS, IFS, FS and Bright Object obsmodes. NIRSpec F flat and S flat reference files for MOS, IFS, fixed slit and bright object data were also delivered. These flats are an improvement over the previous flats and are an interim delivery until flats made entirely from in flight data can be delivered later in the month. Finally, NIRSpec subarray superbiases created from in flight data were delivered for NRS1 and NRS2 data and the subarrays, allslits, sub2048, sub1024a, sub1024b, sub512, sub512s, sub32, subs200a1, subs200a2 and subs400a1. Updated MIRI imaging flat fields are available for F1000W, F1280W, F1500W, F1800W, and F2100W. These show different level of improvements compared to the flat fields currently in CRDS. The flat fields are available in two forms, one for all FAST readout modes and one for all SLOW readout modes. Also, MIRI dark reference files for SLOWR1 that include the reset anomaly effect were delivered and are the first slow mode darks to be created with flight data. These SLOWR1 dark files should replace the existing dummy references files. The NIRISS distortion rmap had to be updated to add GR150C and GR150R for FILTER for the entries corresponding to jwst_niriss_distortion_0017.asdf, jwst_niriss_distortion_0012.asdf, jwst_niriss_distortion_0018.asdf, jwst_niriss_distortion_0023.asdf, jwst_niriss_distortion_0019.asdf, jwst_niriss_distortion_0013.asdf. A new NIRISS WFSS mode photometry reference file was also delivered. This version of the photometry file uses revised values for the wavelength solution for the GR150 grisms and so replaces the values in the previous delivery.
2022-09-12 jwst_0970.pmap archived Recent Cycle 1 calibration work has resulted in substantially updated distortion and wavelength calibration models for the MIRI MRS. The on sky calibration scan activity from APT program 1524 in particular has allowed us to update the MRS v2v3 to alphabeta distortion mapping relative to the commissioning solution. This updated distortion model has already been folded into SIAF and corresponds to MRS distortion version FLT3. In addition, reanalysis of commissioning data from APT program 1031 has allowed us to make a significant update to the MRS wavelength solution that fixes multiple issues, particularly in channels 3B and 3C. This update corresponds to MRS distortion version FLT4. This delivery rolls together both of the above updates into a single CRDS delivery of MRS distortion, regions, specwcs, and wavelengthrange files. Both regular and crossdichroic mode reference files are updated. In addition, there is an update to the cubepar reference file to account for the fact that the wavelength range of some of the MRS spectral bands has been updated so significantly.
2022-09-08 jwst_0969.pmap archived New MIRI bad pixel masks were delivered, using more stable data and an improvement to the algorithm used to generate the files. These new masks are for data taken after 2022-04-01 for all MIRI modes.
2022-09-02 jwst_0968.pmap archived New NIRCam gain reference files and the MIRI ipc update. The MIRI imap was updated to remove the ipc rmap and set it to N/A so that the processing step that would normally use them will be skipped.
2022-08-31 jwst_0966.pmap archived Update to the NIRCam pars-spec2pipeline rmap to remove jwst_nircam_pars-spec2pipeline_0004.asdf. It was not automatically removed when its replacement was delivered. Update to the NIRISS pars-spec2pipeline rmap to remove jwst_niriss_pars-spec2pipeline_0004.asdf. It was not automatically removed when its replacement was delivered.
2022-08-30 jwst_0964.pmap archived Update to the NIRISS photom reference file rmap to add exposure types NIS_TACONFIRM, NIS_TACQ, and NIS_FOCUS to those for jwst_niriss_photom_0035.fits, which had inadvertently been omitted when the file was delivered. A new NIRISS pars-spec2pipeline reference file where the parameters were changed to set the maximum number of extracted sources in WFSS data to 100. A new NIRCam pars-spec2pipeline parameter reference file, which updates the maximum number of extracted sources in WFSS observations to be 100. Testing has shown that cases where more than 100 sources are extracted can lead to a dramatic slowing of the end-to-end calibration. By specifying that no more than 100 sources are extracted, we hope to prevent this problem during automated processing. Updated NIRCam gain rmap to change entries where SUBARRAY was given as GENERIC to N/A. There were issues with subarrays listed as GENERIC vs those listed as N/A in the processing of recent data. Since GENERIC will be retired as a value for SUBARRAY, those entries with GENERIC were set to N/A. New MIRI Saturation files that cover all MIRI data were updated to round the saturation value up to the nearest ten rather than using decimal values. This is not a large enough change to warrant reprocessing data, and will be replacing the previous versions of the files.
2022-08-26 jwst_0959.pmap archived A new NIRISS photom reference file was delivered, which contains the measured on-orbit response values in the orders extracted by the pipeline for science, and in addition it includes estimated response values for higher orders taken from the blaze equation. The latter group of response values are needed for the contamination corrections in the pipeline. Additionally, the file corrects an issue with a previous version delivered on July 14 which had the FILTER and PUPIL keywords swapped in the table. New NIRSpec superbiases for full frame data, using readout patterns NRS, NRSRAPID, NRSIRS2, and NRSIRSRAPID have been delivered. These superbiases were made from commissioning data and are an improvement over previous versions which used ground based data. Update to the NIRCam gain rmap. The files jwst_nircam_gain_00XX.fits for XX of 48 through 57 are being erroneously selected for use in the pipeline over the more recent files with numbers of 78 through 87. The selection criteria between these two groups of files are identical, which is leading to this problem. The files will be removed to further prevent this from happening.
2022-08-23 jwst_0956.pmap archived Update to the NIRCam flat rmap to add entries for FILTER=WLP4 and PUPIL=CLEAR for several detectors. These had been inadvertently omitted after an update of the rmap following a recent delivery of flat field reference files. New NIRISS abvegaoffset reference file. The file updates the AB magnitude to A0V magnitude offset values using updates to the NIRISS total photon conversion efficiency values from on-sky photometric calibration observations. The zero magnitude flux density values for the A0V system are calculated theoretically by averaging the CALSPEC Sirius spectrum over the photon conversion efficiency function to get a value in Jansky, and then adjusting to zero magnitude. These are then compared to the AB zero point of 3631 Jansky to get a correction from A0V to AB magnitudes.
2022-08-19 jwst_0953.pmap archived New NIRCam flat field reference files. NIRCam flight data showed large-scale 6 to 8 percent flat variations from ground across all filters and detectors. Data from commissioning program 1063 were used to generate new flats, which correct these variations down to about 1 to 2 percent. Update to the NIRCam flat field rmap to group all entries which have a PUPIL value of CLEAR together in order to prevent problems with reference file selection. New system_calver file for Build 8.1.
2022-08-18 jwst_0950.pmap archived Updated the NIRSpec mask rmap to change the SUBARRAY values for jwst_nirspec_mask_0010.fits and jwst_nirspec_mask_0011.fits from FULL to GENERIC in order to alleviate problems calibrating in-flight data. Updated MIRI readnoise rmap where MRS files jwst_miri_readnoise_0060.fits, jwst_miri_readnoise_0075.fits, jwst_miri_readnoise_0086.fits, and jwst_miri_readnoise_0087.fits had their list of READPATTs reduced to just FAST and FASTR1. The patterns that were removed are not expected to occur with MRS mode data. New NIRISS specwcs reference files for all filters and both grisms, using in-flight data.
2022-08-15 jwst_0945.pmap archived These readnoise files for MIRI are the first created from commissioning data and should be used for all flight data. The readnoise files should be used for any version of FAST mode data for any detector.
2022-08-12 jwst_0944.pmap archived Update to NIRISS gain rmap to set the SUBARRAY value for jwst_niriss_readnoise_0002.fits to GENERIC, and set the USEAFTER of the file to 2015-10-01. The SUBARRAY was originally set to FULL, which was causing issues with on-sky data.
2022-08-11 jwst_0943.pmap archived Update to NIRISS readnoise rmap to set the SUBARRAY value for jwst_niriss_readnoise_0002.fits to GENERIC, and set the USEAFTER of the file to 2015-10-01. The SUBARRAY was originally set to FULL, which was causing issues with on-sky data.
2022-07-29 jwst_0942.pmap archived New NIRCam photom reference files, which contain the first flux calibration values derived from in flight data. These values come from analysis of commissioning data, and the updated values cover imaging mode filter-pupil pairs. Weak lenses, grisms, DHS, and PINHOLES optical elements are unchanged from ground based values. Additionally new NIRSpec readnoise and superbias reference files were delivered which cover all NIRCam target acquisition subarrays, including those with and without neutral density filters. In addition, there is a file for the DHS PIL subarray. Many of these files were created using in flight data from nearby and or similar subarrays. This is because there is currently no or too little in flight data for these subarrays to create reference files with sufficient signal to noise. These files are being delivered because TA observations are automatically run through stage 1 of the pipeline, producing rate files, and these reference files are necessary for that process. These files replace the previously delivered version due to incorrect SUBSTART1 and 2 values.
2022-07-28 jwst_0939.pmap archived New MIRI LRS photom files were delivered, which have improved data processing that has made for a much cleaner spectrum of values. The previous versions had divots, which have now been removed. While the previous versions work and are not bad, the new files give cleaner results with fewer artifacts. New NIRSpec bad pixel mask files were also delivered. The files that were replaced had an incorrect definition of the DQ_DEF table, and when a data model was used to read the file, most of the flagged pixels were incorrectly assumed as good.
2022-07-26 jwst_0937.pmap archived New NIRCam reference files have been delivered. These include new NIRCam distortion reference files, constructed using in-flight data with observations that use the coronagraphic masks. They contain significant updates from the coronagrahpic distortion models generated from ground testing data. New NIRCam readnoise and superbias reference files, which cover all NIRCam target acquisition subarrays, including those with and without neutral density filters. In addition, there is a file for the DHS PIL subarray. Many of these files were created using in flight data from nearby and or similar subarrays. This is because there is currently no or too little in flight data for these subarrays to create reference files with sufficient signal to noise. These files are being delivered because TA observations are automatically run through stage 1 of the pipeline, producing rate files, and these reference files are necessary for that process.
2022-07-20 jwst_0932.pmap archived New NIRSpec darks for NRS1 and subarrays SUB32, SUB512 ad SUB512S created from commissioning data. In addition, several older darks, generated using dummy values, were removed.
2022-07-19 jwst_0930.pmap archived New versions of the NIRSpec instrument model, including camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, msa, ote, ifufore, ifupost and ifuslicer reference files, created during commissioning with updated keywords. A new wavelengthrange reference file was also created during commissioning. The NIRSpec reference files associated with the June 30, 2022 were removed from the rmap due to inaccurate keywords.
2022-07-18 jwst_0928.pmap archived These NIRISS pars-jumpstep files are being delivered to avoid spurious jump detections in pixels near centers of well-exposed point sources in the NIRISS filters whose PSFs are severely unresolved- F090W, F115W, F140M, F150W, and F158M. The previous parameter reference files for the other NIRISS filters are not updated, since the jump step works well in this respect for those filters.
2022-07-14 jwst_0927.pmap archived There have been a number of deliveries and updates from MIRI, NIRSpec, NIRISS, and FGS. See the ALL CONTEXTS section in the Context History area for more information.
2022-07-07 jwst_0916.pmap archived New NIRSpec msaoper file is being delivered after the short discovered on June 22, 2022. This delivery includes two new dark reference files for NIRISS. These are SUBTAAMI and SUBTASOSS darks in NIS readout mode, so that AMI and SOSS programs with faint targets that use NIS for target acquisition can be processed with matching dark reference files.
2022-07-06 jwst_0914.pmap archived Redelivering NIRCam READNOISE RMAP to correct some issues that resulted in the incorrect update of the RMAP made in the last delivery of this type of files. The issue arises because there is a mixture of files with the same parameters but some have READPATT= ANY and others N/A. This can confuse not only CRDS but also the deliverer and files that need to be replaced might not be. Also some files that apply only to SUBARRAY=FULL were incorrectly delivered with pattern keyword P_SUBARRAY and with OR entries. This resulted in the incorrect update of the RMAP for some of the files made with context 906.
2022-07-01 jwst_0913.pmap archived Several reference file deliveries and updates from NIRCam, MIRI, and NIRSpec. Click on the All Contexts link in the Context History section at jwst-crds.stsci.edu for more information.
2022-06-30 jwst_0895.pmap archived For NIRCam, new subarray readnoise reference files, which cover subarray apertures whose locations were shifted in OSS 8.4.9, which was installed on JWST on June 23, 2022. Updated readnoise rmap to change entries with ANY to N/A in order to avoid future problems. Removed NIRCam darks jwst_nircam_dark_0367.fits, 0368, 0370, 0371, 0372, and 0374 due to low signal to noise values. For NIRISS, updated photometric reference files, bad pixel map, and NIRISS pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files. Initial deliveries of the NIRISS pars-jumpstep rmap and reference files. For MIRI, updated fringe and fringefreq reference files, Reset files, bad pixel mask, distortion, region, specwcs and wavelengthrange reference files. For NIRSpec, initial deliveries of the NRS1 darks for subarrays S400A1,S200A1,S200A2, SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB2048, new dark and superbias reference files.
