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2021-06-21 jwst_0735.pmap operational Update to the NIRSpec area reference file rmap to have EXP_TYPE = NRS_LAMP return NA.
2021-06-18 jwst_0734.pmap archived New JWST NIRCam gain and photom reference files.
2021-06-03 jwst_0732.pmap archived Reverted the NIRCam specwcs rmap to an earlier version because the needed updates to use the specwcs reference files with FILTER as one of the selection criteria will not be ready for Build 7.8.
2021-05-28 jwst_0730.pmap archived Deliveries of initial rmaps for the whitelight parameter reference files for MIRI, NIRSpec, and NIRCam. Initial delivery of MIRI whitelight step parameter reference files. Update to NIRCam specwcs rmap to add FILTER as one of the selection criteria, and to return NA for a reference file for any pupil values other than GRISMR and GRISMC, and exposure types other than NRC_WFSS and NRC_TSGRISM. New NIRCam specwcs reference files.
2021-05-21 jwst_0723.pmap archived Updated rmaps for NIRCam flat, dark, and extract1d reference files. New MIRI extract1d reference file. New NIRISS tweakregstep and distortion reference files.
2021-04-20 jwst_0717.pmap archived Updated the MIRI pars-outlierdetectionstep reference files by changing the value of tsovisit from false to NA and correct formatting.
2021-04-02 jwst_0712.pmap archived pars-image2pipeline updates for NIRSpec TSO. Updates to pars-outlierdetectionstep, pars-sourcecatalogstep for FGS. Update references for extract1d, psfmask for NIRCam. Update references for photom, reset for MIRI.
2021-03-17 jwst_0704.pmap archived Numerous changes mostly focused around step parameter. Addition of step parameters that take over the duties of the default CFG files. Step parameters for various instruments for various individual steps for customized calibration. NIRSpec subarray locations.
2021-03-02 jwst_0687.pmap archived The new MIRI Full frame Imager flat files correct the pixel area usage to align with the expectations of the pipeline. NIRCam dakr current updates from CV3 data. New pmap to point to the new MIRI imap, where the entry for WCSREGIONS was set to N/A.
2021-02-24 jwst_0682.pmap archived Update system_calver for JWST release 1.X.X
2021-02-24 jwst_0681.pmap archived NIRISS linearity reference uppdates. As per CRDS 401, cubepar is being delivered to allow the cube build step to run on NIRSpec IFU lamp exposures.
2021-02-12 jwst_0676.pmap archived Update system server info. Update pars-spec2pipeline reference files to enable cube_build in the spec2pipeline for NIRSpec line lamp IFU exposures. In order to support cross-dichroic observations to be obtained in commissioning for the MIRI MRS detector, multiple steps in spec2 require specialized cross-dichroic reference files. Such files already exist for PHOTOM, but new files are required for assign_wcs, flat, fringe, and straylight. Likewise, an updated cube_build reference file is required. This set of new files, including flat, fringe, distortion, cubebuild, wavelengthrange, regions, and specwcs files, will enable cross-dichroic observations to run through the spec2 pipeline steps. For full details, check the Jira ticket JWSTMIRI-201. Updated NIRSpec cubepar rmap to have CRDS select on LAMP_MODE - header keyword, OPMODE. See JIRA issue CRDS-401 for more details.
2021-01-27 jwst_0672.pmap archived These flats are the final step in the process of delivering separate flats for each of NIRCams two coronagraphic masks, MASKBAR and MASKRND. At the moment, the data in the MASKBAR and MASKRND flats are identical. We are using separate files for them in anticipation of mask dependent flats that will be produced with in flight data. Delivering an updated jwst_fgs_photom__.rmap so that only the images not the guides run through the photom calibration step.
2021-01-25 jwst_0670.pmap archived The NIRCam flat rmap was updated in order to add filter values to cover engineering-only filter/pupil combinations, standardize the list of pupil values in our imaging mode flats, in order to cover missing combinations, and update entries that match both MASKRND and MASKBAR to match only one of these. A copy of the reference file will be delivered to cover the value that was deleted. See JIRA issue CRDS-406 for more details. These files are for the possibility of having to tune the Guider detectors on-orbit. The sub-arrays here are only used for the purpose and not for science operations or other calibrations. The old files had some issues with the SUBSTRT1 and SUBSTRT2 values for the small sub-arrays. These issues are corrected here.
2021-01-19 jwst_0668.pmap archived Pipeline testing indicated that the MIRI MRS cube wavelength ranges constructed using the cubepar reference file are slightly too long in some bands e.g., 3C. The wavelength ranges were previously computed by looking at differences in min max wavelength between slices but did not take into account tilts in the isolambda across slices, a much smaller effect. The new MIRI MRS cubepar reference file delivered here tweaks the wavelength ranges slightly to account for this effect. This represents only a minor values change e.g., from 18.07 to 18.05 microns. These new MIRI saturation files contain a single value for all the pixels, including the reference pixels. The DQ flags are all set to zero. In fact, all three detectors are set with the same value since there was no significant difference in the files created for each detector separately using CV3 saturated data. Previous versions of these files had different values per pixel which had reflected the illumination pattern. These new files fix that problem by having only a single value. For the testing of Build 7.7, the MIRI RESET rmap needed to be updated to reflect READPATT=N/A for all FASTGRPAVG cases - FASTGRPAVG8, FASTGRPAVG16, FASTGRPAVG32, and FASTGRPAVG64.
2021-01-11 jwst_0665.pmap archived Activate a whole slew of changes necessary to bring up references and rmaps to be compatible with JWST 0.18, build 7.7. Changes include new FGS dark references, new NIRSpec APCORR and EXTRACT1D references, updated MIRI DARK, READNOISE, and FLAT rmaps, new MIRI APCORR references, new TWEAKREG step parameter references and new NIRISS LINEARITY and SATURATION references.
2020-12-21 jwst_0645.pmap archived These reference files are being removed because they have useafter dates one second older than the files which replaced them, causing them to become orphaned - active reference files that will never be used in calibration.
2020-11-19 jwst_0644.pmap archived Define all step parameter reftypes for all instruments. The NIRSpec area, dflat, fflat, flat, fpa, and sflat rmaps were updated as part of the implementation of NRS_VERIFY as an exposure type. See JIRA issues CRDS-380 and JP-1423 for more information.
2020-10-09 jwst_0642.pmap archived The new NIRISS gain reference file was created using new Python scripts adapted from an IDL version of the same algorithm. This file is described in technical report JWST-STScI-005661. It was made using the same set of CV3 darks as the previous version of this file. IPC corrections differ slightly from the previous version due to newly calculated smaller corrections resulting in more pronounced epoxy void regions. Gaussian smoothing is applied after patching and IPC correction to remove edges between the 20x20 px tiles over which the gain is calculated. The mean gain over the illuminated region of the detector is 1.6221 plusminus 0.036, compared to the previous mean of 1.6246 plusminus 0.046 electrons per DN. The smoothing does not change either the overall mean or the four channel means by a significant amount.
2020-09-11 jwst_0641.pmap archived As indicated in the referenced JIRA issues, an error occurred during SOC 2.1 validation testing due to missing SUPERBIAS and DARK reference files for NRS1, SUB2048, and DISPERSER set to MIRROR. These dummy files were created to fill this gap in coverage. Reference files with real data will be submitted when such data becomes available.