2022-06-27 jwst_0881.pmap archived There was a delivery of new NIRCam subarray dark current reference files, which cover subarray apertures whose locations were shifted in OSS 8.4.9, which was installed on JWST on June 23, 2022. With the shifts in subarray location, the reference files had to be updated to cover the new pixels. A delivery of new NIRCam subarray superbias reference files, which cover subarray apertures whose locations were shifted in OSS 8.4.9, which was installed on JWST on June 23, 2022. With the shifts in subarray location, the reference files had to be updated to cover the new pixels. Also, a delivery of new NIRISS external flat field images from CV3 ground testing were taken using all filters crossed with the CLEAR aperture and with the two GR150 grisms. This enabled the production of ground grism flats where features on the pick-off mirrors causing low transmission were removed from the imaging flats. To adjust for evolution of the flat field structure due to time and temperature changes, a high S/N internal lamp flat from program 1084 was compared to a similar internal lamp flat from CV3 and the ratio applied to the ground grism flats. Given the evolution in the pick-off mirror features between CV3 and flight, it was necessary to remeasure these features using flight external flat fields in the ecliptic with program 1063 and apply these regions of lower transmission to imaging flat fields. Finally a low-frequency correction was applied to both grism and imaging flats based on the measurement of star fluxes dithered across the detector field. The F277W/GR700XD flat is a copy of the F277W/GR150R/C flat, and the CLEAR/GR700XD flat is a copy of the GR150R/C/F115W flat. These flats affect all NIRISS observing modes.
2022-06-22 jwst_0878.pmap archived This MIRI IFULONG linearity file is an update for the band NA file currently in the pipeline, meant to be used for flight data. It only applies to IFULONG dark files, and is an exact copy of the MIRIFULONG MEDIUM file, with changes to the header keyword.
2022-06-21 jwst_0877.pmap archived A delivery of NIRCam bad pixel mask reference files, which contain updates to the bad pixel population discovered in the long dark current ramps taken as part of JWST commissioning. These updates come from analysis of the long dark current exposures taken early in commissioning. A delivery which updates the MIRI IFULONG linearity files to improve on the previous versions of these files for flight, as well as providing a linearity file for the F2550W Imager flight data. A delivery of NIRCam longwave channel, full frame dark current reference files, which contain the mean dark current signal as measured during commissioning. This represents a better measure of the dark current compared to the previous reference files, which were constructed using ground testing data.
2022-06-16 jwst_0874.pmap archived Reference files and map file updates needed to support JWST Build 8.0 were delivered.
2022-06-16 jwst_0867.pmap archived There was an update to the NIRCam pars_whitelightstep reference file rmap to add an entry for TSIMAGE and set it to N/A - the step is not needed for this type of data. Plus, a new NIRISS linearity reference file. The previous version of the file contained about 6000 pixels that were flagged as NO_LIN_CORR because the linearity fitting failed, even though they had reasonably normal linearity properties as far as can be seen from the input ramps used to determine the coefficients. Excluding a couple of areas where there are detector defects, these pixels in the file that was delivered have had the mean linearity coefficients used and the NO_LIN_CORR flag removed.
2022-06-12 jwst_0865.pmap archived NIRCAM dark and NIRISS saturation files were delivered for the following reasons. 1- These NIRCam LW channel subarray dark current files contain the first measure of dark current signal from commissioning data. The previous dark reference files in CRDS for these detector/subarray combinations were dummy files that contained all zeros for the dark signal. These new files represent the first in-flight measurement of the NIRCam dark current. 2- It was noted by Chris Willott that there were some pixels in jwst_niriss_saturation_0013.fits with low saturation values under 50000 ADU. A check of some of these pixels showed that they had normal looking linearity ramps and dark current properties. In some cases it was seen that the input linearity ramps were curved upwards in a manner consistent with charge migration from adjacent pixels. Assuming that the pixel examined are typical of the whole group, these pixels had the saturation value increased to 50000 ADU in this version of the reference file.
2022-06-09 jwst_0863.pmap archived These nripsec darks for NRS1 and SUB2048 are the first for this mode made with commissioning data.
2022-06-07 jwst_0862.pmap archived This NIRSpec MSAOPER file has a usafter of 2022-05-26. It contains the 3 new shorts found in the monitor data from Feb 27, 2022 to May 26, 2022.
2022-06-06 jwst_0861.pmap archived These NIRSpec darks are being delivered to support commissioning for full frame data taken with readout patterns NRS, NRSRAPID, NRSIRS2, NRSIRS2RAPID. They gain analysis has not yet been completed so the GAINFACT keyword is not included in the headers, the keyword is informational only in dark headers. The do_not_use DQ flag has not been set for any pixels but will be in a future delivery.
2022-06-02 jwst_0860.pmap archived It was pointed out by Chris Willott that the current NIRISS saturation reference file has values above the ADU conversion limit of 65535 ADU. All such values have now been replaced by a value of 63000 ADU. This seems to have been an oversight when Takahiro Morishita created the linearity file, and was not noticed at the time. This change means that the current CRDS reference file should be removed because of these bad values. Such pixels would then not have any values flagged as above the linearity limit, with uncertain results when run through the pipeline. One would not notice this if the pixels happen to only have smaller signal values, but if the core of a stellar PSF was to land on such a pixel then it would definitely create problems.
2022-06-01 jwst_0859.pmap archived Due to the imager and MRS SIAF update, new MIRI Imager distortion and filteroffset reference files, as well as MIRI MRS wavelengthrange, regions, specwcs and distortion reference files, generated from flight commissioning data, were delivered.
2022-05-27 jwst_0857.pmap archived Updated FGS, MIRI, NIRCam, NIRISS, and NIRSpec rmaps where entries which return an N/A as the reference file now include a USEAFTER date. Previously, not having a USEAFTER date could cause problems with crds getrecommendations and the use of Exploring with Instrument Parameters link on the website. 2. Also updated MIRI reset reference file rmap to group READPATT=FASTR1 entries for files jwst_miri_reset_0046.fits, 0047.fits, and 0048.fits with those for jwst_miri_reset_0062.fits, 0064.fits, and 0063.fits, respectively. Keeping these entries with READPATT=FAST set up an equal weight special case for FASTR1 data taken after 2022-04-01. 3. Also delivered a set of MIRI PSFMASK files which cover the coronagraphic regions and were updated due to a change in subarray positions of the four coronagraph subarrays. This delivery finishes off the needed subarray reference file deliveries for this change in subarray positions as noted in CRDS 561.
2022-05-26 jwst_0849.pmap archived A new MIRI pars-detector1pipeline reference file for TSO data. It implements a temporary workaround to prevent the pipeline crashing for segmented TSO data, which are expected to be taken in commissioning. The workaround is to skip the reset step, which is failing on such data. Apart from this, there are no other changes made to the file. Reactivating the filter-dependent specwcs reference files for NIRCam. Previously, these files caused issues with regression runs, but they have since been addressed. An update to the NIRISS distortion reference file rmap. A rule was added to assign an on-orbit distortion file as a fallback to NIRISS data for which there is no match to the filter/pupil combination. Previously, a pre-flight distrotion estimate had been assigned. The NIRSpec msaoper file has been updated with new open/closed shutters assessed from data from commissioning, and corresponds to the PRD version listed in JSOCOPS-108. NIRSpec bad pixel mask reference files are newly assessed bad pixels from commissioning data, and make use of the do not use bit for non-nominal pixels. None of the above deliveries requires reprocessing of affected datasets at this time.
2022-05-25 jwst_0845.pmap archived This is the first time we have had on-sky data for measuring the PSF properties so as to derive the aperture corrections. The previous versions is based on WebbPSF models.
2022-05-24 jwst_0844.pmap archived Changes were made to the NIRCam specwcs rmap which then later needed to be removed because they were put in too early.
2022-05-20 jwst_0842.pmap archived These new NIRISS flats were created by incorporating on-sky data from commissioning program 01086. 01086 data calibrated with CV3 flats were analyzed to derive delta flats on top of the CV3 flats. These delta flats model only the L-, or low-frequency, component of the flat. Delta L-flats were multiplied by CV3 flats to create new flat reference files. These flats affect all NIRISS observing modes.
2022-05-19 jwst_0841.pmap archived Updating MIRI wavelengthrange reference file rmap to have just two entries - one for MIR_MRS and the other set to NA. The NA entry is being set to NA, indicating that the calibration step which uses this correction will be skipped for all exposure types except MIR_MRS. Updating NIRISS filteroffset reference file rmap to revert to the previous filteroffset file. This file was inadvertently replaced with an old file that was missing the filter and pupil information.
2022-05-18 jwst_0839.pmap archived There are now on-orbit observations of the FGS distortion from which new distortion and pixel area map reference files were derived. The previous distortion and pixel area files were derived from ray-tracing and not from direct observations. These files are only used for FGS calibration observations and not for the regular guiding functions. All FGS calibration modes except FGS_DARK are affected by this change, so these are FGS_FOCUS, FGS_IMAGE, FGS_INTFLAT, and FGS_SKYFLAT. There are now NIRISS distortion measurements on-orbit for the first time. As a result, pixel area maps and distortion files for each regular imaging filter/pupil combination are available. These are assumed to also apply for the NRM mode. The NIRISS modes NIS_AMI, NIS_FOCUS, NIS_IMAGE, NIS_TACONFIRM, and NIS_TACQ are affected by the change. In the current pmap the NIS_WFSS mode is also listed for the reference files in CRDS although it is not directly affected. The NIS_SOSS mode is not affected. Initial delivery of the NIRISS filteroffset reference file, using on-sky distortion measurements. Previously, there were no measurements and a single theoretical distortion file for all filters was being used. Now that there are real data. the preference is to have filter offsets in a reference file, and separate distortion files for each filter/pupil combination for imaging. The affects the assign_wcs step in the pipeline for the NIRS_IMAGING, NIS_AMI, NIS_FOCUS, NIS_TACQ and NIS_TACONFIRM image types. The NIS_EXTCAL observations that are in configurations consistent with imaging will also use the reference file, but they will have the mode changed to NIS_IMAGE before the level2 part of the pipeline is reached. The only exception would be the CLEAR/CLEARP configuration which has been used for a small number of images but which has no WCS solution. Such files need not be reduced beyond level 1 in the pipeline.
2022-05-17 jwst_0834.pmap archived New NIRISS bad pixel masks using in-flight data from NIS-006 were delivered. The MIRI RSCD reference files were updated to take flight data into consideration, and fewer frames needed to be skipped to get good results than the pre-flight data indicated. The FASTR1 and SLOWR1 readout pattern rows were updated for flight.
2022-05-16 jwst_0832.pmap archived This update of the MIRI tweakreg parameter reference files is intended to use parameters based on limited testing of flight data. Previous values had caused misaligned mosaic images. More testing will be done during commissioning, and the files will be updated once that testing has been done.
2022-05-13 jwst_0831.pmap archived Dark and Bias files for 2 nirspec SUB2048 subarray locations that are in PPS.
2022-05-12 jwst_0830.pmap archived These tweakreg parameter reference files for NIRCam will be used on all NRC_IMAGE data. These parameter values are replacing the previous values because the previous values were resulting in poor results and failures of tweakreg when working on commissioning data. Minimal testing has gone into these parameter values. They prevent the failures seen with the old parameter values, but no effort has been made to optimize them. Optimal values will be included in a future delivery.
2022-05-11 jwst_0829.pmap archived New MIRI four quadrant phase mask subarray flat files were delivered to cover the updated position of these subarrays in CRDS. NIRISS in-flight read noise reference files at operational temperature made from NIS-006 data were also delivered.
2022-05-10 jwst_0827.pmap archived New MIRI linearity reference files for all MIRI modes, Imager and IFU, were delivered. These files are to be used for flight data.
2022-05-06 jwst_0826.pmap archived The MIRI flat field reference file rmap was updated to remove a number of subarray flats that the MIRI team had determined were no longer needed, or have suitable replacements. Also, the rmap was updated to change the SUBARRAY value for all FAST mode imager entries from FULL to GENERIC. Updated entries for reference files jwst_miri_flat_0593.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0626.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0644.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0652.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0655.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0708.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0729.fits, j wst_miri_flat_0653.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0691.fits, jwst_miri_flat_0725.fits, and jwst_miri_flat_0602.fits to include FASTR100 as a valid option for META.EXPOSURE.READPATT.
2022-05-05 jwst_0823.pmap archived The NIRISS team delivered the first on-sky dark current reference files for NIRISS FULL NIS and NISRAPID and all subarrays using dark data taken during NIS-006, PID 1081.
2022-05-04 jwst_0822.pmap archived A change has been made in the way the linearity reference file treats the pixels that fail the linearity fitting. In the current version these pixels are flagged as NONLINEAR and given coefficients that cause no change in the ramp in the step. The new version replaces these with mean coefficients and so some linearity correction is applied. In the test cases this seemed to clean up the ramp slope images somewhat, suggesting that the issue with the fitting was not the pixel behaviour but rather some issue with the input measurements that were the source of the coefficients.
2022-05-03 jwst_0821.pmap archived The MIRI team delivered several dark and reset dummy files
2022-05-03 jwst_0822.pmap archived The MIRI team delivered several dark and reset dummy files
2022-04-29 jwst_0818.pmap archived This set of superbias reference files for NIRISS FULL and all subarrays uses all dark data taken during NIS-006, PID 1081. This is the first set of superbiases made from in-flight data. They have been compared to the equivalent reference files made from CV3 and OTIS data and found to be consistent in statistics and structure. They have been used to calibrate on-sky darks and imaging data without problems.
2022-04-27 jwst_0817.pmap archived MIRI Saturation files, the first created with actual inflight data, were delivered. These will improve the corrections in the pipeline as the previous files were created with ground test data. There is one file per detector, and will be used for all data. Also delivered were MIRI Reset files, created from flight data for the FULL frame FASTR1 modes for Imager, IFUSHORT and IFULONG detectors, any needed SLOWR1 or subarray files will be created later, once there is enough inflight data to create them.
2022-04-21 jwst_0815.pmap archived The NIRSpec apcorr and extract1d rmaps have new parkeys with lampmode and lampstate added as selectors for proper processing of internal line lamp data.
2022-04-20 jwst_0814.pmap archived The reason is the delivery of new NIRSpec subarray darks and biases where the corner locations of SUB2048, SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB512 and SUB512S shifted during launch and these new reference files were required.
2022-04-12 jwst_0812.pmap archived The reason is the delivery of updated NIRISS and NIRCam pars-spec2pipeline rmaps to include META.VISIT.CROWDED_FIELD and META.EXPOSURE.TYPE as selectors in order to properly calibrate WFSS modes, along with new NIRISS and NIRCam pars-spec2pipline reference files for WFSS mode data.
2022-03-22 jwst_0808.pmap archived Delivery of new NIRCam saturation and MIRI RSCD reference files.
2022-03-21 jwst_0806.pmap archived This delivery contains a set of dummy darks with all zeros for all MIRI modes. There were detector setting changes implemented before launch that invalidated the pre-launch darks for flight data. These dummy files will do nothing to the data in the dark step, and will be replaced with flight appropriate dark reference files once they are created during commissioning.
2022-03-16 jwst_0805.pmap archived The reason for the update is the new NIRCam distortion reference files containing updates to V2, V3 locations for B module detectors, due to a shift in the fold mirror position since OTIS testing and new MIRI reset reference files for the imager subarray and slow mode.
2022-03-15 jwst_0803.pmap archived These NIRCam distortion reference files for coronagraphic observations replace the previously delivered set. The previous files contained incorrect offsets for the V2, V3 reference location, resulting in an incorrect WCS for files calibrated with those files. These new files contain the correct V2, V3 reference location coordinates. These files also include NRC_IMAGE in the list of applicable EXP_TYPE values. This should allow these files to be selected when processing observations from the NIRCam Engineering Imaging template in which one of the coronagraphic masks is used.
2022-03-02 jwst_0802.pmap archived Updates to the NIRSpec sflat rmap to have LAMP_STATE TEST and NOLAMP return N/A as the reference file, resulting in this step being skipped for these data. The flatfield step is used for imaging and spectroscopy, so for both cases it looks for an SFLAT regardless of the exposure type. Since this does not apply to imaging cases, LAMP_STATE=TEST and NOLAMP need to be skipped.
2022-02-13 jwst_0801.pmap archived Delivery of two updated FGS mask files, and update to the FGS mask RMAP to remove files with old selection criteria.
2022-02-11 jwst_0799.pmap archived The reason is the delivery of reference and mapping files needed in support of Build 7.9.0/7.9.1
2022-02-02 jwst_0792.pmap archived Updated NIRSpec mask reference file rmap to change USEAFTER dates for jwst_nirspec_mask_0008 and 0009 to 2013-01-01, and jwst_nirspec_mask_0010, 0011, 0024, and 0025 to 2015-01-01. This is being done to correspond to the different epochs of ground test data.
2022-02-01 jwst_0791.pmap archived The reason is the NIRSpec pars-spec2pipeline reference files, jwst_nirspec_pars-spec2pipeline_0013 - 0015 need to be removed from the rmap because they lack information regarding tsovisit status, which in this case should be NA. As well as a set of NIRISS SOSS reference files of types speckernel, specprofile, spectrace, and wavemap were delivered on August 26th of 2021. These have been superseded by a delivery of files on January 6th, 2022. Under some circumstances use of the original files can cause the JWST pipeline to crash, so to be safe we request that the original reference files be removed from CRDS.
2022-01-21 jwst_0789.pmap archived These distortion reference files for NIRCam coronagraphic observations have been created from the SIAF coefficients in PRDOPSSOC-041. The distortion model in this version of the PRD is a complete model that includes the effects of the coronagraphic optical mount. The previous version of these distortion files, which was only available for a subset of the module A detectors, contained an approximated distortion model constructed by adding a simple shift to the imaging mode distortion coefficients. The model contained in these updated files is more accurate, and covers all 5 A module detectors.
2022-01-20 jwst_0788.pmap archived Setting the context back to jwst_0788.pmap due to problems DMS was having trying to sync jwst_0789.pmap after the context had been set by the ReDCaT Team. The context will be set back to jwst_0788.pmap, then DMS will activate jwst_0789.pmap and run the sync.
2022-01-19 jwst_0789.pmap archived These distortion reference files for NIRCam coronagraphic observations have been created from the SIAF coefficients in PRDOPSSOC-041. The distortion model in this version of the PRD is a complete model that includes the effects of the coronagraphic optical mount. The previous version of these distortion files, which was only available for a subset of the module A detectors, contained an approximated distortion model constructed by adding a simple shift to the imaging mode distortion coefficients. The model contained in these updated files is more accurate, and covers all 5 A module detectors.
2022-01-18 jwst_0788.pmap archived Delivery of new MIRI PSFMASK files. The current reference files in CRDS are the wrong shape and significantly off-center from the coronagraphic subarray. The new versions are simple binary masks with a central hole equal to the size of each of the coronagraph IWA. Removal of MIRI psfmask files jwst_miri_psfmask_0001.fits - 0004.fits which were replaced by jwst_miri_psfmask_0005.fits - 0008.fits and were no longer needed. Orientation of FGS Guider2 reference files for persat, and trapdensity have been updated. FGS Guider1 and Guider2 masks and linearity files have been improved.
2022-01-13 jwst_0785.pmap archived Setting context to include updates to NIRSpec sflat and apcorr rmaps, as well as new NIRSpec pars-spec2pipeline reference files.
2022-01-07 jwst_0782.pmap archived After a recent delivery of several NIRISS SOSS speckernel, specprofile, spectrace, and wavemap reference files, pipeline tests by SCSB showed issues in getting reference files for other modes such as NIRISS/WFSS because the selection does not get a value of N/A for these reference file types. To fix this issue, the rmaps for the NIRISS speckernel, specprofile, spectrace, and wavemap reference types had to be updated to include N/A for each of the reference selectors.
2022-01-06 jwst_0781.pmap archived The NIRSS SOSS extract1d reference files, types speckernel, specprofile, spectrace, and wavemap, are all being updated. The original files delivered in August are being replaced by a new set from slightly revised reference files produced at Montreal in September. Each file comes in pairs for the CLEAR and F277W cases. Currently there is no difference in the data values in these pairs of files. In most cases only the header values are being updated from the previous set. In the case of the SUBSTRIP96 spectrace reference files there was a change in the padding for the reference pixels so the size of the image in the FITS files are different. Due to the change in the one file I am marking the old set as resulting in scientifically invalid results. Actually what happens is one tries to run the SOSS extract1d code with the old files is that the pipeline crashes if the particular mode is used. For this reason we would prefer to remove the old set of files if possible.
2021-12-13 jwst_0779.pmap archived The linearity coefficient generation code was changed to have only positive quadratic terms, therefore the linearity and saturation reference files were updated to handle this change.
2021-12-10 jwst_0778.pmap archived Delivery of nirspec par spec2pipeline files for linelamp processing. The default delivery did not have the proper steps turned on for internal line lamps. The FS file turns on extract1 d with apply apcorr false and turns on resample. The MOS file turns on extract1d and with apply apcorr false and turns on resample. The IFU file turns on cube build with internal cal for resampling and turns on extract 1d with apply apcorr false.
2021-12-08 jwst_0777.pmap archived While investigating anomalous pipeline results it was found that the wavecorr files in CRDS had the rows and columns flipped. These 2 new NIRSpec wavecorr files have corrected that problem for FS, BRIGHTOBJ and MOS modes for both detector 1 and 2.
2021-11-16 jwst_0776.pmap archived These updated NIRCam mask reference files are very similar to the previously released versions. The only update in these files is that the DO_NOT_USE flag has been added to all pixels that are flagged in any other way, with the exception of the reference pixels. In this way all flagged pixels will be ignored in the later stages of the calibration pipeline. Original bad pixel flags were calculated using CV3 data by the NIRCam IDT.
2021-10-18 jwst_0775.pmap archived Several updates to the NIRCam dark reference file rmap, which include Remove SUBGRISM darks for detectors where the SUBGRISM apertures are not defined. These files will never be used because the subarrays they specify do not exist for the detectors listed in the file. The entries were removed in order to avoid any future confusion when it comes time to update reference files, as well as to simply clean up the rmap so users do not need to filter out these files when searching. Added entry for SUB64FP1A and SUB64FP1B to that for SUB8FP1A and SUB8FP1B where the reference is set to NA. No dark subtraction will be done using these subarrays, but it would be helpful to add this entry so that the pipeline will not crash if someone tries to run it on these data. Removed full frame darks with incorrect EXP_TYPE. A new set of NIRCam full frame darks were delivered which replaced the previous set of full frame darks where EXP_TYPE was erroneously set to NRC_DARK, making them unusable. The new darks have the correct EXP_TYPE value of NA, in addition to several other updates. Removed the NRCA2 full frame dark which contained incorrect data. The file, jwst_nircam_dark_0229.fits, contained full frame dark signal for NRCA2. Since it was first delivered, the NIRCam team decided upon a new strategy for reporting the dark signal from ground testing, and this file essentially contains bad data. It was removed so that it would no longe be used. It was replaced by a file in a recent delivery. Added the subarray, FULLP, to several of the newly-delivered darks. The darks for NRCA3, NRCALONG, NRCB1, and NRCBLONG needed FULLP added to their lists of acceptable subarrays, so that they are valid for FULL and FULLP data. Currently, the P_SUBARR keyword is not valid in the DarkModel used to create these reference files, and needed to be manually added.
2021-10-15 jwst_0774.pmap archived These NIRCam dark current reference files contain several improvements over the previous versions. EXP_TYPE was updated to be correct. The DQ_DEF extension was also updated to follow the standard DQ mnemonics as defined by the pipeline. Unsupported mnemonics were removed. The major change is that these files now support the new NOUTPUTS header keyword. The delivery contains a separate file for each value of NOUTPUTS, as will be done once in-flight data are collected. In this delivery, the files for the NOUTPUTS value of 1 are dummy files, with all values set to zero. This is because no single amplifier full frame darks were collected during ground testing. The files for the NOUTPUTS value of 4 contain pixel values that are identical to the previously delivered dark reference files. Longwave detector files contain signal values that are sigma-clipped means of the input files. The shortwave detector files contain signal values of zero for all nominal pixels. Hot pixels contain sigma clipped mean values.
2021-10-12 jwst_0773.pmap archived The context is being updated because of two separate deliveries of NIRCam subarray dark current and MIRI flatfield reference files. The NIRCam dark files contain zero signal in all pixels and groups. Not enough ground testing data were collected to produce high signal to noise dark ramps. These subarray darks each contain 400 groups, which is more than the previous versions of these files. This is enough to support the maximum allowed number of groups/frames for subarray observations, and is needed to support commissioning observations. The MIRI team delivered 8 new MIRI MRS flatfield reference files that should be integrated into CRDS and the JWST pipeline. These new files complete the transition to having the flatfield reference files be simply placeholders against the potential future split between PHOTOM and FLAT reference files. In the present CRDS version, flatfield values were unity only in the regions of the detector for which the slice mask was defined, in the new delivery flatfields are unity everywhere. Likewise, some DQ information was set in the present CRDS DQ extension that duplicated DQ information in the slice mask reference file and risked becoming out of sync. The new delivery sets the DQ flags to zero everywhere.