2020-09-08 jwst_0640.pmap archived Initial delivery of the NIRISS pars-image2pipeline reference file. See JIRA issues CRDS-364, CCD-688, and JP-1246 for more details.
2020-08-28 jwst_0637.pmap archived Activate updates for NIRSpec dark current and default cube build parameters.
2020-08-12 jwst_0635.pmap archived Activate NIRISS flat reference changes and Spec2Pipeline steppars to support NIRSpec Lamp processing.
2020-07-28 jwst_0630.pmap archived New photom reference files are being delivered to CRDS for MIRI LRS slit and slitless modes. These files removed the zero padding of the data arrays and improved upon the other values in the arrays.
2020-07-17 jwst_0629.pmap archived Activate APCORR updates and NIRSpec pars-spec2pipeline initial rmap.
2020-07-07 jwst_0625.pmap archived The previous version of the JWST MIRI LRS apcorr file had a column, nelem_wl, defined as data type uint16 rather than a regular signed integer, int16 as specified in the JWST data model, which caused problems in the pipeline. This column data type has been updated in this version of the file. No science data has been changed. Further details can be found in JWSTMIRI-118.
2020-06-25 jwst_0624.pmap archived Activate APCORR rmap and reference file changes.
2020-05-28 jwst_0619.pmap archived Activate updated APCORR references.
2020-05-18 jwst_0616.pmap archived Activate new MIRI FILTEROFFSET and updates to NIRCam APCORR.
2020-05-07 jwst_0614.pmap archived Activate all new reference file types delivered for Build 7.5 including APCORR, ABVEGAOFFSET, RSCD, and NIRCam FILTEROFFSET.
2020-05-05 jwst_0592.pmap archived Update for Build 7.5 of JWST to include support for APCORR, NIRCam FILTEROFFSET, new format of MIRI RSCD, and ABVEGAOFFSET.
2020-03-04 jwst_0586.pmap archived A new FGS PHOTOM rmap delivery is necessary because exposures with EXP_TYPE=FGS_FOCUS in the current rmap are triggering an error in the calwebb_image2 pipeline when trying to run the PHOTOM step. This exposure type specification selects a very old PHOTOM reference file, jwst_fgs_photom_0011.fits, that is missing the DATAMODL keyword in its header, which confuses the pipeline and causes an error in the PHOTOM step process. Since the new FGS PHOTOM reference files get used for EXP_TYPE=FGS_IMAGE, the exposure criteria in the rmap needs to be updated to include FGS_FOCUS because focus images and regular images should receive the same processing. Also, old FGS PHOTOM reference files should be removed from the rmap because they are no longer compatible with the latest pipeline software. See JIRA issue CRDS-333 for more details.
2020-02-28 jwst_0585.pmap archived These files replace previous REFPIX files were delivered without DQ extensions. In addition, the TZERO3 keyword in the DQ extension has been changed to an integer.
2020-02-19 jwst_0584.pmap archived The MIRI LRS PHOTOM files are being updated after corrections to the analysis procedure used to create them. Specifically the implementation of slit loss factors and extraction aperture were inaccurate. This problem should now be fixed
2020-02-11 jwst_0583.pmap archived As described in the JIRA tickets listed above, a number of NIRSpec biases and darks for the SUB1024A, SUB1024B, SUB512, SUB512s, and SUB32 subarrays were either missing, or had been previously delivered with the wrong subarray corners or orientation. This delivery contains corrected files to supply or replace these. Note that many of the files are placeholders, and the data arrays have been set to 0. Future deliveries will provide actual reference file data, once it has been received by NIRSpec.
2020-01-27 jwst_0582.pmap archived This NIRCam readnoise delivery derived from CV3 data is to correct cosmic ray flagging for data without reference pixels. Data taken with subarrays that dont have reference pixels, and thus no reference pixel correction, were getting almost entirely flagged as cosmic ray hits when run through the pipeline due to our current readnoise reference files. For this reason, we created new readnoise reference files for use on all data without reference pixels. We also redeliver the old readnoise reference files from the corresponding detectors, but the only change in these old files is the addition of the P_SUBARR keyword.
2020-01-17 jwst_0581.pmap archived Removing MIRI flats with READPATT = ANY. These were meant to be replaced with files containing READPATT = N/A. See JIRA ticket CRDS-328. CRDS weighted matching logic for reference files has jwst_miri_flat_0472.fits and jwst_miri_flat_0535.fits weighted equally, causing there to be two valid files for some cases. The rmap is being updated to remove the NA from READPATT and replace it with specific values FAST, FASTGRPAVG, and SLOW using or-bars. Additionally, the READPATT value of NA for jwst_miri_flat_0473.fits is being replaced by SLOW in order to avert any future problems.
2019-12-13 jwst_0579.pmap archived Per ticket JP 834 cube build has been modified to allow for an exponential falloff to the radial weight function. This update requires a corresponding update to the reference files to provide the default parameters for the choice of an exponential profile. Pull request 4313 cannot be merged until this updated file is present in crds, as it will otherwise cause a pipeline crash. The new reference file is backwards compatible, in that it will not crash the current pipeline, just provide extra information that the current pipeline will ignore.
2019-12-11 jwst_0578.pmap archived Fixes jira ticket JWSTDMS-216. Datasets with MIRI EXP_TYPE TACONFIRM are failing in build 7.4 of the data pipeline. The rmap changes here should fix these problems. Removes the SUBPRISM subarray from the MIRI dark file jwst_miri_dark_0048.fits.
2019-12-09 jwst_0576.pmap archived CRDS and pipeline have now been updated to use the SLITLESSPRISM subarray name rather than SUBPRISM, therefore remove the SUBPRISM specific reference files.
2019-12-08 jwst_0575.pmap archived We have a list of MIRI reference files that are still valid in the current context and showing up on the jwst-crds pages. Many of these had mismatched USEAFTER dates that prevented them from being replaced with the more recent versions during deliveries of updated files. The files should be removed from the context as they are not current and have been replaced by updated files.
2019-12-06 jwst_0574.pmap archived These MIRI PHOTOM files are being redelivered after testing by J. Schreiber, MPIA Heielberg and MIRI IDT member, revealed an error in how the values in the table were derived. The spectral response values are supposed to be provided on a per pixel basis, whereas the previous version still assumed a spectral extraction aperture. In this new table, the values were divided by the number of pixels assumed in the aperture, so as to represent the spectral response conversion per pixel, which is how the calibration step is applied. There were no changes to the format of the file, or how the reference data are supposed to be applied to the science data.
2019-12-04 jwst_0573.pmap archived The NIRCam PHOTOM reference files, jwst_nircam_photom_0053.fits - jwst_nircam_photom_0061.fits and jwst_nircam_photom_0063.fits are being removed due to duplicate matching rules with EXP_TYPEs NRC_CORON, NRC_FLAT, NRC_IMAGE, NRC_TACONFIRM, NRC_TACQ, NRC_TSIMAGE for files activated on 2019-12-03
2019-12-03 jwst_0572.pmap archived Update to NIRISS PHOTOM rmap to include NIS_FOCUS due to failures seen in Level2b processing failures. See JIRA issue CRDS-322 for more information.
2019-12-03 jwst_0571.pmap archived These photom reference files replace those delivered two months ago. Their data in the tables are identical to those in the files being replaced. The only difference is the addition of NRC_FOCUS to the P_EXP_TY header keywords. This is added so that these reference files will be selected for NRC_FOCUS observations. In the previous version of these files without NRC_FOCUS in the exp_type list, the photom reference files selected for NRC_FOCUS data were dummy files with a file format that no longer matches what the pipeline expects.