2021-09-27 jwst_0771.pmap archived These NIRCam distortion reference files for coronagraphic observations are based on new SIAF parent apertures NRCA2_FULL_WEDGE_RND, NRCA4_FULL_WEDGE_BAR, NRCA5_FULL_WEDGE_RND, and NRCA5_FULL_WEDGE_BAR which were not defined at the time that the previous versions of these files were created. These files are based on the distortion coefficients in version 39 of the PRD, which also have been updated since the previous versions of these files. This update is necessary for accurate calibration of commissioning data.
2021-09-23 jwst_0770.pmap archived Updated NIRISS distortion reference file rmap to include FILTER and PUPIL as selectors. Current entries have these set to NA until on-orbit data can be obtained. Also, updated NIRCam dark rmap where where SUBGRISM entries with EXPTYPE=NRC_DARK were set to NA in order to resolve issues where CRDS could not find an appropriate dark.
2021-09-10 jwst_0768.pmap archived After the rmap for the NIRCam specwcs reference files where FILTER was a selector had been reactivated, there were issues encountered during regression runs. The previous rmap is being re-instated.
2021-09-03 jwst_0766.pmap archived Updated MIRI photom rmap to remove unused files. Updated NIRCam dark and readnoise rmaps to add the FULLP subarray value to the entries for jwst_nircam_dark_0044.fits, jwst_nircam_dark_0048.fits, jwst_nircam_readnoise_0039.fits, and jwst_nircam_readnoise_0044.fits.
2021-09-02 jwst_0764.pmap archived Fix incorrect DQ_DEF dtype in MIRI flat references. The current dtype cannot be opened with datamodels without corrupting the data in the VALUE and BIT columns.
2021-08-26 jwst_0763.pmap archived Updated rmaps for image2pipeline parameter references with selectors for EXP_TYPE, TSOVISIT, and VISIT_TYPE
2021-08-26 jwst_0759.pmap archived Adding NOUTPUTS for NIRCam darks as a selector, and removing NIRCam darks with unsupported subarrays.
2021-08-26 jwst_0756.pmap archived The EXP_TYPE keyword MIR_CORONCAL was missing from photom file jwst_miri_photom_0073.fits, so an updated MIRI photom rmap file needed to be delivered.
2021-08-26 jwst_0755.pmap archived New pars-image2pipeline references for appropriate MIMF handling of images from FGS, MIRI, NIRISS, and NIRSpec.
2021-08-26 jwst_0751.pmap archived To prepare for flight data taken with read patterns FASTR1 and SLOWR1, FASTR1 and SLOWR1 were added to the appropriate rmaps wherever FAST and SLOW were used, respectively. The rmaps that were affected by this read pattern change include the MIRI dark, flat, readnoise and reset rmaps. See JIRA ticket CRDS-446 for more info.
2021-08-26 jwst_0750.pmap archived Updated pmap containing imap changes for FGS, MIRI, NIRCam, and NIRSpec, which include the new reference file types, speckernel, specprofile, spectrace, and wavemap, that have been set to N/A since they are only used for NIRISS SOSS data.
2021-08-24 jwst_0747.pmap archived Delivery of new NIRISS dark and superbias files created with cross-instrument working group algorithms and CV3/OTIS darks. And delivery of a new NIRSPEC sflat rmap to set filter of NRS_AUTOWAVE and NRS_LAMP to OPAQUE.
2021-08-20 jwst_0745.pmap archived MIRI bad pixel masks were created with a new algorithm that ignores the IFU slice gaps. The files were created with CV3 data and will be used to compare to masks created with in flight data to determine if there are more bad pixels after launch. There are three files, one for each detector. Ongoing development work is exploring adding a 3d-drizzle type method of cube building to the JWST pipeline, which requires the addition of supporting data to the cubepar reference file. This updated cubepar file adds a new extension MULTICHANNEL_DRIZ containing the multiwavelength information required. There have been no changes to any of the other extensions currently used by the JWST pipeline and thus no impact on current processing or tests.
2021-08-05 jwst_0742.pmap archived These updated NIRCam PERSAT files for the persistence step of the JWST pipeline were updated to resolve a problem with the DQ bit values and the DQ_DEF table, noted in the CRDS ticket CRDS-456. Specifically, the DQ_DEF VALUE column values were not powers of two. The rows with these values were fixed and the DQ array was updated accordingly.
2021-07-30 jwst_0741.pmap archived The NIRCam Team has identified a number of dark current reference files currently in CRDS which correspond to unsupported observing modes. While it is not vital, they feel it would be prudent to remove these entries from the rmap in order to prevent future confusion. Often, existing reference files are used as templates for new reference files, so it would save work later to have these files removed now. See JIRA issue CRDS-473 for more details.
2021-07-27 jwst_0740.pmap archived The flags in these mask reference files largely match those in previously delivered files, except that in these files, we have corrected an error in the DQ DEF where bit 14 was assigned to multiple mnemonics. We have also disentangled the RC and WEIRD flags, which were both set to use bit 14, so that the RC flags are not thrown out when the file is read in using jwst datamodels. Pixels previously flagged as WEIRD have been reflagged as NONLINEAR. Pixels previously flagged as NOISY have been reflagged with UNRELIABLE_SLOPE. The WEIRD and NOISY definitions have been removed from DQ_DEF in order to conform to the more strict data quality checks to be implemented in the datamodels. We have also fixed the DQ values of some pixels which had impossibly high values in the previous version of these files.
2021-07-15 jwst_0738.pmap archived The FULLP aperture has recently been added to the list of available apertures for NIRCam and needs to be added to the appropriate dark reference file entries in the NIRCam dark rmap. These files are jwst_nircam_dark_0236.fits jwst_nircam_dark_0233.fits jwst_nircam_dark_0232.fits jwst_nircam_dark_0235.fits .
2021-07-01 jwst_0737.pmap archived Updated MIRI and NIRSPec apcorr rmaps to remove unique_rowkeys because this information is no longer needed.
2021-06-21 jwst_0735.pmap archived Update to the NIRSpec area reference file rmap to have EXP_TYPE = NRS_LAMP return NA.
2021-06-18 jwst_0734.pmap archived New JWST NIRCam gain and photom reference files.
2021-06-03 jwst_0732.pmap archived Reverted the NIRCam specwcs rmap to an earlier version because the needed updates to use the specwcs reference files with FILTER as one of the selection criteria will not be ready for Build 7.8.
2021-05-28 jwst_0730.pmap archived Deliveries of initial rmaps for the whitelight parameter reference files for MIRI, NIRSpec, and NIRCam. Initial delivery of MIRI whitelight step parameter reference files. Update to NIRCam specwcs rmap to add FILTER as one of the selection criteria, and to return NA for a reference file for any pupil values other than GRISMR and GRISMC, and exposure types other than NRC_WFSS and NRC_TSGRISM. New NIRCam specwcs reference files.
2021-05-21 jwst_0723.pmap archived Updated rmaps for NIRCam flat, dark, and extract1d reference files. New MIRI extract1d reference file. New NIRISS tweakregstep and distortion reference files.
2021-04-20 jwst_0717.pmap archived Updated the MIRI pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files by changing the value of tsovisit from false to NA and correct formatting.
2021-04-02 jwst_0712.pmap archived pars-image2pipeline updates for NIRSpec TSO. Updates to pars-outlierdetectionstep, pars-sourcecatalogstep for FGS. Update references for extract1d, psfmask for NIRCam. Update references for photom, reset for MIRI.
2021-03-17 jwst_0704.pmap archived Numerous changes mostly focused around step parameter. Addition of step parameters that take over the duties of the default CFG files. Step parameters for various instruments for various individual steps for customized calibration. NIRSpec subarray locations.
2021-03-02 jwst_0687.pmap archived The new MIRI Full frame Imager flat files correct the pixel area usage to align with the expectations of the pipeline. NIRCam dakr current updates from CV3 data. New pmap to point to the new MIRI imap, where the entry for WCSREGIONS was set to N/A.
2021-02-24 jwst_0682.pmap archived Update system_calver for JWST release 1.X.X
2021-02-24 jwst_0681.pmap archived NIRISS linearity reference uppdates. As per CRDS 401, cubepar is being delivered to allow the cube build step to run on NIRSpec IFU lamp exposures.
2021-02-12 jwst_0676.pmap archived Update system server info. Update pars-spec2pipeline reference files to enable cube_build in the spec2pipeline for NIRSpec line lamp IFU exposures. In order to support cross-dichroic observations to be obtained in commissioning for the MIRI MRS detector, multiple steps in spec2 require specialized cross-dichroic reference files. Such files already exist for PHOTOM, but new files are required for assign_wcs, flat, fringe, and straylight. Likewise, an updated cube_build reference file is required. This set of new files, including flat, fringe, distortion, cubebuild, wavelengthrange, regions, and specwcs files, will enable cross-dichroic observations to run through the spec2 pipeline steps. For full details, check the Jira ticket JWSTMIRI-201. Updated NIRSpec cubepar rmap to have CRDS select on LAMP_MODE - header keyword, OPMODE. See JIRA issue CRDS-401 for more details.
2021-01-27 jwst_0672.pmap archived These flats are the final step in the process of delivering separate flats for each of NIRCams two coronagraphic masks, MASKBAR and MASKRND. At the moment, the data in the MASKBAR and MASKRND flats are identical. We are using separate files for them in anticipation of mask dependent flats that will be produced with in flight data. Delivering an updated jwst_fgs_photom__.rmap so that only the images not the guides run through the photom calibration step.
2021-01-25 jwst_0670.pmap archived The NIRCam flat rmap was updated in order to add filter values to cover engineering-only filter/pupil combinations, standardize the list of pupil values in our imaging mode flats, in order to cover missing combinations, and update entries that match both MASKRND and MASKBAR to match only one of these. A copy of the reference file will be delivered to cover the value that was deleted. See JIRA issue CRDS-406 for more details. These files are for the possibility of having to tune the Guider detectors on-orbit. The sub-arrays here are only used for the purpose and not for science operations or other calibrations. The old files had some issues with the SUBSTRT1 and SUBSTRT2 values for the small sub-arrays. These issues are corrected here.
2021-01-19 jwst_0668.pmap archived Pipeline testing indicated that the MIRI MRS cube wavelength ranges constructed using the cubepar reference file are slightly too long in some bands e.g., 3C. The wavelength ranges were previously computed by looking at differences in min max wavelength between slices but did not take into account tilts in the isolambda across slices, a much smaller effect. The new MIRI MRS cubepar reference file delivered here tweaks the wavelength ranges slightly to account for this effect. This represents only a minor values change e.g., from 18.07 to 18.05 microns. These new MIRI saturation files contain a single value for all the pixels, including the reference pixels. The DQ flags are all set to zero. In fact, all three detectors are set with the same value since there was no significant difference in the files created for each detector separately using CV3 saturated data. Previous versions of these files had different values per pixel which had reflected the illumination pattern. These new files fix that problem by having only a single value. For the testing of Build 7.7, the MIRI RESET rmap needed to be updated to reflect READPATT=N/A for all FASTGRPAVG cases - FASTGRPAVG8, FASTGRPAVG16, FASTGRPAVG32, and FASTGRPAVG64.
2021-01-11 jwst_0665.pmap archived Activate a whole slew of changes necessary to bring up references and rmaps to be compatible with JWST 0.18, build 7.7. Changes include new FGS dark references, new NIRSpec APCORR and EXTRACT1D references, updated MIRI DARK, READNOISE, and FLAT rmaps, new MIRI APCORR references, new TWEAKREG step parameter references and new NIRISS LINEARITY and SATURATION references.
2020-12-21 jwst_0645.pmap archived These reference files are being removed because they have useafter dates one second older than the files which replaced them, causing them to become orphaned - active reference files that will never be used in calibration.
2020-11-19 jwst_0644.pmap archived Define all step parameter reftypes for all instruments. The NIRSpec area, dflat, fflat, flat, fpa, and sflat rmaps were updated as part of the implementation of NRS_VERIFY as an exposure type. See JIRA issues CRDS-380 and JP-1423 for more information.
2020-10-09 jwst_0642.pmap archived The new NIRISS gain reference file was created using new Python scripts adapted from an IDL version of the same algorithm. This file is described in technical report JWST-STScI-005661. It was made using the same set of CV3 darks as the previous version of this file. IPC corrections differ slightly from the previous version due to newly calculated smaller corrections resulting in more pronounced epoxy void regions. Gaussian smoothing is applied after patching and IPC correction to remove edges between the 20x20 px tiles over which the gain is calculated. The mean gain over the illuminated region of the detector is 1.6221 plusminus 0.036, compared to the previous mean of 1.6246 plusminus 0.046 electrons per DN. The smoothing does not change either the overall mean or the four channel means by a significant amount.