2019-11-20 jwst_0570.pmap archived These are dummy NIRCAM PSFMASK files to fill in the missing modes for SUBARRAY FULL and SUB320A335R in the NIRCam F444W filter.
2019-11-14 jwst_0569.pmap archived Update to NIRCam PSFMASK rmap where obsolete MASK values MASK210R, MASK335R, MASK430R, MASKLWB, and MASKSWB were updated to MASKA210R, MASKA335R, MASKA430R, MASKALWB, and MASKASWB, respectively. See JIRA issue JWSTDMS-63 for more information.
2019-11-12 jwst_0568.pmap archived This is a redelivery of the FGS dark and superbias rmaps. The previous versions of the files had had the subarray names inadvertently changed back to their old names after validation errors occurred during a reprocessing run. This delivery restores the rmaps to what they were previous to the last delivery - the subarray names are now correct. Updated photom parameter to fix Level2a failures were seen with the following msg for some NIRISS cases in nOPS6. Update to the naming of the sub arrays in the JWST FSG dark and superbias. This should correct the bug that was found in JIRA issue CRDS-321.
2019-11-08 jwst_0565.pmap archived Removes files from the NIRSpec PHOTOM rmap that needed to be replaced with updated reference files that were delivered on October 23, 2019. Sets the updated reference file USEAFTER to 2010-01-01, correcting dates which only covered recent data. See JIRA issue CRDS-310 for more information.
2019-11-01 jwst_0563.pmap archived These new NIRCam distortion reference files were created using the astrometric solution contained in the PRD as of 24 Oct 2019. Using pysiaf version 0.6.1, the polynomial coefficients and other aspects of the distortion model were placed into these reference files. Previous coefficients, and the previous reference files that used them, were incorrect in that coordinates did not round trip from science x, y to v2, v3, and back to science x, y properly. These new files contain coefficients that correct that error. Details of this correction are documented in the JIRA tickets JWSTSIAF-161 and JWSTSIAF-123. In addition, these new files correctly reflect the possible exposure types for each astrometric solution. Target acquisition and TA confirmation images can be taken either with or without the coronagraphic wedge in the pupil, and therefore the NRC_TACQ and NRC_TACONFIRM exposure types must be included in both the imaging and coronagraphy reference files. Also included in this delivery are distortion reference files for coronagraphic observations using the module B detectors. Observers are not currently allowed to take coronagraphic observations using module B, but this may change in the future. Updated NIRCam distortion mapping to remove old files that contain incorrect astrometric solutions and should not be used.
2019-11-01 jwst_0561.pmap archived jwst_miri_flat_0245.fits has a USEAFTER of 2014, which is more recent than the USEAFTER of a newer file, which has a 2013 date, and would keep the new file from being used for any new data, and so it should be removed. See JIRA issue CRDS-268 for more information.
2019-10-29 jwst_0560.pmap archived The MIRI MRS PHOTOM files were updated to be a multiplicative correction rather than a division in order to work with build 7.4 of the photom step. These files comply with the format specified in JP-1018. This update was necessary to have reference files that worked with an update to the pipeline. The MIRI Instrument Design Team has changed their approach to creating the pixel flats, and no longer believes that the pixel flats used previously are properly representative of the actual relative responsivity of the detectors. In particular, any benefits provided by percent-level pixel-to-pixel corrections were dwarfed by about ten percent level systematics in the previous algorithm near the edges of the IFU slices. In a continuing effort to better characterize the instrument performance the flatfield and PHOTOM analysis efforts have been merged together. While analysis is ongoing the values in the pixel flats have been replaced by dummy values, 1.0, so that they do not degrade the quality of the calibrated data products using the new PHOTOM reference files. This change should produce improved performance for both ground test data and simulated data. The MIRI data simulator will soon also be adopting the updated FLAT and PHOTOM files.
2019-10-29 jwst_0559.pmap archived NIRCAM DARK Failure to process LOS Jitter data using module B revealed that the current reference files for module A, SUB8FP1A, is actually a DUMMY file that will never be replaced. This type of data is used by the WFSC team and they do not require to have DARK correction as they are going to use their own tools to analyze the data. As such, we decided that rather than adding yet another Dummy file for module B we should remove the existing one for module A and change the RMAP so the DARK correction is not applied to this type of data.
2019-10-24 jwst_0558.pmap archived Initial delivery of NIRSpec PHOTOM reference files with datamodels separated by mode. See JIRA ticket JP 1018 for specifications.
2019-10-24 jwst_0557.pmap archived This is the first delivery of separate MIRI LRS fixed slit and slitless files. The single file previously delivered was split into separate parts in order to allow different pixel area keyword values for the two modes. There are now individual files for fixed slit mode and for slitless mode
2019-10-24 jwst_0554.pmap archived New NIRISS PHOTOM reference files with EXP_TYPE as a new selection criteria - AMI, WFSS, and SOSS. Most of the values in the tables are unchanged, but for the SOSS case, the PHOTMJSR value has been changed to PHOTMJ. The values of the PHOMJ keyword are different by a factor of 1.e-09 due to a change in units from milliJansky to megaJansky.
2019-10-24 jwst_0553.pmap archived This delivery is using the new MirImgPhotomModel and MirLrsPhotomModel data models for the MIRI PHOTOM files. An update has been made to separate out the Imager modes and the LRS modes. The columns nelem, wavelength, relresponse and relresperror have been removed from the Imager file, and the column relresperror has been renamed to reluncertainty in the LRS file. The LRS file is being delivered as a separate file for the first time, and has added PIXAR_SR and PIXAR_A2 keywords to the header. The MIRI Imager file has added the EXP_TYPEs to the header MIR_IMAGE, MIR_4QPM, MIR_LYOT, MIR_TACQ, MIR_TACONFIRM, while the LRS file has the EXP_TYPEs MIR_LRS FIXEDSLIT and MIR_LRS SLITLESS. These files are being delivered to the JWST TEST server until the pipeline is updated to be able to use the new format files.
2019-10-24 jwst_0552.pmap archived The JWST pipeline will begin using EXP TYPE as a selection criteria for the photom reference files, so the EXP TYPE header keyword has been updated to reflect the exposure types that will be run through the photometric correction step. The photmjsr value in the data has also been replaced with a more updated value, although it was already multiplicative, so the old value wasnt bad, just out of date.
2019-10-24 jwst_0551.pmap archived These photom reference files are the first set of NIRCam flux calibration reference files with realistic values in them. Previous versions contained dummy data. These files also match the new file format decided upon in Sept 2019, where EXP_TYPE is included in the selection criteria. The column names are EXP_TYPE dependent. Also, the photmjsr values are multiplicative in this file. These values should be multiplied to the science data in order to convert from counts per second to MJy per sterradian. This differs from previous versions, where the data were divided by photmjsr. Synphot was used with filter throughput curves and a spectrum of Vega in order to calculate flux densities and count rates. In the WFSS files, in the few places where the throughput was exactly zero, such as in the area between the main bandpass and a red leak, the photmjsr value was set to zero. This will cause pixels seeing these wavelengths to be set to zero after the photom file is applied. The only entries in these files that still contain dummy values are those for the PINHOLES pupil element.