2020-09-11 jwst_0641.pmap archived As indicated in the referenced JIRA issues, an error occurred during SOC 2.1 validation testing due to missing SUPERBIAS and DARK reference files for NRS1, SUB2048, and DISPERSER set to MIRROR. These dummy files were created to fill this gap in coverage. Reference files with real data will be submitted when such data becomes available.
2020-09-08 jwst_0640.pmap archived Initial delivery of the NIRISS pars-image2pipeline reference file. See JIRA issues CRDS-364, CCD-688, and JP-1246 for more details.
2020-08-28 jwst_0637.pmap archived Activate updates for NIRSpec dark current and default cube build parameters.
2020-08-12 jwst_0635.pmap archived Activate NIRISS flat reference changes and Spec2Pipeline steppars to support NIRSpec Lamp processing.
2020-07-28 jwst_0630.pmap archived New photom reference files are being delivered to CRDS for MIRI LRS slit and slitless modes. These files removed the zero padding of the data arrays and improved upon the other values in the arrays.
2020-07-17 jwst_0629.pmap archived Activate APCORR updates and NIRSpec pars-spec2pipeline initial rmap.
2020-07-07 jwst_0625.pmap archived The previous version of the JWST MIRI LRS apcorr file had a column, nelem_wl, defined as data type uint16 rather than a regular signed integer, int16 as specified in the JWST data model, which caused problems in the pipeline. This column data type has been updated in this version of the file. No science data has been changed. Further details can be found in JWSTMIRI-118.
2020-06-25 jwst_0624.pmap archived Activate APCORR rmap and reference file changes.
2020-05-28 jwst_0619.pmap archived Activate updated APCORR references.
2020-05-18 jwst_0616.pmap archived Activate new MIRI FILTEROFFSET and updates to NIRCam APCORR.
2020-05-07 jwst_0614.pmap archived Activate all new reference file types delivered for Build 7.5 including APCORR, ABVEGAOFFSET, RSCD, and NIRCam FILTEROFFSET.
2020-05-05 jwst_0592.pmap archived Update for Build 7.5 of JWST to include support for APCORR, NIRCam FILTEROFFSET, new format of MIRI RSCD, and ABVEGAOFFSET.
2020-03-04 jwst_0586.pmap archived A new FGS PHOTOM rmap delivery is necessary because exposures with EXP_TYPE=FGS_FOCUS in the current rmap are triggering an error in the calwebb_image2 pipeline when trying to run the PHOTOM step. This exposure type specification selects a very old PHOTOM reference file, jwst_fgs_photom_0011.fits, that is missing the DATAMODL keyword in its header, which confuses the pipeline and causes an error in the PHOTOM step process. Since the new FGS PHOTOM reference files get used for EXP_TYPE=FGS_IMAGE, the exposure criteria in the rmap needs to be updated to include FGS_FOCUS because focus images and regular images should receive the same processing. Also, old FGS PHOTOM reference files should be removed from the rmap because they are no longer compatible with the latest pipeline software. See JIRA issue CRDS-333 for more details.
2020-02-28 jwst_0585.pmap archived These files replace previous REFPIX files were delivered without DQ extensions. In addition, the TZERO3 keyword in the DQ extension has been changed to an integer.
2020-02-19 jwst_0584.pmap archived The MIRI LRS PHOTOM files are being updated after corrections to the analysis procedure used to create them. Specifically the implementation of slit loss factors and extraction aperture were inaccurate. This problem should now be fixed
2020-02-11 jwst_0583.pmap archived As described in the JIRA tickets listed above, a number of NIRSpec biases and darks for the SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB512, SUB512s, and SUB32 subarrays were either missing, or had been previously delivered with the wrong subarray corners or orientation. This delivery contains corrected files to supply or replace these. Note that many of the files are placeholders, and the data arrays have been set to 0. Future deliveries will provide actual reference file data, once it has been received by NIRSpec.
2020-01-27 jwst_0582.pmap archived This NIRCam readnoise delivery derived from CV3 data is to correct cosmic ray flagging for data without reference pixels. Data taken with subarrays that dont have reference pixels, and thus no reference pixel correction, were getting almost entirely flagged as cosmic ray hits when run through the pipeline due to our current readnoise reference files. For this reason, we created new readnoise reference files for use on all data without reference pixels. We also redeliver the old readnoise reference files from the corresponding detectors, but the only change in these old files is the addition of the P_SUBARR keyword.
2020-01-17 jwst_0581.pmap archived Removing MIRI flats with READPATT = ANY. These were meant to be replaced with files containing READPATT = N/A. See JIRA ticket CRDS-328. CRDS weighted matching logic for reference files has jwst_miri_flat_0472.fits and jwst_miri_flat_0535.fits weighted equally, causing there to be two valid files for some cases. The rmap is being updated to remove the NA from READPATT and replace it with specific values FAST, FASTGRPAVG, and SLOW using or-bars. Additionally, the READPATT value of NA for jwst_miri_flat_0473.fits is being replaced by SLOW in order to avert any future problems.
2019-12-13 jwst_0579.pmap archived Per ticket JP 834 cube build has been modified to allow for an exponential falloff to the radial weight function. This update requires a corresponding update to the reference files to provide the default parameters for the choice of an exponential profile. Pull request 4313 cannot be merged until this updated file is present in crds, as it will otherwise cause a pipeline crash. The new reference file is backwards compatible, in that it will not crash the current pipeline, just provide extra information that the current pipeline will ignore.
2019-12-11 jwst_0578.pmap archived Fixes jira ticket JWSTDMS-216. Datasets with MIRI EXP_TYPE TACONFIRM are failing in build 7.4 of the data pipeline. The rmap changes here should fix these problems. Removes the SUBPRISM subarray from the MIRI dark file jwst_miri_dark_0048.fits.
2019-12-09 jwst_0576.pmap archived CRDS and pipeline have now been updated to use the SLITLESSPRISM subarray name rather than SUBPRISM, therefore remove the SUBPRISM specific reference files.
2019-12-08 jwst_0575.pmap archived We have a list of MIRI reference files that are still valid in the current context and showing up on the jwst-crds pages. Many of these had mismatched USEAFTER dates that prevented them from being replaced with the more recent versions during deliveries of updated files. The files should be removed from the context as they are not current and have been replaced by updated files.
2019-12-06 jwst_0574.pmap archived These MIRI PHOTOM files are being redelivered after testing by J. Schreiber, MPIA Heielberg and MIRI IDT member, revealed an error in how the values in the table were derived. The spectral response values are supposed to be provided on a per pixel basis, whereas the previous version still assumed a spectral extraction aperture. In this new table, the values were divided by the number of pixels assumed in the aperture, so as to represent the spectral response conversion per pixel, which is how the calibration step is applied. There were no changes to the format of the file, or how the reference data are supposed to be applied to the science data.
2019-12-04 jwst_0573.pmap archived The NIRCam PHOTOM reference files, jwst_nircam_photom_0053.fits - jwst_nircam_photom_0061.fits and jwst_nircam_photom_0063.fits are being removed due to duplicate matching rules with EXP_TYPEs NRC_CORON, NRC_FLAT, NRC_IMAGE, NRC_TACONFIRM, NRC_TACQ, NRC_TSIMAGE for files activated on 2019-12-03
2019-12-03 jwst_0572.pmap archived Update to NIRISS PHOTOM rmap to include NIS_FOCUS due to failures seen in Level2b processing failures. See JIRA issue CRDS-322 for more information.
2019-12-03 jwst_0571.pmap archived These photom reference files replace those delivered two months ago. Their data in the tables are identical to those in the files being replaced. The only difference is the addition of NRC_FOCUS to the P_EXP_TY header keywords. This is added so that these reference files will be selected for NRC_FOCUS observations. In the previous version of these files without NRC_FOCUS in the exp_type list, the photom reference files selected for NRC_FOCUS data were dummy files with a file format that no longer matches what the pipeline expects.
2019-11-20 jwst_0570.pmap archived These are dummy NIRCAM PSFMASK files to fill in the missing modes for SUBARRAY FULL and SUB320A335R in the NIRCam F444W filter.
2019-11-14 jwst_0569.pmap archived Update to NIRCam PSFMASK rmap where obsolete MASK values MASK210R, MASK335R, MASK430R, MASKLWB, and MASKSWB were updated to MASKA210R, MASKA335R, MASKA430R, MASKALWB, and MASKASWB, respectively. See JIRA issue JWSTDMS-63 for more information.
2019-11-12 jwst_0568.pmap archived This is a redelivery of the FGS dark and superbias rmaps. The previous versions of the files had had the subarray names inadvertently changed back to their old names after validation errors occurred during a reprocessing run. This delivery restores the rmaps to what they were previous to the last delivery - the subarray names are now correct. Updated photom parameter to fix Level2a failures were seen with the following msg for some NIRISS cases in nOPS6. Update to the naming of the sub arrays in the JWST FSG dark and superbias. This should correct the bug that was found in JIRA issue CRDS-321.
2019-11-08 jwst_0565.pmap archived Removes files from the NIRSpec PHOTOM rmap that needed to be replaced with updated reference files that were delivered on October 23, 2019. Sets the updated reference file USEAFTER to 2010-01-01, correcting dates which only covered recent data. See JIRA issue CRDS-310 for more information.
2019-11-01 jwst_0563.pmap archived These new NIRCam distortion reference files were created using the astrometric solution contained in the PRD as of 24 Oct 2019. Using pysiaf version 0.6.1, the polynomial coefficients and other aspects of the distortion model were placed into these reference files. Previous coefficients, and the previous reference files that used them, were incorrect in that coordinates did not round trip from science x, y to v2, v3, and back to science x, y properly. These new files contain coefficients that correct that error. Details of this correction are documented in the JIRA tickets JWSTSIAF-161 and JWSTSIAF-123. In addition, these new files correctly reflect the possible exposure types for each astrometric solution. Target acquisition and TA confirmation images can be taken either with or without the coronagraphic wedge in the pupil, and therefore the NRC_TACQ and NRC_TACONFIRM exposure types must be included in both the imaging and coronagraphy reference files. Also included in this delivery are distortion reference files for coronagraphic observations using the module B detectors. Observers are not currently allowed to take coronagraphic observations using module B, but this may change in the future. Updated NIRCam distortion mapping to remove old files that contain incorrect astrometric solutions and should not be used.
2019-11-01 jwst_0561.pmap archived jwst_miri_flat_0245.fits has a USEAFTER of 2014, which is more recent than the USEAFTER of a newer file, which has a 2013 date, and would keep the new file from being used for any new data, and so it should be removed. See JIRA issue CRDS-268 for more information.
2019-10-29 jwst_0560.pmap archived The MIRI MRS PHOTOM files were updated to be a multiplicative correction rather than a division in order to work with build 7.4 of the photom step. These files comply with the format specified in JP-1018. This update was necessary to have reference files that worked with an update to the pipeline. The MIRI Instrument Design Team has changed their approach to creating the pixel flats, and no longer believes that the pixel flats used previously are properly representative of the actual relative responsivity of the detectors. In particular, any benefits provided by percent-level pixel-to-pixel corrections were dwarfed by about ten percent level systematics in the previous algorithm near the edges of the IFU slices. In a continuing effort to better characterize the instrument performance the flatfield and PHOTOM analysis efforts have been merged together. While analysis is ongoing the values in the pixel flats have been replaced by dummy values, 1.0, so that they do not degrade the quality of the calibrated data products using the new PHOTOM reference files. This change should produce improved performance for both ground test data and simulated data. The MIRI data simulator will soon also be adopting the updated FLAT and PHOTOM files.
2019-10-29 jwst_0559.pmap archived NIRCAM DARK Failure to process LOS Jitter data using module B revealed that the current reference files for module A, SUB8FP1A, is actually a DUMMY file that will never be replaced. This type of data is used by the WFSC team and they do not require to have DARK correction as they are going to use their own tools to analyze the data. As such, we decided that rather than adding yet another Dummy file for module B we should remove the existing one for module A and change the RMAP so the DARK correction is not applied to this type of data.
2019-10-24 jwst_0558.pmap archived Initial delivery of NIRSpec PHOTOM reference files with datamodels separated by mode. See JIRA ticket JP 1018 for specifications.
2019-10-24 jwst_0557.pmap archived This is the first delivery of separate MIRI LRS fixed slit and slitless files. The single file previously delivered was split into separate parts in order to allow different pixel area keyword values for the two modes. There are now individual files for fixed slit mode and for slitless mode
2019-10-24 jwst_0554.pmap archived New NIRISS PHOTOM reference files with EXP_TYPE as a new selection criteria - AMI, WFSS, and SOSS. Most of the values in the tables are unchanged, but for the SOSS case, the PHOTMJSR value has been changed to PHOTMJ. The values of the PHOMJ keyword are different by a factor of 1.e-09 due to a change in units from milliJansky to megaJansky.
2019-10-24 jwst_0553.pmap archived This delivery is using the new MirImgPhotomModel and MirLrsPhotomModel data models for the MIRI PHOTOM files. An update has been made to separate out the Imager modes and the LRS modes. The columns nelem, wavelength, relresponse and relresperror have been removed from the Imager file, and the column relresperror has been renamed to reluncertainty in the LRS file. The LRS file is being delivered as a separate file for the first time, and has added PIXAR_SR and PIXAR_A2 keywords to the header. The MIRI Imager file has added the EXP_TYPEs to the header MIR_IMAGE, MIR_4QPM, MIR_LYOT, MIR_TACQ, MIR_TACONFIRM, while the LRS file has the EXP_TYPEs MIR_LRS FIXEDSLIT and MIR_LRS SLITLESS. These files are being delivered to the JWST TEST server until the pipeline is updated to be able to use the new format files.
2019-10-24 jwst_0552.pmap archived The JWST pipeline will begin using EXP TYPE as a selection criteria for the photom reference files, so the EXP TYPE header keyword has been updated to reflect the exposure types that will be run through the photometric correction step. The photmjsr value in the data has also been replaced with a more updated value, although it was already multiplicative, so the old value wasnt bad, just out of date.
2019-10-24 jwst_0551.pmap archived These photom reference files are the first set of NIRCam flux calibration reference files with realistic values in them. Previous versions contained dummy data. These files also match the new file format decided upon in Sept 2019, where EXP_TYPE is included in the selection criteria. The column names are EXP_TYPE dependent. Also, the photmjsr values are multiplicative in this file. These values should be multiplied to the science data in order to convert from counts per second to MJy per sterradian. This differs from previous versions, where the data were divided by photmjsr. Synphot was used with filter throughput curves and a spectrum of Vega in order to calculate flux densities and count rates. In the WFSS files, in the few places where the throughput was exactly zero, such as in the area between the main bandpass and a red leak, the photmjsr value was set to zero. This will cause pixels seeing these wavelengths to be set to zero after the photom file is applied. The only entries in these files that still contain dummy values are those for the PINHOLES pupil element.
2019-10-24 jwst_0550.pmap archived New MIRI RESET reference files.
2019-10-24 jwst_0549.pmap archived First empty MIRI RESET .rmap
2019-10-23 jwst_0548.pmap archived Updates to FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS PHOTOM .rmaps to add EXP_TYPE as a matching parameter.
2019-10-09 jwst_0543.pmap archived Updated DQ array to mask out 4 quadrant phase masks as non-science for MIRI full frame imager data. All FULL Frame MIRI FLAT files in CRDS with a USEAFTER of 1900-01-01 should be deleted. These files should all have a counterpart dated 2000-01-01 and the older dated files are no longer needed to be active in the system, as they were delivered three years ago and we have newer versions delivered.
2019-07-30 jwst_0541.pmap archived As per Jira issues CRDS-287, REDCAT-52, and CRDS-153, the rmaps for the following NIRSpec reference types were updated to include READPATT values of NRSRAPIDD1, NRSRAPIDD2, and NRSRAPIDD6. This rmaps submission includes changes to the following DARK, READNOISE, REFPIX and SUPERBIAS.
2019-07-23 jwst_0540.pmap archived New MRS REGIONS files for all channel-band combinations are being delivered to fix an issue where a few slices were incorrectly a fraction of an arcsec too long. There are no header format changes, no necessary pipeline revisions, and everything has been tested to work cleanly using the current conda-dev with these new reference files. CRDS-285 adds additional NIRCam science and engineering pupil filter parings to the flat rmap for time series. Missing coverage was revealed from a DMS processing run of SOR4B Time Series grism data.
2019-07-10 jwst_0538.pmap archived As per JIRA ticket CRDS286, JP-830 and JWSTDMS-32 reported a failure of CRDS when selecting reference files for the MIRI Target Acq exposures, during calwebb_spec3 processing. This map submission is to define EXTRACT1D=N/A for MIR_TACQ cases.
2019-07-08 jwst_0537.pmap archived MIRI SUPERBIAS and DARK files created using data from OTIS testing in advance of the CDP4 delivery, for GSEG3 testing. The files have 88 frames, which provides more than enough data to be frame averaged for NRS data, as per JIRA issue CRDS 282. NIRSpec area rmap where NRS_MSATA and NRS_WATA were added to the list of EXP_TYPEs that do not need this type of reference file applied. See JIRA CRDS-284 for more information.
2019-06-24 jwst_0535.pmap archived Per CRDS 220, initial delivery of NIRCam coronagrphic flats based on CV3 imaging flats.
2019-06-12 jwst_0534.pmap archived Addressing Jira CRDS-279 and CRDS-280, adds EXP_TYPE as a matching parameter to MIRI and NIRCAM PSFMASK and NIRCAM DARK so that TACQ exposure modes respond with N/A.
2019-06-04 jwst_0532.pmap archived As per JIRA ticket CRDS277, this map submission is to support the SLITLESSPRISM subarray which will replace the SUBPRISM subarray in the future. In addition, FASTGRPAVG readout pattern support was added to both subarrays.
2019-05-31 jwst_0531.pmap archived The NIRCam science team has requested that two new filters be offered in combination with the 8-wave weak lens in the NIRCam Grism Time Series template. This update was to the NIRCam flat reference rmap to include the WL8 in combination with F070W and F140M flat reference files. See CRDS 274 for further details. New delivery of updated files from the MIRI IDT. Distortion file has improvements in spatial and spectral dimensions, fixes a trace curvature issue in previous files, convert directly to V2,V3 rather than XAN, YAN, and has an update to the slice mask file format. Instead of being 2d images for each detector, file is now 3d array of images with different throughput thresholds. Delivered by Misty Cracraft for MIRI. As per JIRA ticket JP667, these reference files were created from data taken during OTIS testing, and received in advance of the full CDP4 delivery. The files with a subarray keyword of GENERIC have subarray corner values which were updated between CV3 and OTIS testing, and now match those used by OSS. MIRI LRS PHOTOM modes have a new column called relresperror which gives the response error. The column is available for all rows, but only has valid data for rows 15 and 16, the LRS modes. Updates for CDP7 for MIRI single dichroic files, slice mask of 10 percent transmission added, cdp7 Fringe flat applied, and addition of new cross dichroic files. Support CALVER 0.13 for SYSTEM VERSIONS web service. This NIRCam delivery is to provide flat coverage for F070W and F090W. CV3 F115W flat data is used for these reference files since ground data from F070W and F090W shows low S/N and the presence of structure possibly due to the illumination source.
2019-05-15 jwst_0523.pmap archived 0509 - NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS files from FM2 ground test 0510 - NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS and DARK files taken with ALLSLITS for OTIS testing 0513 - MIRI FLAT CDP7 fringe flats 0515 - NIRSPEC AREA added EXP_TYPE=NRS_TACONFIRM 0516 - Removed obsolete MIRI files, see CRDS-264 0517 - Reversed some or all of 0516, reactivating references 0518 - Many MIRI FLAT 0519 - Many MIRI FRINGE 0520 - MIRI FLAT 0522 - NIRSPEC READNOISE READPATT NRS for FULL data 0523 - Remove obsolete MIRI fringe FLATs
2019-04-23 jwst_0508.pmap archived Previously delivered NIRSPEC bias files were delivered with an incorrect orientation, which has been corrected in the new files.
2019-04-23 jwst_0504.pmap archived NIRCAM FLAT - Currently in CRDS, there exists a set of flat field reference files that have FILTER and PUPIL keyword values of ANY. These were delivered to CRDS by the pipeline developers during the initial development phase of the pipeline and contain dummy data. These files should be removed from CRDS or flagged in such a way that they are never selected. Currently they are selected in cases where a valid flat is not found. NIRISS MASK, PHOTOM - An error in the SOSS mode photometric calibration has been corrected in the new version delvered here. An error in the bad pixel mask has been corrected in the new version delivered here. Delivered by Kevin Volk for NIRISS.
2019-04-19 jwst_0502.pmap archived Full frame NIRSPEC DARK cubes were created with data from CV3 ground testing. Delivered by Graham Kanarek for NIRSPEC.
2019-04-17 jwst_0501.pmap archived CDP7 new reference files delivery. The distortion solution has been updated based on new ground test data. Delivered by Katie Murray for MIRI.
2018-12-14 jwst_0500.pmap archived Recently all NIRSPEC rmaps changed exposure type equals NRS BOTA to NRS MSATA and NRS WATA. By appearances NIRSPEC BARSHADOW was missed and this rmap is the updated version.
2018-12-03 jwst_0499.pmap archived Updated NIRSpec linearity reference rmap where jwst_nirspec_linearity_0004.fits and jwst_nirspec_linearity_0005.fits were removed due to incorrect orientations. Initial delivery of NIRSpec bias and dark for the SUB512S subarray.
2018-11-05 jwst_0497.pmap archived NIRSPEC GAIN and LINEARITY rmap updates for Jira CRDS-240 and CRDS-241.
2018-10-26 jwst_0495.pmap archived Added support for NRSIRS2 to NIRSPEC READPATT rmap as described in Jira CRDS-237. New rmaps for the NIRSpec camera, collimator, dflat, disperser, extract1d, fflat, flat, fore, fpa, mas, ote, sflat, and wavelengthrange reference files where the EXP_TYPE NRS_BOTA was replaced with NRS_MSATA orbar NRS_WATA. This is in support of Build 7.2. See JIRA issue CRDS 239 for more details.
2018-10-08 jwst_0493.pmap archived New SYSTEM CALVER reference file for AUI CAL Step version reporting for 0.12.x.
2018-10-04 jwst_0492.pmap archived Added NIRCAM DARK for SUB320A335R. Added first PSFMASK references for MIRI and NIRCAM.
2018-10-02 jwst_0489.pmap archived Updated FGS dark and superbias with new short subarray names. CENTER changed to CNTR, DIAGONAL changed to DIAG, and LLCORNER changed to LL. See JIRA issue CRDS 236 for more information.
2018-09-28 jwst_0488.pmap archived Adds new NIRISS and NIRCAM WAVELENGTHRANGE, NIRISS PATHLOSS, empty PSFMASK support.
2018-09-06 jwst_0482.pmap archived New NIRCam wavelengthrange reference file which supports pipeline update to NRC TSGRISM mode. Revised rmap.
2018-08-17 jwst_0480.pmap archived Added new NIRISS DARK and SUPERBIAS files.
2018-08-01 jwst_0478.pmap archived SCSB has defined a new DQ flag condition REFERENCE PIXEL, which needs to be added to the reference pixel locations in the MASK reference files for all instruments and detectors. The new files are the same as the old versions except that reference pixels are now flagged with the new REFERENCE PIXEL value and the DQ DEF table includes the new REFERENCE PIXEL flag. Delivered by Graham Kanarek for NIRSPEC.
2018-07-23 jwst_0477.pmap archived The current version of NIRISS subarray DARK and SUPERBIAS have the PREADPA NIS NISRAPID Readout pattern header keyword, various symbols are missing from the header keyword, but was added outside of the pipeline that creates the dark and bias reference files originally. These files have been created from the darks and biases pipeline.
2018-07-18 jwst_0476.pmap archived Corrected DQ array orientation for NIRISS FLAT references. Added MIRI and NIRCAM TSOPHOT rmaps and references for Jira CCD-119, all other instruments are N/A.
2018-07-12 jwst_0471.pmap archived Replaced NIRISS FLATs for new data models and updated DQ handling. Replaced NIRISS DARK and SUPERBIAS files for revised DQ handling. Replaced FGS MASK files for revised definitions of bad pixels.
2018-06-06 jwst_0468.pmap archived B7.1.3 final DMS context. Updated NIRSPEC gain rmap to add jwst_nirspec_gain_0019.fits and jwst_nirspec_gain_0018.fits for NETA.SUBARRAY.NAME equal to GENERIC for the NRS1 and NRS2 detectors, respectively, so that they will apply to all subarray data taken before April 1 2017 where the gain was 1. For subarray data taken after April 1 2017 where the gain is set to 2, jwst_nirspec_gain_0017.fits for NRS1 and jwst_nirspec_gain_0016.fits for NRS2 will be used, as discussed in Jira CRDS-216. Also dropped obsolete 3D MIRI DARK files which no longer run with CAL, as discussed in Jira CRDS-206.
2018-06-01 jwst_0465.pmap archived New NIRSPEC OTE and IFUPOST rmaps where the USEAFTERs for the newest files, jwst_nirspec_ifupost_0004.asdf and jwst_nirspec_ote_0005.asdf, were changed to 2015 11 01 in order for CV3 data to be fully covered by the new files. See JIRA issue CRDS 218 for more information. For NIRCAM WFSSBKG changed EXP_TYPE NRC_GRISM to NRC_WFSS in rmap.