2019-10-24 jwst_0550.pmap archived New MIRI RESET reference files.
2019-10-24 jwst_0549.pmap archived First empty MIRI RESET .rmap
2019-10-23 jwst_0548.pmap archived Updates to FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS PHOTOM .rmaps to add EXP_TYPE as a matching parameter.
2019-10-09 jwst_0543.pmap archived Updated DQ array to mask out 4 quadrant phase masks as non-science for MIRI full frame imager data. All FULL Frame MIRI FLAT files in CRDS with a USEAFTER of 1900-01-01 should be deleted. These files should all have a counterpart dated 2000-01-01 and the older dated files are no longer needed to be active in the system, as they were delivered three years ago and we have newer versions delivered.
2019-07-30 jwst_0541.pmap archived As per Jira issues CRDS-287, REDCAT-52, and CRDS-153, the rmaps for the following NIRSpec reference types were updated to include READPATT values of NRSRAPIDD1, NRSRAPIDD2, and NRSRAPIDD6. This rmaps submission includes changes to the following DARK, READNOISE, REFPIX and SUPERBIAS.
2019-07-23 jwst_0540.pmap archived New MRS REGIONS files for all channel-band combinations are being delivered to fix an issue where a few slices were incorrectly a fraction of an arcsec too long. There are no header format changes, no necessary pipeline revisions, and everything has been tested to work cleanly using the current conda-dev with these new reference files. CRDS-285 adds additional NIRCam science and engineering pupil filter parings to the flat rmap for time series. Missing coverage was revealed from a DMS processing run of SOR4B Time Series grism data.
2019-07-10 jwst_0538.pmap archived As per JIRA ticket CRDS286, JP-830 and JWSTDMS-32 reported a failure of CRDS when selecting reference files for the MIRI Target Acq exposures, during calwebb_spec3 processing. This map submission is to define EXTRACT1D=N/A for MIR_TACQ cases.
2019-07-08 jwst_0537.pmap archived MIRI SUPERBIAS and DARK files created using data from OTIS testing in advance of the CDP4 delivery, for GSEG3 testing. The files have 88 frames, which provides more than enough data to be frame averaged for NRS data, as per JIRA issue CRDS 282. NIRSpec area rmap where NRS_MSATA and NRS_WATA were added to the list of EXP_TYPEs that do not need this type of reference file applied. See JIRA CRDS-284 for more information.
2019-06-24 jwst_0535.pmap archived Per CRDS 220, initial delivery of NIRCam coronagrphic flats based on CV3 imaging flats.
2019-06-12 jwst_0534.pmap archived Addressing Jira CRDS-279 and CRDS-280, adds EXP_TYPE as a matching parameter to MIRI and NIRCAM PSFMASK and NIRCAM DARK so that TACQ exposure modes respond with N/A.
2019-06-04 jwst_0532.pmap archived As per JIRA ticket CRDS277, this map submission is to support the SLITLESSPRISM subarray which will replace the SUBPRISM subarray in the future. In addition, FASTGRPAVG readout pattern support was added to both subarrays.
2019-05-31 jwst_0531.pmap archived The NIRCam science team has requested that two new filters be offered in combination with the 8-wave weak lens in the NIRCam Grism Time Series template. This update was to the NIRCam flat reference rmap to include the WL8 in combination with F070W and F140M flat reference files. See CRDS 274 for further details. New delivery of updated files from the MIRI IDT. Distortion file has improvements in spatial and spectral dimensions, fixes a trace curvature issue in previous files, convert directly to V2,V3 rather than XAN, YAN, and has an update to the slice mask file format. Instead of being 2d images for each detector, file is now 3d array of images with different throughput thresholds. Delivered by Misty Cracraft for MIRI. As per JIRA ticket JP667, these reference files were created from data taken during OTIS testing, and received in advance of the full CDP4 delivery. The files with a subarray keyword of GENERIC have subarray corner values which were updated between CV3 and OTIS testing, and now match those used by OSS. MIRI LRS PHOTOM modes have a new column called relresperror which gives the response error. The column is available for all rows, but only has valid data for rows 15 and 16, the LRS modes. Updates for CDP7 for MIRI single dichroic files, slice mask of 10 percent transmission added, cdp7 Fringe flat applied, and addition of new cross dichroic files. Support CALVER 0.13 for SYSTEM VERSIONS web service. This NIRCam delivery is to provide flat coverage for F070W and F090W. CV3 F115W flat data is used for these reference files since ground data from F070W and F090W shows low S/N and the presence of structure possibly due to the illumination source.
2019-05-15 jwst_0523.pmap archived 0509 - NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS files from FM2 ground test 0510 - NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS and DARK files taken with ALLSLITS for OTIS testing 0513 - MIRI FLAT CDP7 fringe flats 0515 - NIRSPEC AREA added EXP_TYPE=NRS_TACONFIRM 0516 - Removed obsolete MIRI files, see CRDS-264 0517 - Reversed some or all of 0516, reactivating references 0518 - Many MIRI FLAT 0519 - Many MIRI FRINGE 0520 - MIRI FLAT 0522 - NIRSPEC READNOISE READPATT NRS for FULL data 0523 - Remove obsolete MIRI fringe FLATs
2019-04-23 jwst_0508.pmap archived Previously delivered NIRSPEC bias files were delivered with an incorrect orientation, which has been corrected in the new files.
2019-04-23 jwst_0504.pmap archived NIRCAM FLAT - Currently in CRDS, there exists a set of flat field reference files that have FILTER and PUPIL keyword values of ANY. These were delivered to CRDS by the pipeline developers during the initial development phase of the pipeline and contain dummy data. These files should be removed from CRDS or flagged in such a way that they are never selected. Currently they are selected in cases where a valid flat is not found. NIRISS MASK, PHOTOM - An error in the SOSS mode photometric calibration has been corrected in the new version delvered here. An error in the bad pixel mask has been corrected in the new version delivered here. Delivered by Kevin Volk for NIRISS.
2019-04-19 jwst_0502.pmap archived Full frame NIRSPEC DARK cubes were created with data from CV3 ground testing. Delivered by Graham Kanarek for NIRSPEC.
2019-04-17 jwst_0501.pmap archived CDP7 new reference files delivery. The distortion solution has been updated based on new ground test data. Delivered by Katie Murray for MIRI.
2018-12-14 jwst_0500.pmap archived Recently all NIRSPEC rmaps changed exposure type equals NRS BOTA to NRS MSATA and NRS WATA. By appearances NIRSPEC BARSHADOW was missed and this rmap is the updated version.
2018-12-03 jwst_0499.pmap archived Updated NIRSpec linearity reference rmap where jwst_nirspec_linearity_0004.fits and jwst_nirspec_linearity_0005.fits were removed due to incorrect orientations. Initial delivery of NIRSpec bias and dark for the SUB512S subarray.
2018-11-05 jwst_0497.pmap archived NIRSPEC GAIN and LINEARITY rmap updates for Jira CRDS-240 and CRDS-241.
2018-10-26 jwst_0495.pmap archived Added support for NRSIRS2 to NIRSPEC READPATT rmap as described in Jira CRDS-237. New rmaps for the NIRSpec camera, collimator, dflat, disperser, extract1d, fflat, flat, fore, fpa, mas, ote, sflat, and wavelengthrange reference files where the EXP_TYPE NRS_BOTA was replaced with NRS_MSATA orbar NRS_WATA. This is in support of Build 7.2. See JIRA issue CRDS 239 for more details.
2018-10-08 jwst_0493.pmap archived New SYSTEM CALVER reference file for AUI CAL Step version reporting for 0.12.x.
2018-10-04 jwst_0492.pmap archived Added NIRCAM DARK for SUB320A335R. Added first PSFMASK references for MIRI and NIRCAM.
2018-10-02 jwst_0489.pmap archived Updated FGS dark and superbias with new short subarray names. CENTER changed to CNTR, DIAGONAL changed to DIAG, and LLCORNER changed to LL. See JIRA issue CRDS 236 for more information.
2018-09-28 jwst_0488.pmap archived Adds new NIRISS and NIRCAM WAVELENGTHRANGE, NIRISS PATHLOSS, empty PSFMASK support.
2018-09-06 jwst_0482.pmap archived New NIRCam wavelengthrange reference file which supports pipeline update to NRC TSGRISM mode. Revised rmap.
2018-08-17 jwst_0480.pmap archived Added new NIRISS DARK and SUPERBIAS files.
2018-08-01 jwst_0478.pmap archived SCSB has defined a new DQ flag condition REFERENCE PIXEL, which needs to be added to the reference pixel locations in the MASK reference files for all instruments and detectors. The new files are the same as the old versions except that reference pixels are now flagged with the new REFERENCE PIXEL value and the DQ DEF table includes the new REFERENCE PIXEL flag. Delivered by Graham Kanarek for NIRSPEC.
2018-07-23 jwst_0477.pmap archived The current version of NIRISS subarray DARK and SUPERBIAS have the PREADPA NIS NISRAPID Readout pattern header keyword, various symbols are missing from the header keyword, but was added outside of the pipeline that creates the dark and bias reference files originally. These files have been created from the darks and biases pipeline.
2018-07-18 jwst_0476.pmap archived Corrected DQ array orientation for NIRISS FLAT references. Added MIRI and NIRCAM TSOPHOT rmaps and references for Jira CCD-119, all other instruments are N/A.
2018-07-12 jwst_0471.pmap archived Replaced NIRISS FLATs for new data models and updated DQ handling. Replaced NIRISS DARK and SUPERBIAS files for revised DQ handling. Replaced FGS MASK files for revised definitions of bad pixels.
2018-06-06 jwst_0468.pmap archived B7.1.3 final DMS context. Updated NIRSPEC gain rmap to add jwst_nirspec_gain_0019.fits and jwst_nirspec_gain_0018.fits for NETA.SUBARRAY.NAME equal to GENERIC for the NRS1 and NRS2 detectors, respectively, so that they will apply to all subarray data taken before April 1 2017 where the gain was 1. For subarray data taken after April 1 2017 where the gain is set to 2, jwst_nirspec_gain_0017.fits for NRS1 and jwst_nirspec_gain_0016.fits for NRS2 will be used, as discussed in Jira CRDS-216. Also dropped obsolete 3D MIRI DARK files which no longer run with CAL, as discussed in Jira CRDS-206.
2018-06-01 jwst_0465.pmap archived New NIRSPEC OTE and IFUPOST rmaps where the USEAFTERs for the newest files, jwst_nirspec_ifupost_0004.asdf and jwst_nirspec_ote_0005.asdf, were changed to 2015 11 01 in order for CV3 data to be fully covered by the new files. See JIRA issue CRDS 218 for more information. For NIRCAM WFSSBKG changed EXP_TYPE NRC_GRISM to NRC_WFSS in rmap.
2018-05-29 jwst_0463.pmap archived New NIRCam subarray dark reference files are being delivered for missing subarray SUB400P for detectors NRCB1, NRCB2 and NRCB4. These new darks were generated using CV3 data and are being delivered for use with the JWST Build 7.1 calibration pipeline. Delivered by Brian Brooks for NIRCAM. Also add support new NIRISS DISTORTION.
2018-05-22 jwst_0461.pmap archived Reverted to jwst_0461.pmap since new NIRISS DISTORTION coefficients in jwst_0462.pmap have not run regression tests yet.
2018-05-22 jwst_0462.pmap archived Replacement NIRISS DISTORTION reference. Updated NIRSPEC SFLAT rmap for NRS_AUTOWAVE. Removed jwst_niriss_linearity_0006.fits due to jwst_niriss_linearity_0011.fits having updated coefficients. Updated MIRI photom reference rmap where the entries for the MIRIFULONG and MIRIFUSHORT detectors with BAND set to NA were removed. Fixed typo in the bad pixel mask that has been corrected and new NIRISS linearity coefficients were derived.
2018-05-14 jwst_0456.pmap archived Reverted to jwst_0456.pmap for formal release to DMS 7.1.3 testing. Drops SYSTEM CALVER update not critical to pipeline operation.
2018-05-11 jwst_0457.pmap archived NIRSPEC SFLAT and FFLAT handling for FILTER=OPAQUE for exposure types NRS_MSASPEC, NRS_FIXEDSLIT, and NRS_IFU. CAL s/w versions reference for B7.1.3.
2018-04-28 jwst_0454.pmap archived Updated NIRCAM MASK references, new DQ flag REFERENCE PIXEL. Added NIRISS WFSSBKG references. Updated MIRI MASK + SATURATION references. Update for MIRI RSCD table formats, REQUIRES recent JWST CAL code update. Updated NIRSPEC OTE and IFUPOST references.
2018-04-10 jwst_0445.pmap archived Added WFSSBKG reference type for all instruments. Added initial rmap and WFSSBKG reference files for NIRCAM. All for Jira CRDS-184.
2018-03-28 jwst_0442.pmap archived The current version of the GUIDER1 and GUIDER2 Distortion reference files in CRDS were not set up in the way the JWST Calibration Pipeline expects and do not work in the pipeline. These 2 new files will be able to be used in the pipeline. The header keywords EXP TYPE and DETECTOR used in the selection criteria for this file will be the same as in the current files. Delivered by Shannon Osborne for FGS.
2018-03-28 jwst_0441.pmap archived An inconsistency was found in that the IPC inverse kernal was not updated the last time IPC kernal values were derived from CV3 darks. This was found in the current IPC reference file that needed to be corrected. This is now been removed. Delivered by Michael A. Wolfe for NIRISS.
2018-03-23 jwst_0440.pmap archived Updated NIRCAM GAIN reference files from cv3 data, produced using the new dptc method, and accounting for low epoxy regions on the detectors. these gain maps are more accurate than the previous version. New MIRI CUBEPAR references, requires CAL code update. Replacement NIRSPEC DARK and SUPERBIAS references fixing bad SUBSTRT2 keyword values from 2016 and 2017. Update to NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmap adjusting or-patterns for NRS or NRSRAPID and removing one conflicting/redundant reference, 0098 replaced by 0148.
2018-03-05 jwst_0435.pmap archived New FGS mask and flat rmaps where META.EXPOSURE.TYPE has been added as a matching parameter. See JIRA issue CRDS 174 for more information.
2018-02-22 jwst_0434.pmap archived NIRCAM PHOTOM change the old PUPIL values of GRISMV2 and GRISMV3 to GRISMR and GRISMC, and also added several new rows so that there is coverage for both grisms using all 12 possible FILTER values. NIRISS MASK DQ value update for current understanding of bad pixels.