2018-05-29 jwst_0463.pmap archived New NIRCam subarray dark reference files are being delivered for missing subarray SUB400P for detectors NRCB1, NRCB2 and NRCB4. These new darks were generated using CV3 data and are being delivered for use with the JWST Build 7.1 calibration pipeline. Delivered by Brian Brooks for NIRCAM. Also add support new NIRISS DISTORTION.
2018-05-22 jwst_0461.pmap archived Reverted to jwst_0461.pmap since new NIRISS DISTORTION coefficients in jwst_0462.pmap have not run regression tests yet.
2018-05-22 jwst_0462.pmap archived Replacement NIRISS DISTORTION reference. Updated NIRSPEC SFLAT rmap for NRS_AUTOWAVE. Removed jwst_niriss_linearity_0006.fits due to jwst_niriss_linearity_0011.fits having updated coefficients. Updated MIRI photom reference rmap where the entries for the MIRIFULONG and MIRIFUSHORT detectors with BAND set to NA were removed. Fixed typo in the bad pixel mask that has been corrected and new NIRISS linearity coefficients were derived.
2018-05-14 jwst_0456.pmap archived Reverted to jwst_0456.pmap for formal release to DMS 7.1.3 testing. Drops SYSTEM CALVER update not critical to pipeline operation.
2018-05-11 jwst_0457.pmap archived NIRSPEC SFLAT and FFLAT handling for FILTER=OPAQUE for exposure types NRS_MSASPEC, NRS_FIXEDSLIT, and NRS_IFU. CAL s/w versions reference for B7.1.3.
2018-04-28 jwst_0454.pmap archived Updated NIRCAM MASK references, new DQ flag REFERENCE PIXEL. Added NIRISS WFSSBKG references. Updated MIRI MASK + SATURATION references. Update for MIRI RSCD table formats, REQUIRES recent JWST CAL code update. Updated NIRSPEC OTE and IFUPOST references.
2018-04-10 jwst_0445.pmap archived Added WFSSBKG reference type for all instruments. Added initial rmap and WFSSBKG reference files for NIRCAM. All for Jira CRDS-184.
2018-03-28 jwst_0442.pmap archived The current version of the GUIDER1 and GUIDER2 Distortion reference files in CRDS were not set up in the way the JWST Calibration Pipeline expects and do not work in the pipeline. These 2 new files will be able to be used in the pipeline. The header keywords EXP TYPE and DETECTOR used in the selection criteria for this file will be the same as in the current files. Delivered by Shannon Osborne for FGS.
2018-03-28 jwst_0441.pmap archived An inconsistency was found in that the IPC inverse kernal was not updated the last time IPC kernal values were derived from CV3 darks. This was found in the current IPC reference file that needed to be corrected. This is now been removed. Delivered by Michael A. Wolfe for NIRISS.
2018-03-23 jwst_0440.pmap archived Updated NIRCAM GAIN reference files from cv3 data, produced using the new dptc method, and accounting for low epoxy regions on the detectors. these gain maps are more accurate than the previous version. New MIRI CUBEPAR references, requires CAL code update. Replacement NIRSPEC DARK and SUPERBIAS references fixing bad SUBSTRT2 keyword values from 2016 and 2017. Update to NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmap adjusting or-patterns for NRS or NRSRAPID and removing one conflicting/redundant reference, 0098 replaced by 0148.
2018-03-05 jwst_0435.pmap archived New FGS mask and flat rmaps where META.EXPOSURE.TYPE has been added as a matching parameter. See JIRA issue CRDS 174 for more information.
2018-02-22 jwst_0434.pmap archived NIRCAM PHOTOM change the old PUPIL values of GRISMV2 and GRISMV3 to GRISMR and GRISMC, and also added several new rows so that there is coverage for both grisms using all 12 possible FILTER values. NIRISS MASK DQ value update for current understanding of bad pixels.
2018-02-16 jwst_0432.pmap archived Manual update of the JWST pmap. The update included changing the NIRSPEC imap to version 0159, which has the rmap entries for the persat, trapdensity, and trappars references set to NA.
2018-02-02 jwst_0431.pmap archived The new reference file was delivered because the original had units of electrons instead of ADUs in the science extension. Now the science extension has units of ADUs. Delivered by Michael A. Wolfe for NIRISS.
2018-01-29 jwst_0430.pmap archived Revised NIRSPEC SUBARRAY names e.g. S200A1 renamed as SUBS200A1.
2018-01-16 jwst_0428.pmap archived New FGS Bad Pixel Mask and Pixel Flat reference files are needed for FGS ID STACKED images, which have a different size than FGS Calibration and FGS ID IMAGE images. New NIRISS FLAT references. Obsolete V2V3 references removed for all references per Jira CRDS-160.
2018-01-02 jwst_0425.pmap archived NIRCam pixel flats were derived from CV3 data taken after October 2015. The files were updated since there were issues with the error extension having values of zeros. Delivered by Brian Brooks for NIRCAM.
2017-12-18 jwst_0424.pmap archived Real NIRCAM PERSAT references added. Rmap update for NIRISS EXTRACT1D exposure type NIS_WFSS.
2017-11-13 jwst_0422.pmap archived B7.1 final context. Corrections to NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmaps related to ALLIRS2 patterns and P_ keywords. Expanded coverage for NIRCAM FLAT rmap.
2017-11-10 jwst_0419.pmap archived NIRCAM DARK backward compatible SUBARRAY names MASKA210R, MASKA430R, MASKBSWB, MASKBLWB. NIRISS new DISTORTION, DRIZPARS, LINEARITY, PHOTOM, SATURATION references. NIRSPEC DARK SUBSTRT1/XSIZE is 3200 should be 2048 rmap fix, reference keyword SUBSTRT1 remains 3200.
2017-11-06 jwst_0414.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER for 0.7.8rc6 - rc9, FGS READNOISE, NIRCAM DARK.
2017-10-21 jwst_0410.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC MASK rmap for Jira REDCAT 37, FGS READNOISE rmap for Jira REDCAT 38, NIRSPEC REFPIX references from Dec 2016 reactivated, NIRSPEC DARK rmap updated for applicable READPATT NRS or NRSRAPID.
2017-10-12 jwst_0406.pmap archived NIRSPEC DARK, SUPERBIAS, LINERARITY, READNOISE, SATURATION references for new detectors. FGS bad pixel MASK references with DQ=0.
2017-10-03 jwst_0401.pmap archived Add NIRSPEC imaging FLATs, BARSHADOW. Updated NIRSPEC EXTRACT1D and SUPERBIAS rmaps. New NIRSPEC IPC and MASK references. Added SYSTEM CALVER reference for 0.7.8rc1,2,3,4. Last regression context prior to CAL code 0.7.8rc3 I-and-T pre-release.
2017-09-26 jwst_0391.pmap archived FGS persistence references added. MIRI set WAVECORR and MSAOPER to N/A. NIRCAM AREA references. NIRCAM DISTORTION references + updates. NIRCAM GAIN replacement references. NIRISS DARK reference replacement. NIRISS EXTRACT1D support for NIS_SOSS. NIRISS FLAT replacements. NIRISS GAIN generic replacement. NIRISS PERSAT, TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY references added. NIRISS PHOTOM reference replaced. NIRISS SPECWCS references + rmap update. NIRISS SUPERBIAS references + updates. NIRSPEC CAMERA, COLLIMATOR handle NRS_AUTOWAVE. NIRSPEC DFLAT, FFLAT, SFLAT handling for AUTOWAVE + imaging modes. NIRSPEC FLAT added back empty for imaging mode references to come, handles spec modes as N/A. NIRSPEC DISPERSER, FORE, FPA, OTE MSA, WAVELENGTHRANGE handle NRS_AUTOWAVE. NIRSPEC replaced GAIN, LINEARITY, READNOISE references. NIRSPEC MSAOPER same reference all cases. NIRSPEC SATURATION new + replaced references.
2017-08-18 jwst_0361.pmap archived Temporary rollback until NIRCAM SPECWCS references are delivered.
2017-08-17 jwst_0365.pmap archived Added empty rmap for NIRSPEC WAVECORR.
2017-08-17 jwst_0364.pmap archived PERSAT, TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY rmaps added USEAFTER support. NIRSPEC SATURATION added SUBARRAY as matching criteria. NIRSPEC references for SUBARRAY using GAIN 2. NIRSPEC AREA is N/A for NRS_AUTOWAVE, NRS_CONFIRM, NRS_FOCUS, NRS_MIMF. NIRCAM DISTORTION references for NRC GRISM and NRC TSGRISM. NIRCAM SPECWCS added empty rmap. WAVECORR is N/A for anything but NIRSPEC.
2017-08-01 jwst_0352.pmap archived IMPORTANT -- backward incompatible changes to NIRSPEC WCS reference file formats, up-to-date calibration code is required to use this context.
2017-07-14 jwst_0348.pmap archived Delivery of initial TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY, and PERSAT rmaps and references for FGS, NIRCAM, NIRISS, NIRSPEC. MIRI rmaps have been delivered but are currently empty and not referenced by the active MIRI imap while awaiting the delivery of reference files. MIRI sets these new types to N/A in the MIRI .imap. To activate them for MIRI, the initial orphan empty rmaps should be resubmitted prior to the delivery of these MIRI references.
2017-06-07 jwst_0341.pmap archived Manual updates to MIRI DISTORTION and FILTEROFFSET rmaps to re-classify new files as replacements of older versions with wider USEAFTER coverage dating back to 2000 instead of 2014. The older versions have been removed.
2017-06-06 jwst_0339.pmap archived Numerous MIRI, NIRSPEC, and NIRCAM reference file deliveries and rmap updates in preparation for the calibration s/w interim release for June 2017.
2017-04-19 jwst_0319.pmap archived New MIRI RESOL, CUBEPAR types. Updates MIRI MRS PHOTOM, AREA, NIRCAM PHOTOM.
2017-02-02 jwst_0311.pmap archived Removed NIRCAM FLATS 0000 and 0010 per Jira CRDS-96
2017-01-27 jwst_0310.pmap archived Demoted NIRCAM FLATs that matched on FILTER,PUPIL=ANY to N/A to remove conflict with more specific references.
2017-01-27 jwst_0309.pmap archived New NIRCAM pixel flats. NIRCAM SSB and ReDCaT team request.
2017-01-17 jwst_0307.pmap archived Updated MIRI AREA, LINEARITY, FRINGE, WCSREGIONS. First context change post-build-7.
2016-12-09 jwst_0303.pmap archived BUILD-7-FINAL Updated SYSTEM CALVER reference for final B7 cal code versions 0.7.0rc6, rc7, rc8, rc9, identical with rc5.
2016-12-08 jwst_0302.pmap archived Modified MIRI FLAT rmap to reclassify remaining cases of READPATT=FAST to apply to FASTGRPAVG as well per Jira CRDS-77.
2016-12-08 jwst_0301.pmap archived Reverted NIRSPEC REFPIX based on problems with CDP4 related references.
2016-12-08 jwst_0300.pmap archived Changed NIRSPEC PATHLOSS rmap to handle NRS_BRIGHTOBJ same as NRS_FIXEDSLIT and make NRS_AUTOWAVE N/A.
2016-12-07 jwst_0299.pmap archived Manual pmap update for adding modified FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS PATHLOSS as N/A.
2016-12-07 jwst_0298.pmap archived Deliver updated RMAPs for superbias and extract1d. The Superbias had to change to allow for OR option for IRS2 readout. The Extract1d rmap to resolve a conflict with the latest delivery.
2016-12-07 jwst_0297.pmap archived Delivery of updated NIRSpec Superbias to correct and issues with the SUBSIZE values. Also an updated Extract1d file to be used with extract_1d step for NRS_BRIGHTOBJ data
2016-12-07 jwst_0296.pmap archived Fixed READPATT in NIRSPEC MASK and REFPIX RMAPs.
2016-12-07 jwst_0295.pmap archived Delivery NIRSpec REFPIX files for IRS2 mode. These are produced by the IDTs and delivered with CDP4
2016-12-07 jwst_0294.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmap to recategorize new superbias files as REAPATT = NRSIRS2 or NRSIRS2RAPID replacing prior files in that category.
2016-12-07 jwst_0293.pmap archived NIRSPEC updated the existing IRS2 superbias files to have SUBSIZE=2048 in accordance with what the pipeline expects.
2016-12-07 jwst_0292.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER rmap for cal code 0.7.0rc5
2016-12-06 jwst_0291.pmap archived Modified NIRSPEC REFPIX rmap instances of ALLIRS2 to NRSIRS2 or NRSIRS2RAPID.