2018-02-16 jwst_0432.pmap archived Manual update of the JWST pmap. The update included changing the NIRSPEC imap to version 0159, which has the rmap entries for the persat, trapdensity, and trappars references set to NA.
2018-02-02 jwst_0431.pmap archived The new reference file was delivered because the original had units of electrons instead of ADUs in the science extension. Now the science extension has units of ADUs. Delivered by Michael A. Wolfe for NIRISS.
2018-01-29 jwst_0430.pmap archived Revised NIRSPEC SUBARRAY names e.g. S200A1 renamed as SUBS200A1.
2018-01-16 jwst_0428.pmap archived New FGS Bad Pixel Mask and Pixel Flat reference files are needed for FGS ID STACKED images, which have a different size than FGS Calibration and FGS ID IMAGE images. New NIRISS FLAT references. Obsolete V2V3 references removed for all references per Jira CRDS-160.
2018-01-02 jwst_0425.pmap archived NIRCam pixel flats were derived from CV3 data taken after October 2015. The files were updated since there were issues with the error extension having values of zeros. Delivered by Brian Brooks for NIRCAM.
2017-12-18 jwst_0424.pmap archived Real NIRCAM PERSAT references added. Rmap update for NIRISS EXTRACT1D exposure type NIS_WFSS.
2017-11-13 jwst_0422.pmap archived B7.1 final context. Corrections to NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmaps related to ALLIRS2 patterns and P_ keywords. Expanded coverage for NIRCAM FLAT rmap.
2017-11-10 jwst_0419.pmap archived NIRCAM DARK backward compatible SUBARRAY names MASKA210R, MASKA430R, MASKBSWB, MASKBLWB. NIRISS new DISTORTION, DRIZPARS, LINEARITY, PHOTOM, SATURATION references. NIRSPEC DARK SUBSTRT1/XSIZE is 3200 should be 2048 rmap fix, reference keyword SUBSTRT1 remains 3200.
2017-11-06 jwst_0414.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER for 0.7.8rc6 - rc9, FGS READNOISE, NIRCAM DARK.
2017-10-21 jwst_0410.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC MASK rmap for Jira REDCAT 37, FGS READNOISE rmap for Jira REDCAT 38, NIRSPEC REFPIX references from Dec 2016 reactivated, NIRSPEC DARK rmap updated for applicable READPATT NRS or NRSRAPID.
2017-10-12 jwst_0406.pmap archived NIRSPEC DARK, SUPERBIAS, LINERARITY, READNOISE, SATURATION references for new detectors. FGS bad pixel MASK references with DQ=0.
2017-10-03 jwst_0401.pmap archived Add NIRSPEC imaging FLATs, BARSHADOW. Updated NIRSPEC EXTRACT1D and SUPERBIAS rmaps. New NIRSPEC IPC and MASK references. Added SYSTEM CALVER reference for 0.7.8rc1,2,3,4. Last regression context prior to CAL code 0.7.8rc3 I-and-T pre-release.
2017-09-26 jwst_0391.pmap archived FGS persistence references added. MIRI set WAVECORR and MSAOPER to N/A. NIRCAM AREA references. NIRCAM DISTORTION references + updates. NIRCAM GAIN replacement references. NIRISS DARK reference replacement. NIRISS EXTRACT1D support for NIS_SOSS. NIRISS FLAT replacements. NIRISS GAIN generic replacement. NIRISS PERSAT, TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY references added. NIRISS PHOTOM reference replaced. NIRISS SPECWCS references + rmap update. NIRISS SUPERBIAS references + updates. NIRSPEC CAMERA, COLLIMATOR handle NRS_AUTOWAVE. NIRSPEC DFLAT, FFLAT, SFLAT handling for AUTOWAVE + imaging modes. NIRSPEC FLAT added back empty for imaging mode references to come, handles spec modes as N/A. NIRSPEC DISPERSER, FORE, FPA, OTE MSA, WAVELENGTHRANGE handle NRS_AUTOWAVE. NIRSPEC replaced GAIN, LINEARITY, READNOISE references. NIRSPEC MSAOPER same reference all cases. NIRSPEC SATURATION new + replaced references.
2017-08-18 jwst_0361.pmap archived Temporary rollback until NIRCAM SPECWCS references are delivered.
2017-08-17 jwst_0365.pmap archived Added empty rmap for NIRSPEC WAVECORR.
2017-08-17 jwst_0364.pmap archived PERSAT, TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY rmaps added USEAFTER support. NIRSPEC SATURATION added SUBARRAY as matching criteria. NIRSPEC references for SUBARRAY using GAIN 2. NIRSPEC AREA is N/A for NRS_AUTOWAVE, NRS_CONFIRM, NRS_FOCUS, NRS_MIMF. NIRCAM DISTORTION references for NRC GRISM and NRC TSGRISM. NIRCAM SPECWCS added empty rmap. WAVECORR is N/A for anything but NIRSPEC.
2017-08-01 jwst_0352.pmap archived IMPORTANT -- backward incompatible changes to NIRSPEC WCS reference file formats, up-to-date calibration code is required to use this context.
2017-07-14 jwst_0348.pmap archived Delivery of initial TRAPPARS, TRAPDENSITY, and PERSAT rmaps and references for FGS, NIRCAM, NIRISS, NIRSPEC. MIRI rmaps have been delivered but are currently empty and not referenced by the active MIRI imap while awaiting the delivery of reference files. MIRI sets these new types to N/A in the MIRI .imap. To activate them for MIRI, the initial orphan empty rmaps should be resubmitted prior to the delivery of these MIRI references.
2017-06-07 jwst_0341.pmap archived Manual updates to MIRI DISTORTION and FILTEROFFSET rmaps to re-classify new files as replacements of older versions with wider USEAFTER coverage dating back to 2000 instead of 2014. The older versions have been removed.
2017-06-06 jwst_0339.pmap archived Numerous MIRI, NIRSPEC, and NIRCAM reference file deliveries and rmap updates in preparation for the calibration s/w interim release for June 2017.
2017-04-19 jwst_0319.pmap archived New MIRI RESOL, CUBEPAR types. Updates MIRI MRS PHOTOM, AREA, NIRCAM PHOTOM.
2017-02-02 jwst_0311.pmap archived Removed NIRCAM FLATS 0000 and 0010 per Jira CRDS-96
2017-01-27 jwst_0310.pmap archived Demoted NIRCAM FLATs that matched on FILTER,PUPIL=ANY to N/A to remove conflict with more specific references.
2017-01-27 jwst_0309.pmap archived New NIRCAM pixel flats. NIRCAM SSB and ReDCaT team request.
2017-01-17 jwst_0307.pmap archived Updated MIRI AREA, LINEARITY, FRINGE, WCSREGIONS. First context change post-build-7.
2016-12-09 jwst_0303.pmap archived BUILD-7-FINAL Updated SYSTEM CALVER reference for final B7 cal code versions 0.7.0rc6, rc7, rc8, rc9, identical with rc5.
2016-12-08 jwst_0302.pmap archived Modified MIRI FLAT rmap to reclassify remaining cases of READPATT=FAST to apply to FASTGRPAVG as well per Jira CRDS-77.
2016-12-08 jwst_0301.pmap archived Reverted NIRSPEC REFPIX based on problems with CDP4 related references.
2016-12-08 jwst_0300.pmap archived Changed NIRSPEC PATHLOSS rmap to handle NRS_BRIGHTOBJ same as NRS_FIXEDSLIT and make NRS_AUTOWAVE N/A.
2016-12-07 jwst_0299.pmap archived Manual pmap update for adding modified FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS PATHLOSS as N/A.
2016-12-07 jwst_0298.pmap archived Deliver updated RMAPs for superbias and extract1d. The Superbias had to change to allow for OR option for IRS2 readout. The Extract1d rmap to resolve a conflict with the latest delivery.
2016-12-07 jwst_0297.pmap archived Delivery of updated NIRSpec Superbias to correct and issues with the SUBSIZE values. Also an updated Extract1d file to be used with extract_1d step for NRS_BRIGHTOBJ data
2016-12-07 jwst_0296.pmap archived Fixed READPATT in NIRSPEC MASK and REFPIX RMAPs.
2016-12-07 jwst_0295.pmap archived Delivery NIRSpec REFPIX files for IRS2 mode. These are produced by the IDTs and delivered with CDP4
2016-12-07 jwst_0294.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC SUPERBIAS rmap to recategorize new superbias files as REAPATT = NRSIRS2 or NRSIRS2RAPID replacing prior files in that category.
2016-12-07 jwst_0293.pmap archived NIRSPEC updated the existing IRS2 superbias files to have SUBSIZE=2048 in accordance with what the pipeline expects.
2016-12-07 jwst_0292.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER rmap for cal code 0.7.0rc5
2016-12-06 jwst_0291.pmap archived Modified NIRSPEC REFPIX rmap instances of ALLIRS2 to NRSIRS2 or NRSIRS2RAPID.
2016-12-05 jwst_0290.pmap archived New NIRSpec ALLSLITS superbias reference files.
2016-12-05 jwst_0289.pmap archived New NIRSpec bias and dark reference files.
2016-12-02 jwst_0288.pmap archived SYSTEM CALVER reference for Build-7 rc4
2016-12-01 jwst_0287.pmap archived First NIRSPEC PATHLOSS references, IFU, MSASPEC, FIXEDSLIT.
2016-11-28 jwst_0285.pmap archived Changed FGS DISTORTION USEAFTER from 2016-01-01 to 2015-06-01 per CRDS Trac-462 and feedback from SDP on 2016-11-21.
2016-11-28 jwst_0284.pmap archived Modified NIRCAM DARK USEAFTER from 2015-10-01 to 2015-06-01 per CRDS Trac-462 and test feedback from SDP on 2016-11-21.
2016-11-28 jwst_0283.pmap archived New MIRI MASK files.
2016-11-21 jwst_0282.pmap archived Modified NIRSPEC EXTRACT1D rmap to classify NRS_BRIGHTOBJ like NRS_FIXEDSLIT.
2016-11-21 jwst_0281.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC AREA USEAFTER to 2014-07-01 per Jira JP-104.
2016-11-21 jwst_0280.pmap archived Removed oldest NIRISS SATURATION reference. Reapplied remaining reference to all test data by changing USEAFTER to 2014-07-01 per Jira CRDS-81. Mapped NIRISS DISTORTION AMI WCS to same references as IMAGE per Jira CRDS-56.
2016-11-17 jwst_0278.pmap archived Updated SYSTEM CALVER to support 0.7.0rc3.
2016-11-16 jwst_0277.pmap archived MIRI WCS FILTEROFFSET and DISTORTION replacements for MIR_IMAGE cases.
2016-11-16 jwst_0275.pmap archived Mapped NIRSPEC DARK NRSRAPID cases to NRS+NRSRAPID per Jira CRDS-80.
2016-11-16 jwst_0274.pmap archived Dummy NIRISS DARK files for NRS2 SUB512 and SUB32 for NRSRAPID.
2016-11-16 jwst_0273.pmap archived NIRISS DARK, remove NIS+NISRAPID for SUBARRAY=FULL, Jira CRDS-79.
2016-11-16 jwst_0272.pmap archived Updates for NIRSPEC WCS and NIRISS DARK, Jira CRDS-79.
2016-11-15 jwst_0270.pmap archived FGS MASK USEAFTER adjustment to 2014-07-01 per Jira JP-94.
2016-11-15 jwst_0269.pmap archived To deliver new FGS reference files for subarrays and read patterns and to deliver corrected reference files.
2016-11-14 jwst_0268.pmap archived MIRI WCS MIR_CORONCAL + MIR_LYOT for EXTRACT1D and WCSREGIONS per Jira CRDS-57.
2016-11-14 jwst_0264.pmap archived New NIRCAM subarray darks.
2016-11-12 jwst_0263.pmap archived Development largely in response to feedback from SDP on CV3 data, some independent deliveries, look at diffs.
2016-11-01 jwst_0237.pmap archived Added NIRSPEC DFLAT, FFLAT, SFLAT removed NIRSPEC FLAT. Added support for FGS DISTORTION FGS_FOCUS. Added NIRSPEC MSAOPER.
2016-10-17 jwst_0231.pmap archived New NIRISS SUPERBIAS, MIRI FLATS, NIRSPEC DFLAT + FFLAT + SFLAT, SYSTEM CALVER support 0.6.0
2016-10-03 jwst_0223.pmap archived Since 204 -- additional files for MIRI CDP-6 DARKs, FLATs, READNOISE, RSCD. Also adds SYSTEM CALVER and DATALVL s/w reference types. Many NIRISS updates -- AREA, DISTORTION, PHOTOM, DARK, FLAT, IPC, GAIN, LINEARITY, READNOISE, SUPERBIAS, SATURATION.
2016-08-24 jwst_0204.pmap archived Multiple FGS and NIRISS CV3 deliveries for numerous types. NIRSPEC SATURATION useafter date correction. Rmap fix for FGS, SUBARRAY=FULL to SUBARRAY=GENERIC for GAIN, LINEARITY, MASK, READNOISE, SUPERBIAS. Added READPATT to FGS and NIRISS DARK lookups.
2016-08-03 jwst_0197.pmap archived Updated NIRSPEC DISPERSER, PHOTOM and NIRCAM DARKs.
2016-06-01 jwst_0192.pmap archived Delivery of new NIRSPEC FPA reference files to correct the extraction location of NRS2 spectra.
2016-05-18 jwst_0191.pmap archived Delivered MIRI CDP5 files and corrections to several MIRI RMAPs to correct issues with selection of the reference files. Also, updated NIRSpec IMAP.
2016-05-05 jwst_0183.pmap archived Delivery of new MIRI MRS distortion, regions, specwcs, v2v3 and wavelengthrange reference files derived from CDP5 data and converted to the right format by SSB. Delivery of new NIRSpec camera, collimator, disperser, fore, fpa, ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer, msa, ote, and wavelengthrange reference files derived from CDP4. Delivery of FGS pixel area maps and photometric reference files. This delivery corrects the headers of the pixel area files. Delivery of NIRISS pixel area and photom reference files. The pixel area only corrects header keywords. Changed READPATT=ANY to READPATT=N/A for FGS SUPERBIAS. Delivery FGS rmaps for photom and pixel area reference files to remove old files that had a different useafter date and were not replaced with the last delivery when they should have. Delivery of NIRISS rmaps for pixel area map and photom to remove old file that had different useafter and that were not removed with the new delivery. Changes to NIRSPEC CAMERA, COLLIMATOR, DISPERSER, FORE, FPA, IFUFORE, IFUPOST, IFUSLICER, MSA, OTE, WAVELENGTHRANGE changing handling of various EXP_TYPE.