2016-12-05 jwst_0290.pmap archived New NIRSpec ALLSLITS superbias reference files.
2016-12-05 jwst_0289.pmap archived New NIRSpec bias and dark reference files.
2016-12-02 jwst_0288.pmap archived SYSTEM CALVER reference for Build-7 rc4
2016-12-01 jwst_0287.pmap archived First NIRSPEC PATHLOSS references, IFU, MSASPEC, FIXEDSLIT.
2016-11-28 jwst_0285.pmap archived Changed FGS DISTORTION USEAFTER from 2016-01-01 to 2015-06-01 per CRDS Trac-462 and feedback from SDP on 2016-11-21.
2016-11-28 jwst_0284.pmap archived Modified NIRCAM DARK USEAFTER from 2015-10-01 to 2015-06-01 per CRDS Trac-462 and test feedback from SDP on 2016-11-21.
2016-11-28 jwst_0283.pmap archived New MIRI MASK files.
2016-11-21 jwst_0282.pmap archived Modified NIRSPEC EXTRACT1D rmap to classify NRS_BRIGHTOBJ like NRS_FIXEDSLIT.
2016-11-21 jwst_0281.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC AREA USEAFTER to 2014-07-01 per Jira JP-104.
2016-11-21 jwst_0280.pmap archived Removed oldest NIRISS SATURATION reference. Reapplied remaining reference to all test data by changing USEAFTER to 2014-07-01 per Jira CRDS-81. Mapped NIRISS DISTORTION AMI WCS to same references as IMAGE per Jira CRDS-56.
2016-11-17 jwst_0278.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER to support 0.7.0rc3.
2016-11-16 jwst_0277.pmap archived MIRI WCS FILTEROFFSET and DISTORTION replacements for MIR_IMAGE cases.
2016-11-16 jwst_0275.pmap archived Mapped NIRSPEC DARK NRSRAPID cases to NRS+NRSRAPID per Jira CRDS-80.
2016-11-16 jwst_0274.pmap archived Dummy NIRISS DARK files for NRS2 SUB512 and SUB32 for NRSRAPID.
2016-11-16 jwst_0273.pmap archived NIRISS DARK, remove NIS+NISRAPID for SUBARRAY=FULL, Jira CRDS-79.
2016-11-16 jwst_0272.pmap archived Updates for NIRSPEC WCS and NIRISS DARK, Jira CRDS-79.
2016-11-15 jwst_0270.pmap archived FGS MASK USEAFTER adjustment to 2014-07-01 per Jira JP-94.
2016-11-15 jwst_0269.pmap archived To deliver new FGS reference files for subarrays and read patterns and to deliver corrected reference files.
2016-11-14 jwst_0268.pmap archived MIRI WCS MIR_CORONCAL + MIR_LYOT for EXTRACT1D and WCSREGIONS per Jira CRDS-57.
2016-11-14 jwst_0264.pmap archived New NIRCAM subarray darks.
2016-11-12 jwst_0263.pmap archived Development largely in response to feedback from SDP on CV3 data, some independent deliveries, look at diffs.
2016-11-01 jwst_0237.pmap archived Added NIRSPEC DFLAT, FFLAT, SFLAT removed NIRSPEC FLAT. Added support for FGS DISTORTION FGS_FOCUS. Added NIRSPEC MSAOPER.
2016-10-17 jwst_0231.pmap archived New NIRISS SUPERBIAS, MIRI FLATS, NIRSPEC DFLAT + FFLAT + SFLAT, SYSTEM CALVER support 0.6.0
2016-10-03 jwst_0223.pmap archived Since 204 -- additional files for MIRI CDP-6 DARKs, FLATs, READNOISE, RSCD. Also adds SYSTEM CALVER and DATALVL s/w reference types. Many NIRISS updates -- AREA, DISTORTION, PHOTOM, DARK, FLAT, IPC, GAIN, LINEARITY, READNOISE, SUPERBIAS, SATURATION.
2016-08-24 jwst_0204.pmap archived Multiple FGS and NIRISS CV3 deliveries for numerous types. NIRSPEC SATURATION useafter date correction. Rmap fix for FGS, SUBARRAY=FULL to SUBARRAY=GENERIC for GAIN, LINEARITY, MASK, READNOISE, SUPERBIAS. Added READPATT to FGS and NIRISS DARK lookups.
2016-08-03 jwst_0197.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC DISPERSER, PHOTOM and NIRCAM DARKs.
2016-06-01 jwst_0192.pmap archived Delivery of new NIRSPEC FPA reference files to correct the extraction location of NRS2 spectra.
2016-05-18 jwst_0191.pmap archived Delivered MIRI CDP5 files and corrections to several MIRI RMAPs to correct issues with selection of the reference files. Also, updated NIRSpec IMAP.
2016-05-05 jwst_0183.pmap archived Delivery of new MIRI MRS distortion, regions, specwcs, v2v3 and wavelengthrange reference files derived from CDP5 data and converted to the right format by SSB. Delivery of new NIRSpec camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer, msa, ote, and wavelengthrange reference files derived from CDP4. Delivery of FGS pixel area maps and photometric reference files. This delivery corrects the headers of the pixel area files. Delivery of NIRISS pixel area and photom reference files. The pixel area only corrects header keywords. Changed READPATT=ANY to READPATT=N/A for FGS SUPERBIAS. Delivery FGS rmaps for photom and pixel area reference files to remove old files that had a different useafter date and were not replaced with the last delivery when they should have. Delivery of NIRISS rmaps for pixel area map and photom to remove old file that had different useafter and that were not removed with the new delivery. Changes to NIRSPEC CAMERA, COLLIMATOR, DISPERSER, FORE, FPA, IFUFORE, IFUPOST, IFUSLICER, MSA, OTE, WAVELENGTHRANGE changing handling of various EXP_TYPE.
2016-04-30 jwst_0175.pmap archived Hand edited to add FGS, MIRI, NIRISS, NIRCAM types ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer as N/A. pmap only. Defined EXP_TYPE=MIR_IMAGE as N/A for MIRI EXTRACT1D. Delivery of Combined PHOTOM file for MIRI Imager from CDP5. Delivery Dummy NIRSpec FLAT reference files for MOS data. Redefined USEAFTER for MIRI FLAT SLITLESSPRISM cases as 2013-09-26. Added READPATT as a matching parameter for NIRSPEC DARK per jira-crds-19 defining missing values of READPATT in early files as N/A. Added MIRI FLAT SLITLESSPRISM references back into rmap.
2016-04-29 jwst_0167.pmap archived Reverted operational context from 175 to 167 following accidental activation of 175 prior to sufficient testing.
2016-04-29 jwst_0175.pmap archived Updated edit context to jwst_0175.pmap following manual imap and pmap edits which added but did not generate a context.
2016-04-20 jwst_0167.pmap archived Correction to FGS DARK matching. NIRSPEC imaging FLATs. NIRSPEC MOS REFPIX references. Defined missing types for ALL instruments as N/A. Defined MIRI imaging FRINGE and STRAYMASK as N/A modes.
2016-04-08 jwst_0161.pmap archived Delivery of NIRSpec Dark reference files delivered with CDP2
2016-04-07 jwst_0160.pmap archived Global switch to USEAFTER support for all reference types. Many build 6 deliveries, see context diffs.
2016-02-16 jwst_0126.pmap archived Corrected NIRSPEC LINEARITY SUBARRAY=FULL values to GENERIC. CRDS #377
2016-02-15 jwst_0125.pmap archived Extensive build-6 development updates, difference jwst_105.pmap to jwst_125.pmap for more details.
2015-11-18 jwst_0105.pmap archived Declared various EXP_TYPE as N/A for 15 WCS types for MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC. Replacement MIRI distortion references for CRDS #238.
2015-11-04 jwst_0101.pmap archived Updated operational context for NIRCAM WAVELENGTHRANGE.
2015-10-31 jwst_0100.pmap archived Defined V2V3 is N/A for NIRSPEC.
2015-10-31 jwst_0099.pmap archived Corrected WCS rmaps for parameter value typos detected by certify
2015-10-31 jwst_0098.pmap archived Explicitly declared some EXP_TYPE values as N/A for some WCS types of all instruments except FGS.
2015-10-30 jwst_0097.pmap archived Manual PMAP update for preceding WCS IMAP manual changes to declare types N/A.
2015-10-30 jwst_0096.pmap archived Manual PMAP update for preceding WCS IMAP manual changes to declare types N/A.
2015-10-30 jwst_0095.pmap archived First round addition of ASDF WCS references and EXTRACT1D files.
2015-10-21 jwst_0084.pmap archived First EXTRACT1D references for MIRI, NIRISS, NIRSPEC.
2015-10-02 jwst_0082.pmap archived NIRSpec flat-field reference files from the instrument team to support the Build 5 pipeline.
2015-09-30 jwst_0081.pmap archived Added jwst_miri_regions_0006.fits back to rules, MIRIFUSHORT SHORT case accidentally deleted during parameter schema change.
2015-09-16 jwst_0080.pmap archived Added DETECTOR=MIRFULONG BAND=N/A REFERENCE=N/A for MIRI STRAYMASK
2015-09-11 jwst_0079.pmap archived Added PIXEL AREA rmaps and references for MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC. Augmented AREA rmap for NIRISS.
2015-08-10 jwst_0074.pmap archived Removed FILTER as matching parameter from SATURATION, READNOISE, MASK, LINEARITY, GAIN, and DARK for all instruments. First suite of real references for NIRISS, minus ILLUM FLAT. bad pixel mask, bias, gain, pixel flat, ipc, linearity, photometric calibration, pixel area, read noise, saturation. Omitted dark since submitted earlier out of sequence, identical, already jwst_niriss_dark_0005.fits. First suite of real references for NIRISS, minus ILLUM FLAT. bad pixel mask, bias, gain, pixel flat, ipc, linearity, photometric calibration, pixel area, read noise, saturation.
2015-07-15 jwst_0063.pmap archived Updated context to latest prefetch N/A related tweaks.
2015-06-28 jwst_0061.pmap archived Changes to designate some WCS types as N/A, see context differences for more information.
2015-05-05 jwst_0059.pmap archived Added SUPERBIAS type support and initial stub references for FGS, NIRISS, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC.
2015-04-13 jwst_0053.pmap archived Level-2a files from the MIRI IDT CDP-3 delivery from November, 2014. Added MIRI references from 03-29-2015, new FLAT cases, replacement PHOTOM, FRINGE, STRAYMASK files. Changed DETECTOR=NIRISS to DETECTOR=NIS. Added READPATT as MIRI READNOISE matching parameter. Modified MIRI SUBARRAY handling to use GENERIC, FULL, and specific SUBARRAY values. Modified MIRI FLAT to consistently use ANY and to remove obsolete references 0029 and 0030.
2015-02-17 jwst_0043.pmap archived Added NIRISS THROUGHPUT references for AMI modes F277W, F380M, F430M, F480M. Build-4 first draft context.
2015-01-12 jwst_0039.pmap archived Jira tickets JP-16, 17, 19, 20, 25, 30. Generally drop FILTER from several MIRI types and add SUBARRAY and SUBARRAY=N/A for existing references except MIRI DARK. Added new MIRI DARK references explicitly covering SUBARRAY modes, removed most old DARKs.
2014-11-25 jwst_0036.pmap archived FGS DETECTOR value switch from FGS1/FGS2 to GUIDER1/GUIDER2. Added rmap_relevance expressions for MIRI and NIRSPEC WCS types to generate N/A for unsupported modes instead of raising exceptions which crashed reference prefetch.
2014-09-25 jwst_0034.pmap archived Build-3 References
2014-07-24 jwst_0025.pmap archived Replaced PHOTOM references for NIRSPEC and NIRISS.
2014-07-18 jwst_0023.pmap archived First MIRI PHOTOM reference for MIRIMAGE detector with real data.
2014-07-08 jwst_0022.pmap archived Multiple MIRI FLAT changes, new references, added SUBARRAY as matching parameter. See diffs.
2014-03-26 jwst_0013.pmap archived New context jwst_0013.pmap adds Interpixel Capacitance references for all instruments.
2014-03-19 jwst_0012.pmap archived Updated for META.INSTRUMENT.TYPE switch to META.INSTRUMENT.NAME New linearity files for all instruments New saturation files and rmaps for all instruments
2013-11-25 jwst_0005.pmap archived set by system
2013-09-04 jwst_0003.pmap archived Absolute Calibration (photom) additions and replacements.
2013-07-31 jwst_0002.pmap archived Dark and Mask files.
2013-04-13 jwst_0001.pmap archived Linearity and dark files.
2012-09-27 jwst_0000.pmap archived First rules and references from jwst_gentools stub development cloning.
2012-09-06 jwst.pmap archived Bootstrap mappings

The Context History displays the dates at which particular CRDS reference assignment rules were first used in the pipeline.