2016-04-30 jwst_0175.pmap archived Hand edited to add FGS, MIRI, NIRISS, NIRCAM types ifufore, ifupost, ifuslicer as N/A. pmap only. Defined EXP_TYPE=MIR_IMAGE as N/A for MIRI EXTRACT1D. Delivery of Combined PHOTOM file for MIRI Imager from CDP5. Delivery Dummy NIRSpec FLAT reference files for MOS data. Redefined USEAFTER for MIRI FLAT SLITLESSPRISM cases as 2013-09-26. Added READPATT as a matching parameter for NIRSPEC DARK per jira-crds-19 defining missing values of READPATT in early files as N/A. Added MIRI FLAT SLITLESSPRISM references back into rmap.
2016-04-29 jwst_0167.pmap archived Reverted operational context from 175 to 167 following accidental activation of 175 prior to sufficient testing.
2016-04-29 jwst_0175.pmap archived Updated edit context to jwst_0175.pmap following manual imap and pmap edits which added but did not generate a context.
2016-04-20 jwst_0167.pmap archived Correction to FGS DARK matching. NIRSPEC imaging FLATs. NIRSPEC MOS REFPIX references. Defined missing types for ALL instruments as N/A. Defined MIRI imaging FRINGE and STRAYMASK as N/A modes.
2016-04-08 jwst_0161.pmap archived Delivery of NIRSpec Dark reference files delivered with CDP2
2016-04-07 jwst_0160.pmap archived Global switch to USEAFTER support for all reference types. Many build 6 deliveries, see context diffs.
2016-02-16 jwst_0126.pmap archived Corrected NIRSPEC LINEARITY SUBARRAY=FULL values to GENERIC. CRDS #377
2016-02-15 jwst_0125.pmap archived Extensive build-6 development updates, difference jwst_105.pmap to jwst_125.pmap for more details.
2015-11-18 jwst_0105.pmap archived Declared various EXP_TYPE as N/A for 15 WCS types for MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC. Replacement MIRI distortion references for CRDS #238.
2015-11-04 jwst_0101.pmap archived Updated operational context for NIRCAM WAVELENGTHRANGE.
2015-10-31 jwst_0100.pmap archived Defined V2V3 is N/A for NIRSPEC.
2015-10-31 jwst_0099.pmap archived Corrected WCS rmaps for parameter value typos detected by certify
2015-10-31 jwst_0098.pmap archived Explicitly declared some EXP_TYPE values as N/A for some WCS types of all instruments except FGS.
2015-10-30 jwst_0097.pmap archived Manual PMAP update for preceding WCS IMAP manual changes to declare types N/A.
2015-10-30 jwst_0096.pmap archived Manual PMAP update for preceding WCS IMAP manual changes to declare types N/A.
2015-10-30 jwst_0095.pmap archived First round addition of ASDF WCS references and EXTRACT1D files.
2015-10-21 jwst_0084.pmap archived First EXTRACT1D references for MIRI, NIRISS, NIRSPEC.
2015-10-02 jwst_0082.pmap archived NIRSpec flat-field reference files from the instrument team to support the Build 5 pipeline.
2015-09-30 jwst_0081.pmap archived Added jwst_miri_regions_0006.fits back to rules, MIRIFUSHORT SHORT case accidentally deleted during parameter schema change.
2015-09-16 jwst_0080.pmap archived Added DETECTOR=MIRFULONG BAND=N/A REFERENCE=N/A for MIRI STRAYMASK
2015-09-11 jwst_0079.pmap archived Added PIXEL AREA rmaps and references for MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC. Augmented AREA rmap for NIRISS.
2015-08-10 jwst_0074.pmap archived Removed FILTER as matching parameter from SATURATION, READNOISE, MASK, LINEARITY, GAIN, and DARK for all instruments. First suite of real references for NIRISS, minus ILLUM FLAT. bad pixel mask, bias, gain, pixel flat, ipc, linearity, photometric calibration, pixel area, read noise, saturation. Omitted dark since submitted earlier out of sequence, identical, already jwst_niriss_dark_0005.fits. First suite of real references for NIRISS, minus ILLUM FLAT. bad pixel mask, bias, gain, pixel flat, ipc, linearity, photometric calibration, pixel area, read noise, saturation.
2015-07-15 jwst_0063.pmap archived Updated context to latest prefetch N/A related tweaks.
2015-06-28 jwst_0061.pmap archived Changes to designate some WCS types as N/A, see context differences for more information.
2015-05-05 jwst_0059.pmap archived Added SUPERBIAS type support and initial stub references for FGS, NIRISS, NIRCAM, NIRSPEC.
2015-04-13 jwst_0053.pmap archived Level-2a files from the MIRI IDT CDP-3 delivery from November, 2014. Added MIRI references from 03-29-2015, new FLAT cases, replacement PHOTOM, FRINGE, STRAYMASK files. Changed DETECTOR=NIRISS to DETECTOR=NIS. Added READPATT as MIRI READNOISE matching parameter. Modified MIRI SUBARRAY handling to use GENERIC, FULL, and specific SUBARRAY values. Modified MIRI FLAT to consistently use ANY and to remove obsolete references 0029 and 0030.
2015-02-17 jwst_0043.pmap archived Added NIRISS THROUGHPUT references for AMI modes F277W, F380M, F430M, F480M. Build-4 first draft context.
2015-01-12 jwst_0039.pmap archived Jira tickets JP-16, 17, 19, 20, 25, 30. Generally drop FILTER from several MIRI types and add SUBARRAY and SUBARRAY=N/A for existing references except MIRI DARK. Added new MIRI DARK references explicitly covering SUBARRAY modes, removed most old DARKs.
2014-11-25 jwst_0036.pmap archived FGS DETECTOR value switch from FGS1/FGS2 to GUIDER1/GUIDER2. Added rmap_relevance expressions for MIRI and NIRSPEC WCS types to generate N/A for unsupported modes instead of raising exceptions which crashed reference prefetch.
2014-09-25 jwst_0034.pmap archived Build-3 References
2014-07-24 jwst_0025.pmap archived Replaced PHOTOM references for NIRSPEC and NIRISS.
2014-07-18 jwst_0023.pmap archived First MIRI PHOTOM reference for MIRIMAGE detector with real data.
2014-07-08 jwst_0022.pmap archived Multiple MIRI FLAT changes, new references, added SUBARRAY as matching parameter. See diffs.
2014-03-26 jwst_0013.pmap archived New context jwst_0013.pmap adds Interpixel Capacitance references for all instruments.
2014-03-19 jwst_0012.pmap archived Updated for META.INSTRUMENT.TYPE switch to META.INSTRUMENT.NAME New linearity files for all instruments New saturation files and rmaps for all instruments
2013-11-25 jwst_0005.pmap archived set by system
2013-09-04 jwst_0003.pmap archived Absolute Calibration (photom) additions and replacements.
2013-07-31 jwst_0002.pmap archived Dark and Mask files.
2013-04-13 jwst_0001.pmap archived Linearity and dark files.
2012-09-27 jwst_0000.pmap archived First rules and references from jwst_gentools stub development cloning.
2012-09-06 jwst.pmap archived Bootstrap mappings

The Context History displays the dates at which particular CRDS reference assignment rules were first used in the pipeline.